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Coro & CoroCraft  ~

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Royal Jewels

Coro Pavé Coronation Crown Pin/Clip

Studded with regal cabochons in emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby, this pavé dress clip is an older piece than those so popular around 1950.   While unsigned, I have a smaller version of this piece in a brooch marked Coro.  This one may have been part of a duette and is fit for a queen!
1 3/4 by 1 1/2"



Coro Golden Knight Earrings

Flanked by flags and standards, this heroic knight in armor looks very brave.  These clip earrings are solidly constructed with an antiqued look to the goldtone finish, and they're in exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro
1 by 1⅛"



Coro Queen's Crown Brooch

Intricate and regal, this large crown brooch has emerald and ruby cabochons plus a lavish array of other sparkling jewels.   Marked:  Coro (w/ Pegasus), Des. Pat. Pend. 
Reference:  Click here for the 1944 patent.
2 by 2"



Coro Dazzling Rhinestone Sword Brooch

Powerful in both motif and sparkle, this huge rhinestone encrusted sword brooch really makes a statement and is sure to be noticed!  Marked: Coro Des Pat Pend
4 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Coro King Brooch
sc056.jpg (8760 bytes)

Familiar from a deck of cards, this stately king has a full crown and wields his sword.  Heavy stamped metal has an "antiqued" finish and is in excellent condition.  Marked: Coro
1 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Coro Princess Crown Brooch

Glittering like real diamonds, the stones in this silvertone crown setting are fit for a princess.  One of the prettiest crown pieces produced, it has a gently domed structure   Exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro
Reference: Click here for the 1948 patent.  Dolan, Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry [4th Ed.], p. 225
2 by 1 1/2"



CoroCraft Castle Pin
sc057.jpg (9764 bytes)

Dating from the 1940s this delightful castle brooch has lovely details in gold plated sterling.  Rhinestones adorn the two towers in this rarely seen piece.  See ST043 for the Trifari castle.  Marked:  Sterling Craft, Coro
1 by 3/4"



Coro Regal Shield Pin
SC031.JPG (6790 bytes)

Ornate and intricate, this lovely pin features a simulated moonstone cabochon surrounded by royal elements:  crown, wings, greyhounds and curlicues.  Marked:  Coro
1 1/2 by 1 1/4"





Rose "Sea Shells" Necklace & Fur Clips

Deliciously dimensional, these pieces feature open-work shells adorned with rose-pink baguettes, all in glowing goldtone.  The set consists of the choker and two matching fur clips.    Marked: CoroCraft
Reference:  See Auntie Em's Ads for the 1951 ad.  Click here for the patent.
Necklace: 14 1/2"; Fur clips: 1 by 1"



Emerald Floral Trembler Necklace & Earrings

Fresh as springtime, this choker and screw-back earring set features delicate flowers and leaves.  Each flower is a trembling flower set on a spring - a rare find for earrings.  So fun to wear!  Note: springs in earrings are slightly relaxed from original condition.  Marked: Coro [w/ Pegasus]
Reference: 1948 patents - necklace; earrings
Necklace: 14", 1 1/2" drop; Earrings: 1 by 3/4"



"Regency" Necklace & Earrings

Resplendent necklace and earrings from 1958 has a veritable waterfall of crystal baguettes plus pavé accents in a gleaming goldtone setting.  The rigid central portion of the necklace lays beautifully on the neck.  Slight clouding of baguettes is reflected in the price, otherwise excellent condition.  Clip earrings have screw adjustments for comfort.  Marked: CoroCraft, Des. Pat. Pend. (necklace) and Coro (earrings)
Reference: Ettinger, Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry, p.75.
Necklace: extends to 17", 2" drop; earrings: 1 1/2 by 3/4"



Retro Sapphire Ruffle Set

Sapphire navettes and clear chatons cinch up a bow or ruffle of gold in this pin and screw-back earring set.   Slight wear to gold wash is reflected in price.  Marked: CoroCraft Sterling (w/ Pegasus)
Reference: Click here to see the matching duette patent from 1945.
Pin: 2 1/4 by 1 3/4",  Earrings:  1 by 1"



Fuchsia Moonglow Grapes Parure

The fuchsia lucite (moonglow) globes create the juicy grapes in these vine-like pieces with rhinestone adorned leaves. Rarely seen; excellent condition.  Matching brooch: SC111 Marked: Coro
Necklace: 15 1/2 by 1/2", bracelet: 7 by  1/2", Earrings: 1 by 1"



Aqua Baguette Retro Set

Unusual style and glimmering aqua baguettes make this a fun set.  The central portion of the necklace is articulated to hang gracefully.  Heavy gold wash and accents of clear stones complete necklace and clip earrings in super condition.  Marked: Coro Craft
Necklace: 15 1/2' long, drop about 1",  Earrings: 3/4 by 3/4"




Brooches ~ Fur & Dress Clips ~ Duettes

Emerald Floral Retro Brooch

A show stopper!  This heavy and gorgeous Retro Moderne brooch from the 1940s depicts emerald green flowers and leaves with curling ribbons.  An exquisite piece with great dimension and style!   Condition is exceptionally nice.  Marked:  CoroCraft
Reference: Click here to see the patent
3 3/4 by 2 1/2"



'Daily Double' Duette

This darling pair of ponies can be worn as separate pin-clips or together as a brooch.  Their almost smiling faces are enhanced with red rhinestone eyes, purple stone ears and enameled flowers at the neck.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro [w/ the duette patent number on the mechanism]
Reference: click here for the 1948 Duettes ad
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Coro Emerald 'Jeweled Comet' Duette

One of several styles named for celestial events, this fur clip duette looks like two swirling comets with pavé tails and a spray of emerald green rhinestones.  Exceptional, near mint condition.  Marked: Coro Des Pat Pend
Reference: click here for the 1948 ad; click here for the patent.
2 3/4 by 2"



Art Deco Emerald Rhinestone Duette

The square emerald green stones are a amazing accent in this early Coro piece.  Rhinestones cover the Greek key design of the dress clips which can be worn separately or as a brooch in the frame.  Marked: Coro Duette, Pat 1798867 [duette frame], Pat 1852188 [clip mechanism]
Reference: Brown, Coro Jewelry, p. 137
3⅜ by 1⅝"



Coro Helmet & Battle Axe Brooch

This unusual figural piece depicts a helmet and battle axe, appropriately adorned with ruby baguettes and rhinestones.  Great to wear when you're feeling fierce or want to be!  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro
Reference: click here for the 1945 patent
2 3/4 by 1 1/4"



Enameled Basket of Flowers Brooch

This charming enameled pot metal brooch is a realistic basket brimming with various flowers including one with a fuchsia moonstone center.  A rhinestone pavéd bow completes the layered design.  So sweet!
Marked: Coro
Reference: click here for the 1942 patent
2 by 1⅞”



Coro 'Merry Whirl' Duette

Aptly named, rhinestone adorned golden swirls of each fur clip create the duette brooch.  Delightful when worn together or separately.  Exceptional condition.
Marked: Coro Duette
Pat No 1798867
Reference: click here for the 1948 ad
2 1/2 by 1⅛"



 Coro Craft Molded Stone Basket Brooch

An elegant design and superb layered construction make this basket brooch special.  The molded stones have a rare opalescent quality that makes them glow.  Exceptional condition; rhodium plated.  Note: basket front is shiny but picked up reflections of surroundings.  Marked: Coro Craft
Reference: click here for the 1951 patent.
1 3/4 by 1 1/2"



Blue Moonglow Grapes Fur Clip

This version of this fun design has luminous blue lucite 'moonglow' cabochons as the grapes and an enameled and pavéd bow.  Although unsigned, this is a Coro piece designed by Gene Verrecchio.  Marked: Pat No 125169
Reference: click here for the 1941 patent.
2 3/4 by 2"



Coro Swirled Heart Brooch

A sweetheart of a piece, this romantic brooch features waves of square rhinestones in an open goldtone setting.  Matching necklace: SC145  Marked: Coro
Reference: click here for the 1951 patent
1 by 1"



Retro Moderne Rose & Ruby Brooch

Gorgeously sculptured and dimensional with balanced asymmetry, this exuberant brooch has a spray of oval rose rhinestones with crystal and ruby baguettes.  Rose gold plating; exceptional condition.
Marked: CoroCraft Sterling
Reference: click here for the patent; click here for the 1944 ad
3 by 2"



Aqua Wisteria Brooch

Dropping from a swirling branch, this stylized wisteria blossom has open-worked goldtone settings and aqua rhinestones.  The bottom portion with the aqua navettes is articulated to sway as you move.  Marked: Coro Craft
Reference: click here for the 1950 patent.
2 1/2 by 1 3/4"



Enamel Camellia
Fur Clip
SC036.JPG (11073 bytes)

Once part of a duette, this darling fur clip has enamel trim and a large central blue cabochon.  While unmarked, this is a well known Coro camellia piece, pictured in several reference books.  It's likely the mark was on the duette frame.  Superb condition.
Reference: Mariotti, All My Baskets, p. 52; Schiffer, Fun Jewelry, p. 55 [similar piece]
2 1/4 by 1 1/4"



Fuchsia Moonglow Grapes Fur Clip

The fuchsia moonglow lucite cabochons create an especially juicy bunch of grapes in this fur clip.  The design is completed with rhinestone dew drops and a matching enamel bow.  Exceptional condition.  Although unsigned, this is a Coro piece designed by Gene Verrecchio.
Marked: Pat No 125169
Reference: click here for the 1941 patent.
2 3/4 by 2"



Navette Rhinestone Leaf Brooch

This pretty leaf brooch, ca. 1945, has heavy goldtone plating for shine and a cluster of crystal navette rhinestones in the center for dazzle.  An ageless design; exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro
Reference: click here for patent variant
2 1/2 by 2"



Sterling Oval Floral Brooch

The domed, delicate wirework of this 1940's sterling piece creates a miniature  flower garden.  So fresh and pretty!
Marked: Sterling Craft by Coro
1⅝ by 1⅜"



Faux Pearl Grapes Brooch

Like the moonglow companion pieces, this delightful brooch depicts a juicy bunch of grapes using large faux pearls with rhinestone accents in silvertone settings.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Coro
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Coro Golden Harp Brooch

This gracefully executed harp brooch is one of the charming figural pieces depicting people’s things, ca. 1948.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Coro Des Pat Pend [no patent was found for this design]
2 1/2 by 1⅜”



Art Deco Folded Scarf V-Shaped Dress Clip

This rare dress clip, ca. 1938,  has a fascinating design and execution.  It looks like a folded scarf or ribbon with intricate open designs, pavé rhinestones and a 'fringed' edge.  The clip mechanism is v-shaped like the piece itself so it's perfect for the center front of a v-necked top or to keep a blouse from gaping open.  Rhodium plating; mild aging to the original stones.  Marked: Coro, G [stone setter's mark]
2⅛ by 2"



Dazzling Curled Leaf Duette

Resplendent with sparkle, this graceful duette is composed of two separate pin clips (or fur clips) on a brooch frame.  They can be worn together or separately.  With the silvertone setting, this piece has the look of platinum and diamonds.  Marked: Coro [clip], Coro Duette [frame]
Reference: click here for the patent; click here for the 1947 ad; Leshner, Vintage Jewelry 1920-1940s, p. 182
2 1/4 by 2"



Horse Rider with Spear Brooch

Ready for action, this delightful piece is of a horse rider with a spear that looks like it has seen some action.  (Note: condition is reflected in the pricing.)  While unsigned, this enameled piece has been attributed to Coro based on similar pieces. (see ref.)
Reference: Brunialti, American Costume Jewelry, pp. 72, 74.
2 1/4 by 2 1/4"



Fuchsia Moonglow & Sterling Brooch

Enhanced with a huge fuchsia lucite moonglow cabochon, this pretty floral brooch is sterling silver.  This piece dates to WWII when sterling was used for costume pieces.    Marked:  Sterlingcraft by Coro, Des. Pat. Pend.
Reference: Click here to see the 1942 patent.
2" diam.



Blue Moonglow Grapes Brooch

The grapes of this delicious brooch are lucite moonglow in a wonderful sapphire blue.  Coro made this design in a juicy array of colors one of the joys of the lucite materials.  Silvertone setting, rhinestone accents and excellent condition.  See item SC021 for the matching bracelet.  Marked: Coro
2 by 1 3/4"



Emerald & Diamonds High Heel Shoe Brooch


Does the shoe fit?  Even if not, you can wear it!   This whimsical piece is a platform style high heel shoe encrusted in rhinestones and trimmed with emerald green baguettes.  The mark is nearly undecipherable, but appears to be the Maharani mark from Coro.  The piece is typical of the baguette trimmed household items done by Coro in the late 1940s.
1 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Blue Enamel Basket Brooch

Elaborate brooch is an iridescent blue enamel, open-work basket with a red bow, brimming with rhinestone and enamel adorned flowers.  A beautiful piece from the late 1930s to early 1940s, with minimal wear to the enamel.  Marked: Coro
3 by 2"



Fuchsia Moonglow Grapes Brooch

Part of a series of lucite grape pieces, this moonglow brooch features juicy fuchsia colored 'grapes'.  Silvertone setting, rhinestone accents and excellent condition.  Matching pieces: SC146.  Marked: Coro
2 by 1 3/4"



Spinning Wheel Brooch

This petite figural pin is so adorable.  Like the other household items designs of 1948-1950, it has great detail, especially for its size.  The aqua and rose colored rhinestones twinkle merrily on this cutie.  Marked: Coro
Reference: click here for the patent of the larger design
1 by 1"



Sapphire "Embraceable" Fur Clip

Art Deco revival in styling, this wonderful fur clip actually dates from the late 1940s.  The architectural design curves and spills over with a sprinkling of sapphire blue and crystal rhinestones. Mild wear to the finish as expected from its age.  Marked: Coro (w/ Pegasus)
Reference: Click here for the 1948 necklace patent.  Click here for the ad.
1 1/2 by 1 1/2"



Amethyst Floral Spray Brooch

A stylized floral bouquet is created by amethyst rhinestones with light amethyst octagon stones as accents.  The rich goldtone setting sets off the delicate colors.  Excellent condition; ca. mid-1950's.   Marked: Coro
2 3/4 by 1 3/4"



Pink Moonglow Grapes Brooch

Pale pearly pink lucite (or moonglow) creates the grapes in this delightful brooch.  These fun pieces are great for collectors of grape jewelry or moonglow lovers.  Marked: Coro
2 by 1 3/4"



Sterling Bow Shaped Bar Brooch

This older Coro piece is so sweet and delicate.  The slender bow design has a few rhinestones for subtle sparkle.  The overall effect is that of an Edwardian sterling bar pin.  Construction and the Coro mark are consistent with 1918-1930.  Marked: Coro Sterling
2 1/2 by 1/4"



Acorn & Leaves Brooch

Resplendent with jewels, this golden branch has pavé leaves and glittering acorns.  What a graceful interpretation of nature.  Slight foil damage to one of the acorn rhinestones, otherwise great condition.  Marked: Coro, Pat Pend. 
Reference: Click here to see the patent from 1948.
2 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Lemon Yellow Moonglow Grapes Brooch

Luscious light yellow moonglow lucite creates the grapes in this charming brooch.  this style was made in a variety of colors, but the yellow is a rarity.  Attribution from identical marked pieces.
2 by 1 3/4"



Prancing Zebra Brooch

An adorable figural brooch from before 1940, this prancing zebra looks like a circus animal with the plume on its head.  The pot metal piece is pavéd with rhinestones and accented with black enameling.  Exceptional condition.  Attribution to Coro is from an identical signed piece.
Reference: Leshner, Vintage Jewelry 1920-1940s, p. 124
2⅛ by 2"



Blue Enamel Lotus & Daisy Brooch

These enameled pieces have become so rare, and this one is in great condition.  The dimensional lotus flower is teamed with pretty daisy like flowers.  The leaves are also enameled, with pavéd stems in the goldtone setting.  See item SC050 for the matching bracelet.  Click here for the 1939 patent for a similar brooch.
Reference: Schiffer, Fun Jewelry, p. 55; Mariotti, All My Baskets, p. 60  [matching duette]
3 1/2 by 2"



Coro Candlestick Pin

Like so many of the Coro figurals, this one is just darling.  the candle holder is adorned with aqua colored baguettes while a rose navette rhinestone gives the flame sparkle.  One of a series of fun household figurals ca. 1950.   Marked: Coro
1⅛ by ⅞"



Sapphire Tulips Duette

Rarely seen, this lovely sterling duette with gold plating has two graceful tulip fur clips set side by side in the duette frame.  Sapphire blue navettes and rhinestones give it sparkle.  Slight wear to the plating on the back and on the moving parts of the clips, as would be expected from its age.  The duette frame has a gap or split in a section that does not affect it's function or support for the clips.    Marked: CoroCraft (w/ Pegasus), Sterling, Pat. No. 1798867 (on frame)
Reference: Click here to see the 1944 patent.
2 1/2 by 2"



Guilloché Rose Dress Clip

This feminine and charming sterling dress clip may have been part of a Coro duette at one time.  The pretty pink enameled rose and leaves sit on a blue guilloché background.  Exceptional condition, ca. 1940.  Unmarked, but Coro made a lot of rose pieces like this and held the patent for the clip mechanism.  Marked: Sterling, Pat 1852188
1 by 3/4"



Faux Diamond Basket Brooch

It's hard to capture the sparkle and dimension of this delightful basket brooch.  From about 1950, this piece is silvertone and encrusted with rhinestones to create the flowers and texture of the basket.  Marked: Coro, Des. Pat. Pend.
Reference:  Click here for the 1948 ad.
1 3/4 by 1 3/4"



Loving Birds Brooch

Similar in design to the Calypso duette, this pair of birds are lovingly snuggled up together.  Their bodies are pavé stones with enamel accents on the wings and tails.  Enameling on the birds and flowers is in exceptional condition for it's age, ca. 1941.  Rhodium plated setting.  Unmarked, but unmistakably Coro.
Reference:  Schiffer, Fun Jewelry, p. 142. [matching earrings]
2 3/4 by 2 1/2"



Aqua Acorn Brooch

Shimmering with pavé rhinestones, this leafy branch has aqua rhinestone acorns.  The setting is rhodium plated and this piece is in exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro, Des. Pat Pend. 
Reference:  Click here to see the patent from 1948.
2 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Glass Belly Clown Pin

While small in size, this darling clown pin is big on charm.  His body is a clear glass cabochon, head is an emerald green cab and he wears a jaunty tall peaked hat.  The piece is unsigned but matches style and construction of the genie, swan and other figurals patented by Coro in 1945.
1 1/2 by 1"



Trembling Camellia Brooch

Well known Coro design of trembler center on gold washed flower.  Designed by Gene Verrecchio and marked with the design patent number, 110296.   Rhodium plated back, pavé stones, sapphire baguettes and green enameled leaves.  Some wear to enamel and gold wash as can be seen in pic.  This one is special!
Reference:  Click here for the 1938 patent.
2 3/4 by 1 1/4"



Pink Enamel Floral
Spray Brooch

This lovely and sizeable old brooch is a spray of little pink flowers, probably hollyhocks, all tied up in a pink ribbon.  The enameling on this pot metal piece is in exceptional condition for its age.  Marked: Coro
Reference: Click here for the 1942 patent
4 by 1 1/2"



1940s Aqua Bow Brooch

Almost flamboyant, this lovely bow and spray brooch is in goldtone metal with aqua oval stones.  Popular in the 1940s, this style is timeless.  The condition is extremely good given it's age.   Marked: Coro
Reference:  Click here to see the 1945 patent for a similar piece.
3 1/2 by 2 1/4"



Jelly Belly Angel Fish Fur Clip
sc052.jpg (14733 bytes)

This darling jelly belly clip from 1944 was once part of a duette, but is now swimming solo.  Ruby cabochon eye, blue navette mouth and pavé fins accent the rhinestone studded lucite "belly".  Slight wear to the gold plating as expected from the age.  Marked: Sterling  (Note: Coro duette pieces were often marked only on the frame.)
Reference: Brunialti, American Costume Jewelry, p. 169.  Click here to see the design patent.  A 1949 ad for similar pieces can be seen at Auntie Em's Ads.
2 by 1 1/2"



Coro Bow and Blue Flower Brooch

Sweeping stems of sapphire blue flowers are caught up in an exuberant bow in this lovely brooch.   Late 1930s design in goldtone with open backed sapphire blue navettes.  Solid construction and great condition.  Marked: Coro
3 1/4 by 2"



Fun Retro Brooch

What a playful brooch this is!  Difficult to photograph with it's depth, it has the classic retro swirls and large faux emerald with little spritzes of green rhinestones and even a cluster of faux pearls.  Rose-gold wash.  Marked: Sterling by Coro
3 1/4 by 2 1/4"



Trembling Tulip Brooch

A wonderful piece of the past, this graceful brooch features trembling stamens and pavé petals.  Enameled leaves and stem are a perfect accompaniment.  Heavy rhodium plating, nicely constructed and exceptional condition make this a special find.  Unmarked, but attributed from the Coro patent.
Reference: Click here for the 1940 patent.
3 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Sterling Dimensional Retro Bow Brooch

An exquisite example of 1940s retro, this brooch has a sculptured 3D construction, heavy gold plating and sparkling baguettes and pavé rhinestones.   Fabulous condition and superb craftsmanship make this a truly special piece!    Marked: Coro Craft Sterling
Reference: Click here to see the 1944 patent.
3 1/2 by 1 3/4"



Ruby Drops/Bow Pin

Retro bow pin from the 1940s in gold wash with open backed juicy red faux rubies reminiscent of berries or cherries.  Great condition and classic styling.    Marked Coro Sterling (w/ Pegasus)
Reference:  Click here for the 1945 patent for a similar piece.
2 1/2 by 2"





Amber & Lemon Yellow 'Empire' Necklace

This delicious necklace has a slightly asymmetric design as the amber baguette covered branches entwine.  Rhinestones form the leaves and dangling tear drops.
Marked: Corocraft
Reference: click here for the patent; click here for the 1954 ad; Carroll, Costume Jewelry 202, p. 107
adjusts to 16 1/2", 1 1/2" drop



CoroCraft Swirled Heart Necklace

The sculptured and graceful swirl of the front of this choker is echoed in the open-work with square rhinestones heart pendant. Exceptional condition.  Matching brooch: SC150.  Marked: CoroCraft
Reference: click here for the 1951 patent
15 1/2”, 2 1/4” drop



Aqua Lariat Style Necklace

Incredibly dramatic styling with a spray of aqua marquise stones and aqua baguettes. Central lariat-like portion is rigid, but drapes wonderfully on the neck.  Goldtone setting. Marked:  Coro Craft (w/ Pegasus)
Reference:  Visit Auntie Em's Ads for the 1948 ad.  Click here for the patent.
16" long, 2 1/4" drop



Victorian Revival Emerald Pendant Necklace

The central focus of this pretty necklace is an emerald green octagon rhinestone ringed with tiny faux pearls.  The design is delightfully Victorian in goldtone settings.  Excellent condition.   Marked: Coro
Chain: 16", pendant: 1 1/2 by 1"



Scrolled Pavé Choker

Highly dimensional, this lovely choker has a shield or heart shaped central section encrusted with large rhinestones and adorned with scrolls.   Rhodium plated; superb condition.  Marked: Coro
Reference:  Click here for the 1952 patent.
16" long, 1" wide at center



Corocraft Aqua Looped Ribbon Choker

An unusual and ingenious design a pair of loosely looped ribbons that are elegant but less formal than a knotted bow.  The ribbon segments are composed of intricate open swirls edged with aqua baguette rhinestones.  Exceptional condition; looks better when worn rather than laid out flat.  Marked: Corocraft [faint on back, marked Coro on clasp.]
Reference: click here for the 1953 patent.
14 1/2" long, 1 1/4" wide



Peridot Drop Scroll Choker

What an enchanting choker!  Deeply dimensional and curvy, it mimics fine jewelry with the goldtone settings and peridot rhinestones.  Exceptional condition for its age.  Marked: Coro
Reference: click here for the 1952 patent.  Dolan, Collecting Rhinestone Jewelry, 3rd Ed, p. 281, Simonds, Collectible Costume Jewelry, p. 104
15 1/2" long; 2 1/4" drop



Sparkling Vine Necklace

Like a sinuous golden vine, this lovely choker has twining leaves and sparkling rhinestone berries.  Exceptional condition, ca. 1956.  Marked: Coro
Reference: click here for the patent.  Rezazadeh, Costume Jewelry, p. 67
Adjusts to 15 1/2"; 1 1/2" drop



Retro Moderne Choker

Deliciously different!  Hanging from the rectangular link chain is a Retro Moderne swirl and architectural, cage-like pendant adorned with aqua baguettes.  A very fun piece in excellent condition.  Marked:  Corocraft
Reference:  Click here to see the 1951 patent.
14 1/2", with 2" drop



Fuchsia Moonglow Bows Necklace

This sweet choker has juicy fuchsia lucite "moonglow" cabochons suspended from darling little bows.  A sprinkling of rhinestones and silvertone settings add sparkle.  Although unsigned, this piece has been identified as one designed by Gene Verrecchio for Coro.
Reference: Click here to see the patent from 1941.
17 1/2" long, 1" wide



Corocraft Light Blue Looped Ribbon Choker

Such a clever design!  The segments look like intricately scrolled loops of ribbon with light sapphire blue baguette edges.  Very dimensional and feminine -- looks great on.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Corocraft
Reference: click here for the 1953 patent.
14 1/2" long, 1 1/4" wide





Coro Pink Square Rhinestone Earrings

Sleek in design, these screw-back earrings have an Art Deco influence with the square center row of rhinestones in an arching curve.  Ca. 1948.  Marked: Coro
Reference: click here for the patent of a similar design.
⅞ by 1/2”



Sapphire Baguette Earrings 

Divine and ornate 1940s clip earrings with deep sapphire blue and crystal baguettes.  These earrings are very well constructed with the bottom fan shape articulated.  A lovely blend of curves and lines. See item SC006 for an aqua set in the same design.  Marked: Coro
1 by "



Art Deco Style Aqua Earrings

Recalling the linear styling and Egyptian influence of the Art Deco era, these geometric screw-back earrings have fluid dangles and square aqua colored rhinestones.   Marked: Coro
Reference: click here for the 1948 patent
1 1/2 by 3/4",  1/2" deep



Coro Sapphire Blue Swirl Earrings

From the late 1940's, these ornate screw-back earrings have a Victorian influence.  Sparkle is provided by a sprinkling of sapphire blue rhinestones and light sapphire stone centers.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro
1" diam.



Green Floral Swirl Earrings

Airy swirls of textured goldtone flank the central floral cluster with it's emerald and peridot rhinestones.  These pretty clip earrings look like they've never been worn and can be dated to 1956 from similar pieces seen in ads and patents.  Marked: © Coro
1⅜ by ⅝"





Coro Moonglow Berry and Leaf Bracelet

This delicious bracelet has deep blue faux moonstones representing berries or grapes, and delicate leaves covered with rhinestones.  (The matching pin is a bunch of grapes and earrings have several berries.)  Marked: Coro
7" long, 1/2" wide





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