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Réja & Déja  ~ 

Begun in 1939 by founder Solomon Finkelstein, Déja Costume Jewelry, Inc. is known for graceful designs and lovely enameled floral pieces.  After a lawsuit instituted by DuJay, the company name was changed in 1941 to Réja.  Pieces prior to 1948 were of better quality than later pieces, and production ceased in 1953.

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Amethyst Butterfly Brooch

Like its older sister, this lovely butterfly brooch has a large pear shaped stone for its body, plus jewel tone stones as further adornment.  A Reja classic from the 1940s with slight wear to the gold plating in keeping with its age.  See SR018 for the larger piece in aqua.   Marked: Reja Sterling
Reference: Brunialtis' American Costume Jewelry, p. 211-213 [similar figural pieces]
2 by 1½"



Edwardian Revival Pearl Dangle Brooch

Edwardian in design, this regal brooch has the look of platinum and diamonds with a fleur-de-lis motif and faux pearl accents.  This elegant beauty is styled after a tiara often worn by Queen Alexandra.  Marked: Reja
2 by 2"



Octagon Alexandrite Necklace & Earrings

The simulated alexandrite stones in this choker and clip earring set are pure magic - changing from lavender to light blue depending on the light source.  The classic, elegant design and raised presentation further emphasizes the large open-backed stones.  Ca. late 1940s, excellent condition.  Marked: Reja
Necklace: 15" long, ¾" wide; Earrings: 1¼ by ¾"



Reja Sterling Winged Knight's Helmet Brooch

Unusual and inventive figural jewelry was the forte of Reja and this piece is one of the rarer ones.  The knight's helmet is very dimensional with large rhinestone edged wings and enamel trim.  Excellent condition with very minor wear.   Marked: Reja Sterling
Reference: Ettinger, Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry, p. 57
2¾ by 1⅛"



Pavé & Enamel Frog Pin

What a darling and rare little frog!  This smaller version of the Reja design has the same emerald green eyes, rhodium plating, black enamel accents and friendly smile.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Reja
1¾ by 1"



Faux Moonstone Spray Brooch

This stunning brooch is an exuberant spray of faux moonstones, gathered in a pave band and ending with juicy red rhinestones.  Substantial in weight, lovely construction and only the slightest wear to the plating.  Ca. mid-1940s.  Marked:  Reja Sterling
2¼ by 2⅛"



Deja Turquoise Tulips Brooch

Graceful enameled tulips with leaves and a rhinestone ribbon give this brooch a fresh springtime appeal.  One of several floral pieces from 1939-1940.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Deja
3¾ by 1⅜"



Ruffled Leaf Brooch

Lacy openwork provides the texture and body for this glorious leaf brooch.  The dimensional curling edges and twisting center are enhanced with tiny rhinestones.  Ca. 1948; minor wear to finish on the back.  Marked: Reja Inc.
2¾ by 1½"



Reja Fleur-de-Lis Brooch & Earrings

This elegant and regal design features a fleur-de-lis paved in rhinestones with lacy cut-outs.  Settings are rhodium plated sterling. Condition is excellent but hard to capture in a photo.  Marked: Reja, Sterling
Reference: Dolan, Collecting Rhinestone Jewelry, 4th Ed, p. 194
Size:  Brooch: 2¼ by 1⅝", Earrings: 1 by ¾"



Amber Rhinestone Floral Spray Brooch

Lyrical in design, this 1940's floral brooch features ribbons and a flower with large amber pear shaped rhinestone petals.  Exceptional condition; gold plated.
Marked: Reja Sterling
3¼ by 1¼”



Radiant Faux Diamond Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

One of the fun things about this design, beyond its real look, is the transparency of the stones, giving the pieces a different feel according to the color worn beneath.  Excellent condition; clip earrings.  Unmarked, but unmistakably Reja.
Necklace: 15 by ¾"; Bracelet: 7 by ¾"; Earrings: ¾ by ¾"



Amethyst Cupid's Arrow Brooch

Simulated invisibly set amethyst stones are at the heart of this elegant arrow figural brooch which has such a sense of motion.  The tail and swirled shaft are decorated with crystal rhinestones; settings are goldtone.  Exceptional, near mint condition.  Marked: Reja
3⅛ by 1"



Aqua Rhinestone Nosegay Brooch

Both dynamic and graceful, this sparkling brooch resembles a nosegay of aqua rhinestone 'flowers' gathered up in rhinestone covered ribbons.  Exceptional condition; rhodium plating.  Marked: Reja Inc.
Reference: Ball, The Golden Age of Design, p. 191 (earrings)
2⅛ by 1



Deja Enamel Flower Fur Clip

Deja, the pre-1941 predecessor of Reja, created some beautiful enamel pieces in the 1930s.  This one is a wonderful example and is in excellent condition for the age.  Slight enamel loss on lower leaf and slight wear to the gold wash on the back.   Double pronged fur clip.  A rare and exceptional piece!  Marked: Deja
2½ by 1½"



Moorish Style Lacy Brooch

This goldtone and rhinestone brooch has a voluptuous design with a Moorish influence.  The open central portion resembles a screen with a quatrefoil pattern.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1948.  Marked: Reja Inc.
Reference: Ball, The Golden Age of Design, p. 191
2 by 1½"



Amber 1940s Bow Brooch

This beautiful bow brooch is sterling with a rose-gold finish and a lot of character.  Cut-outs and pavé rhinestone trim highlight the large central amber rhinestone.  A substantially made brooch, the design and construction provide the attribution as a Reja piece.  Mild wear to the gold plating on the back.  Marked: Sterling
Ref:  Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry M-Z, p. 24 [duck pieces of similar design]
2 by 1"



Reja Dazzling Rhinestone Crown Brooch

An unusual treatment of the royal crown theme, this brooch has lots of curvy dimension and large open-backed rhinestones to capture the light.  Rhodium plated; exceptional condition.  Marked: Reja
2¼ by 1¼”



Emerald Art Deco Set

sr017.jpg (40575 bytes)

Exhibiting an Art Deco influence, this choker and clip earring set has delightful dimension and simulated invisibly set emeralds.  Rhodium plated setting; exceptional condition.  Marked: Reja
Necklace: 14", 1¼" drop; Earrings: 1¼" diam.



Faux Diamond Paisley Brooch

The large unfoiled crystal rhinestones in this paisley shaped brooch give it great pizzazz.  The edging of smaller stones add delicacy for a stunning piece.  Exceptional condition.  Unmarked, but unmistakably Reja.
2¼ by 1½"



Sterling Scroll Fur Clip

There's a simple elegance to this unusual and very dimensional design.  The pavé hemisphere sits atop the graceful swirling scroll like a punctuation.  Marked: Reja Sterling
1¾ by 1⅛"



Flying Heron Brooch

Gracefully winging its way, this lovely heron is detailed and sparkling with rhinestones.  Although unsigned, attribution  to Reja is made from similar designs as well as the quality and construction of this lovely piece.  Ca. 1940s.
Reference: Brown, Rhinestone Jewelry - Figurals, p. 113 [similar stork]
2¼ by 1½"



Radiant Aqua Heart Brooch & Earrings

Although unsigned, this delightful set has the style and complex construction of Reja pieces.  The stylized domed heart centers have unfoiled, open-backed aqua stones and end in a radiating fringe.  Settings incorporate both gold  and rhodium plating and the set is in exceptional condition.  Earrings are clip style.
Brooch: 1¾ by 1¾"; Earrings: 1 by 1"



Ruby Arrow Brooch

SR023.JPG (21206 bytes)

Luscious large ruby octagon stones adorn  the center of this arrow brooch.  The setting is sterling with a rose gold plating and pavé rhinestone details.   Like many other Reja pieces, this brooch does not have the company mark.  Marked: Sterling.    
Reference: Brunialtis' American Costume Jewelry, p. 208.
2⅝ by "



Reja Moonstone & Streamers Pin Clip

This graceful pin-clip (or fur clip) from the 1940s suggests swaying movement with a hint of mystery.  The array of faux moonstone oval cabochons are trailed by streamers and rhinestone accents.  Marked: Reja Sterling
2 by 1½"



Swirls and Pearls Choker

From the late 1940s, this lovely choker has an airy swirling design, enhanced with rhinestones and large faux pearls.  The use of both silvertone and goldtone finishes add to the mystique.  Condition is excellent.  Note: the chain is goldtone, though it appears more silver in color in the image.  Unmarked but with characteristic style and construction of Reja pieces..
15"; 2" drop



Reja Faux Onyx Classical Link Bracelet

Each link of this lovely bracelet is dimensional with both curving and geometric elements to create a classic motif.  The disc like glass stones simulate onyx in the goldtone settings.  Ca. late 1940s; excellent condition.  Marked: Reja
7¼ by "



Reja Aqua Rhinestone Swirling Circle Brooch

There is such fluidity with this charming brooch, especially with the use of the overlapping goldtone and silvertone swirls.  Color and sparkle come from the open-back, unfoiled aqua stones and rhinestone accents.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Reja
2 by 1½"



Enameled Poppy Fur Clip

Supported by sinuous stems, this lovely flower appears to be a poppy with it's ruffled petals.  Enameling inside the petals is cream colored with turquoise enamel at the base and on the stamens.  Light wear to the gold finish, but this wonderful piece is in great condition for it's age (1939-1940).  Marked: Déja
2¾ by 1¼"



Dangling Berry Brooch

Lacy leaves are pavéd with rhinestones in this delicate brooch.  The three dimensional berries are also studded with rhinestones and are articulated to swing freely.  Rhodium and gold plated.  Marked: Reja
2 by 1½"



Majestic Aqua Butterfly Brooch

Majestic and beautifully constructed, this rare butterfly brooch is one of a series of Reja figural pieces from 1945.  This piece shows the lifelike dimension and artistry of Reja jewelry, and it has been restored to it's original splendor.  Similar pieces are pictured in the Brunialti's American Costume Jewelry.  Marked: Reja Sterling
Reference: Brunialtis' American Costume Jewelry, p. 211-213 [similar figural pieces]
2¾ by 2"



Domed Mum Brooch & Earrings

Like many Reja pieces, this dazzling set uses large unfoiled rhinestones with pavé accents.  Reminiscent of a chrysanthemum, this flower is deeply mounded, with little leaves to soften the bold look.  Rhodium plated; clip earrings.  Marked: Reja
Brooch: 2¼ by 1¾"; Earrings: 1 by ¾"



Emerald Green Arrow Brooch

Striking large emerald cut green stones create the center of this lovely arrow brooch.  The setting is sterling with a rose gold plating and pavé rhinestone details.  Note:  one of the green stones is chipped on the corner not noticeable when worn.  Like many Reja pieces, this brooch does not bear the company mark.  Marked: Sterling.
Reference: Brunialtis' American Costume Jewelry, p. 208.
2⅝ by "



Lacy Leaf Choker

Intricate and lacy, this lovely necklace depicts open-worked leaves with pavé edges, all intertwined with navettes.  Like many Reja pieces, it shows a wonderful execution of floral or natural subject matter.  Slight aging to stone is reflected in the price.  Marked: Reja
15", with 2¼" drop



Blue & White Enamel Floral Brooch

In exceptional condition, this enamel floral brooch is a treasure. It dates back to the late 1930s before the company changed the name from Deja to Reja. The flowers with their pavé centers are so feminine.  Marked: Déja
3½ by 2"



Pinecone Broochsr009.jpg (13278 bytes)

Glittering  pavé stones in the overall shape of a pinecone are overlaid with a golden branch and pinecones.  A wonderful piece with rhodium plated back.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Reja
Reference: Leshner, Vintage Jewelry 1920-1940s, p. 52
2 by 1½"



Green Molded Leaf Earrings

The stars of this design are the emerald green molded leaf stones, similar to those found in fruit salad pieces.  The clip earrings are goldtone with rhinestone accents.  Note: mild finish wear on the lower side edges and back.  Marked: Reja
1 by ¾"



Reja Amethyst Torch Brooch

Although unmarked, this stunning torch brooch is easily recognized as one of the sterling , rose-gold plated Reja pieces from 1945-46.  The series incorporated large unfoiled stones reportedly made especially for Reja. This beauty is reminiscent of the Olympic torch.  Marked: Sterling
Reference: Brunialtis' American Costume Jewelry, p. 211-213 [similar figural pieces]
3¾ by "



Faux Moonstone Fur Clip

From the 1940s, this lovely fur clip (or pin-clip) is very stylish and almost dainty.  It resembles a scrolling ribbon with pierced work cut outs, simulated moonstones and rhinestone accents.  The gold plating is in great condition.  Marked: Reja Sterling
1⅜" by 1⅜"



Curling Leaf Brooch

Alluring and fluid, this rhodium plated brooch has large unfoiled, open backed stones and pavé accents.  What a perfect example of Reja quality and design.  Marked: Reja Inc.
2½ by 1¼"



Deja Green Enamel Floral Brooch

Luscious light green enameling and a pavé center give this brooch the joy of springtime.  Very minor wear to the enamel and a rare find, ca 1939.  Marked: Déja
2¾ by 1¼"



Flamboyant Bird Brooch

Lively and dimensional, this bird seems to be dancing rather than flying.  Although unsigned, experience and intuition indicate that this is a Reja piece, and a similar signed snail figural is on the market.  The setting is rhodium plated with goldtone accents and this beauty also has a pendant loop.
2¾ by 2¼"



Graceful Flower Bud Parure

Inspired by the beauty of nature, this set features teardrop segments with golden leaflets embracing sparkling pavé stones. They resemble flower buds ready to burst open.  Rhodium plated back, superb condition.  Marked: Reja
Necklace: 15¼", Bracelet: 7", Earrings: 1¼ by "



Pink/White Enamel Flower Brooch

Delightful early piece from Reja with enameled flowers and leaves in a goldtone setting.  This rarer piece dates from the late 1930s.  Slight loss of enamel on the flowers.  Marked: Deja
2¾ by 1½"



Reja Ornate Leaf Choker

Beautiful golden leaves grace the rhinestone encrusted mounds in this delightful design from this rarely seen maker.  Choker segments are rhodium plated, with goldtone leaves and chain.  The clasp has been replaced at some point.  Marked: Reja
15½" long, 1" wide



Green Cat's Eye Set

Glowing green "cat's eye" art glass cabochons make these pieces very striking.  Floral petals are goldtone with rhodium pavé pierce work.  The brooch has a hook so it may also be worn as a pearl or bead enhancer.  Marked: Reja
Brooch: 1⅝" diam.; Earrings: 1" diam.




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