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Signed and Designer Jewelry

Jewelry in this section of Emerald City is organized by the maker or designer in alphabetical order for name.  Be sure to check the Misc. section at the end for lesser known makers or those with just a few pieces represented.  For quicker loading, major sections for regular residents such as Bogoff, Boucher, Cini, Coro/CoroCraft, Danecraft, Florenza, Hollycraft, Juliana (DeLizza & Elster), Kramer, Mazer/Jomaz, Napier, Pennino, Regency, Reinad, Reja, Renoir/Matisse, Lea Stein, Trifari, Viking Craft and Weiss are located on separate pages. 


Albion Bogoff Boucher Cini Coro Danecraft
Florenza Hollycraft Juliana Kramer Mazer Napier
Pennino Regency Reinad Reja Renoir
Lea Stein
Trifari Viking Craft Weiss Wiesner    



Signed:  A - L Art, McClelland Barclay, Beaucraft, Carl-Art, Hattie Carnegie, Ciner, DeRosa, D'Orlan, DuJay, Eisenberg, Garné, Halbé, Haskell,  Hermann, Hobé, Jeray, Jewelart, Karu, Lang, Lisner, Lustern, plus other marks in the Misc. section

Signed:  M - Z Mandle,  Monet, Ora, Panetta, Pell, Richelieu, Sherman, Silson, Staret, Tancer & II, Takahashi, Watson, plus other marks in the Misc. section


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