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Juliana  ~ 

Juliana pieces, produced by DeLizza & Elster,  were not marked, but can be identified by the distinctive construction and  stone usage.  For more information on these glitzy pieces, visit the article at Jewel Chat Magazine.   See also the Garné pieces which were made by D&E.

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Juliana Teal & Aurora Borealis Set

Wow -- this brooch is the epitome of Juliana style and color.  Layered for deep dimensions, it features deep capri blue and teal stones teamed up with aurora borealis rhinestones.  The colors are more vivid in person.  The clip earrings echo the vaguely floral design.  Silvertone settings and exceptional condition.  A DeLizza & Elster masterpiece.
Brooch: 2¾ by 2"; Earrings: 1 by ⅞"



Juliana Topaz Triangle Stone Necklace

Large triangular shaped rhinestones in this necklace create a dynamic angularity that's softened by the smaller rhinestones and warm smoky topaz color.  It's an eye-catcher!
Reference: Ettinger, Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry, p. 90
Adjusts to 16", 2" drop



Juliana Molded Stone Leafy Brooch & Earrings

The stones in this brooch and clip earring set are magical!  They 'leaves' are navettes with faceted tops and molded undersides and are shaded peridot and clear.  The light reflection is very much like the dappled light in a garden.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 179
Brooch: 2½ by 2"; Earrings: 1⅜ by ¾"



Juliana Hot Pink Brooch

In a burst or explosion of bright pink, this brooch is very eye-catching!  Set in goldtone, the shades of fuchsia and rose pink rhinestones include round and thin navettes for drama.
2½ by 1½"



D&E Glitzy "Black Diamond" Brooch & Earrings

The subtle smoke color of this brooch and clip earring set is a nice counterpoint to the bold, glitzy style and generously sized stones.  Excellent condition.  Note: the blue in the photo is reflected from the sky.
Brooch: 2½ by 2½"; Earrings: 1½ by 1



Juliana Turquoise
Floral Brooch

An alluring brooch, this piece uses faux turquoise with turquoise colored rhinestones for a cool, summery effect.  Settings are goldtone; condition is exceptional.  This floral brooch is stunning on black.
3 by 2"



Juliana Smoke & Roses Brooch & Earrings

This unusual design has the complexity of a tapestry with the various rhinestone shapes and rich colors: deep red, pink aurora borealis and smoky gray.  Settings are japanned (black enameled); excellent condition.
Brooch: 2½ by 2", Earrings: 1⅛ by⅞"



Juliana Moss Green Givré Pear Rhinestone Brooch

This stunning abstract piece features warm moss and olive green tones with a central givré pear shaped stone and an exuberant spray of slender navettes, all layered in a shiny dark pewter tone finish.
Ref: Musetti, The Art of Juliana Jewelry, p. 60, Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 47
2½ by 1½”



Juliana Luscious Red Cabochon Brooch

Juicy deep red cabochons and rhinestones create a stunning layered brooch with a vaguely floral motif.  What a luscious piece!  Exceptional condition, ca. 1960.
2¼" diam.



D&E Fuchsia Swirls Brooch & Earrings

Such a striking design!  The juicy rhinestone colors, fuchsia, amethyst and rose, are given a fun twist by the addition of painted wooden beads that are pink, black and blue.  Goldtone settings, clip earrings, and excellent condition.
Brooch: 2¾ by 2¼"; Earrings: 2¾ by 1"



Juliana Beaded
Leaf Brooch

One of the well known and popular Juliana designs, this elongated leaf dazzles the eye with the aurora borealis rhinestones set among large crystal navettes and dangling crystal beads.  It's full of fun and movement.  Settings are goldtone.
Reference: Musetti, The Art of Juliana Jewelry, p. 91
3½ by 1¼



D&E Pink Bicolor Rhinestone Brooch

Delicious shades of pink and gold make this domed brooch stunning.  The larger stones are unusual pink and pale gold bicolor stones of various shapes.  Excellent condition.
2" diam.



D&E Sapphire Wedge Rhinestone Brooch

Unusual wedge or pie-shaped stones lend added flair to this layered triple swirled abstract brooch.  Settings are silvertone and a sprinkling of light sapphire aurora borealis rhinestones add sparkle.
2½ by 2¼"



Juliana Pink 'Pillow' Stone Brooch & Earrings

Frothy and feminine, this stunning brooch and clip earring set features a variety of pink and light amethyst rhinestones, tear drop shaped beads and those delicious satiny 'pillow' stones with tiny rhinestones in the center.  Settings are goldtone.  A rare find!  Note: there is slight chipping to the back of the finish on one of the pink tear drop beads in the brooch.
Ref: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 204, Musetti, The Art of Juliana Jewelry, p. 49
Brooch: 2½ by 2"; Earrings: 1⅛ by 1"



D&E Purple & Hematite Brooch

Subtle and mysterious, this brooch features large purple and faux hematite stones in japanned settings.  It has the style and construction of D&E pieces, perhaps made for Weiss or Kramer.  Excellent condition; looks gorgeous on light gray!
2½ by 1¾"



Juliana Spring Green Navette Brooch & Earrings

This brooch and clip earring set features a huge spray of spring green (peridot) and lemon yellow (jonquil) navettes sprinkled with aurora borealis stones.  Settings are goldtone and these 1960s pieces are in exceptional condition.  Very eye-catching!
Brooch: 3¼ by 2½"; Earrings: 1¼ by 1"



D&E Aurora Borealis Bead Necklace & Earrings

There's a lot of motion and sparkle to this necklace and clip earring set.  The beguiling beads dangle among rhinestones with a fan of navettes at the end of the pendant.  Goldtone settings; excellent condition.
Necklace: adjusts to 27", 3¼" drop; Earrings: 1¼ by ¾"



Juliana Autumn Delight Brooch/Pendant

All the rich colors of autumn can be found in this dazzling brooch.  The layered construction holds a huge smoky topaz pear shaped stone with radiating aurora borealis and topaz stones.  Goldtone setting has both a pin back and a pendant hook; superb condition and more vivid in person.
2¼ by 1¾"



Juliana Bold Blue Hinged Bracelet

Bold in color and style, this glorious bracelet is silvertone with huge stones in shades of sapphire blue. The hinged clamper style is easy to slip into and is a great example of the unusual stone usage in Juliana jewelry.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 296
7" interior circumference; 1" wide at center



Aurora Borealis Bead Brooch & Earrings

Bobbling and dangling like sparkling bubbles, the aurora borealis crystal beads in this set are full of merriment.  The goldtone settings are further enhanced by rhinestones.  The brooch has a hook so it may be worn as a pendant, and the earrings are clip style.
Brooch: 2¼ by 1¾"; Earrings: 1¼ by ¾"



D&E Topaz Fringe Necklace

Combining topaz navettes and amber rhinestones in goldtone settings creates a warm, glowing look in this fringe style necklace.  Excellent condition.
adjusts to 16½", 1¼" drop



D&E Red & Fuchsia Mum Brooch

This exuberant and stunning floral brooch has the juiciest colors - deep ruby red petals with a fuchsia center.   The layering of the petals resembles a mum; silvertone setting.
2½" diam.



Sapphire & Golden Leaf Brooch

Beautifully dimensional, this leaf-shaped brooch has a huge Montana sapphire oval rhinestone surrounded by navettes and rhinestones in complimentary blue tones.  The delicate overlay of golden leaves is perfection!  Exceptional condition.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 244
2¼ by 1¾"



Juliana Peridot Molded Rhinestone Bracelet

Resting above the peridot rhinestones, the marquise shaped molded stones catch the eye.  They have a slightly mottled coloration and ridges on the backs which reflect up through the faceted tops.  Goldtone setting and exceptional condition.  See item SJ025 for a matching brooch.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 179-180
7¼ by 1"



Juliana Amber Swirl Brooch

Flamboyant and fun, this brooch has an explosion of large, slender topaz navettes so characteristic of D&E pieces.  An overlay of aurora borealis stones create a fluid line.  Goldtone settings.  Slight aging to the stones.
3 by 2"



Ribbons & Leaves Rhinestone Brooch

The layered styling of this dimensional brooch included golden ribbon curls and leaves over the large rhinestones of various shapes.  The sprinkling of aurora borealis stones give is additional fire.
2¾" by 1¾"



D&E Emerald & Blue Aurora Borealis Set

A delicious color combination of emerald green and iridescent blues creates a sweeping effect in this choker and clip earring set.  The rounded, swag style is nicely contrasted by the thin green navette stones.  Goldtone settings; excellent condition.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 123
Necklace:  adjusts to 15", 1" wide; Earrings: 1½ by 1"



D&E Chunky Autumn Brooch & Earrings

Bold and fun, this brooch and clip earring set has some very unusual stones that are shaded in color and nestled in metal 'petals'.  The central cushion cut stone is topaz and citrine, while the marquise are yellow with orange centers.  The sprinkling of rosy pink aurora borealis stones provide a great accent to the rich autumn colors.  A rare D&E set.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 242
Brooch: 3 by 2", Earrings: 1¼ by ¾"



Juliana Smoke & Diamond Round Brooch

Such a sweet round brooch with 'black diamond' and crystal rhinestones in a layered daisy-like pattern.  Excellent condition and a lovely piece with subtle sparkle.
1⅜" diam.



D&E Molded Navette Earrings

A spray of pebbly molded navettes or 'moon rocks' are anchored by a cabochon with delicate pink and blue hues creating a visual delight in these clip earrings.  Silvertone settings; ca. 1960.  Note: top photos show the under facets of the round cab.
Ref: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 182-183
1⅜ by ⅞"



Juliana Rosy Pink Flower Brooch & Earrings

Exuberant in style and color this pretty brooch and clip earring set features delicious rose pink rhinestones with accents of aurora borealis stones.  The settings are goldtone; exceptional condition.
Ref: VFCJ Newsletter, Spring 2003, p. 9
Brooch: 3 by 1½", Earrings: 1¼ by 1"



Juliana Light Blue Layered Leaf Brooch

Subtle shades of light blue plus aurora borealis rhinestones make this multilayered brooch sparkly yet softly dreamy.  Settings are silvertone.  This lovely brooch looks especially stunning on royal blue.
Ref: Musetti, The Art of Juliana Jewelry, p. 198
3½ by 1½"



Juliana Amber Pear Earrings

Luscious and juicy best describes the colors in these delightful earrings.  The large pear shaped stones are amber and crystal (bicolor) and are surrounded by rose, deep blue and green stones.  Settings are goldtone.
1 by 1"



Turquoise Leaf Brooch & Earrings

Exuberant and radiant, this huge brooch and clip earring set features turquoise colored rhinestone navettes, both frosted and clear.  Accents of rose rhinestones are a delicious contrast.  Silvertone settings; excellent condition.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 177
Brooch: 3¼ by 2½"; Earrings: 1¼ by 1"



Juliana Emerald Rhinestone Filigree Brooch

The contrasts of this piece produce a very dramatic style.  The huge octagon emerald green stone is surrounded by aurora borealis rhinestones, olivine thin navettes and delicate filigree balls.  Exceptional condition.
Reference: Musetti, The Art of Juliana Jewelry, p. 184, Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 67
2½ by 2"



Juliana Beaded Bow Brooch & Earrings

Frothy and fanciful, this glittering brooch and clip earring set has goldtone bows decorated with crystal rhinestone navettes and freely moving beads.  The beads are crystal with an aurora borealis finish for lots of sparkle.  Exceptional condition.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 187
Brooch: 2½ by 2"; Earrings: 1 by ¾"



D&E Sapphire Pear Rhinestone Earrings

Each of these delightful clip earrings has deep sapphire blue pear rhinestones flanked with navettes in matching blue and peridot color.  Settings are silvertone; exceptional condition.
1½ by "



Radiant Red D&E Brooch

While not a classic Juliana design, this is recognizable as a Delizza & Elster made piece.  The huge deep red oval stone is flanked by red tear drop stones, a spray of dark red navettes and rose aurora borealis stones.  Very striking!  Note: there is a minor scratch on one of the tear drop stones.  Settings are goldtone.
2½ by 2"



Juliana Peridot Molded Rhinestone Brooch

Fun and fanciful, this lovely brooch has delicate filigree swirls teamed up with molded navettes and rhinestones in shades of pale green and olive.  The triple dangles make it lively.  See item SJ040 for a matching bracelet.
2¾ by 2"



Juliana Sapphire Rhinestone Filigree Brooch

Contrasts in textures and color give this piece a dramatic effect.  The huge octagon montana sapphire colored stone is surrounded by aurora borealis rhinestones, sapphire thin navettes and delicate filigree balls.  Exceptional condition.
Ref: Musetti, The Art of Juliana Jewelry, p. 184, Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 67
2½ by 2"



Juliana Milk Glass Floral Brooch

Delicate in design, this pretty brooch is like a gentle summer breeze.  The slender milk glass (opaque white) navettes are combined with rhinestones and goldtone filigree.  Note: slight aging of the rhinestones can be seen under magnification.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 68-69
3 by 1½"



Juliana Faux Hematite Swirl Brooch & Earrings

Slender faux hematite stones fan out from a gentle swirl of rhinestones in this charming brooch and clip earring set.  It's a very graceful design with some dimension and a subtle sparkle.
Brooch: 2¾ by 1¼"; Earrings: 1½ by ¾"



Topaz & Fuchsia Bib Necklace

A striking and unusual color pairing is seen in this topaz and fuchsia bib necklace.  The mirror backed aurora borealis cabochons and faceted fuchsia stones reflect the colors of their mates.  Goldtone settings.  The color use and construction aid in attributing this stunning necklace to DeLizza & Elster, perhaps created for Weiss or Kramer. 
Adjusts to 16", 1½" wide



Watermelon Stone Brooch & Earrings

Fabulous colors and flair in this Juliana set.  The oval pink and green "watermelon" stones are flanked with pink and green stones of various shapes, all in a japanned (black enameled) setting.  Ooh la la!
Reference: Musetti, The Art of Juliana Jewelry, p. 169 [similar design]
Brooch: 2¾ by 2", ¾" deep; Earrings: 1¼ by ¾"



Juliana Blue Pear Rhinestone Earrings

Like the various shades of the sky, these lovely clip earrings combine large unfoiled pear rhinestones in light sapphire with deep sapphire rhinestones and simulated moonstones.  Exceptional condition; silvertone settings.
1⅛ by "



D&E Deep Red Shield Brooch

Elegant and dimensional, this shield shaped brooch is set entirely in deep red rhinestones of varying shapes.  With the goldtone settings, it's reminiscent of Victorian garnet pieces, yet with more sparkle and flair.  Being a happy color, this red shield will ward off unhappiness when worn.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 125 [similar pieces]
2¼ by 1¾"



Juliana Sunny Yellow Floral Brooch

Flower power in exuberant sunny yellow!  This fun brooch combines 'buds' of goldtone filigree and pale yellow rhinestones with a bright yellow opaque glass flower.
Reference: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 67, 69
3 by 2¼"



Juliana Blue Butterfly Brooch

This lovely creature features shades of sapphire blue navettes in silvertone settings.  This Juliana butterfly is one of the most popular brooches and the perfect size for a bit of sparkle.
1 by 1½"



Juliana Moon Spray Set

A curved spray of sparkling open backed stones holds the unusual  iridescent dished in stones.  These are reminiscent of moonstones.  The construction of the set is typical of Juliana pieces.  Please note:  one of the concave stones is not iridescent.  This appears to be a manufacturing error since there are no signs of wear on this stone (bottom, back location).  Condition is otherwise excellent and the price reflects this small defect.
Ref: Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 238-239
Brooch: 2½ by 2"; Earrings: 1¼" long



Juliana Amber Navette Earrings

These fun clip earrings are ear-climbers with the flamboyant spray of stones curving up the ear.  The large amber colored navettes are accented with aurora borealis rhinestones, all in goldtone settings.
Ref: Musetti, The Art of Juliana Jewelry, p. 202, Pitman, Juliana Jewelry Reference, p. 138
1¾ by 1"



Juliana Elegant Black Flower Brooch

An enchanting piece, this brooch merges the classic elegance of basic black with 1960s flower power.  Goldtone settings and aurora borealis rhinestones add sparkle to this winner.
2¾ by 2"



Juliana Rose Butterfly Brooch

Simple and sweet, this adorable butterfly brooch has rosy pink rhinestones wings with a body of deep red stones.  Goldtone settings.
1¾ by 1¼"



Juliana Aurora Borealis Dome Brooch

Dazzling and magical, this round domed brooch is packed with various sizes of aurora borealis rhinestones, all set in goldtone.  A very fun piece appropriately referred to as a "headlight" brooch.
2⅛" diam.



Purple Japanned Earrings

Set in black enameled settings ("japanned"), these mystical clip earrings feature light and dark purple rhinestones in that distinctive Juliana style.  The large navettes with the off center point are a Juliana signature.
1¼ by ¾"




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