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Signed and Designer Jewelry 

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Jewelry in this section of Emerald City is organized by the maker or designer in alphabetical order for name.  Be sure to check the Misc. section at the end for lesser known makers or those with just a few pieces represented.   Use the links below for quick access to each section.

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While little is known about the company, Art Mode Jewelry Creations, the designs with this mark feature intricate styles with luscious colors.   (late 1940s - 1960s)

Art Cameo Brooch

Classic styling and beautifully made, this cameo brooch has an ornate domed setting which is even decorative on the back.  The dimensional cameo simulates hand carved shell and is ringed by faux pearls. Marked: ART ©
1⅞" diam., 3/4" deep



Red Cab Pinwheel Brooch

Luscious red cabochons are nestled in this pinwheel style brooch.  Ornate goldtone setting has silvertone swirls and clear rhinestone accents.  More glowing in person!  Marked:  ART©
2 by 2"



Art Christmas Wreath Brooch

Golden holly leaves, sparkling rhinestones and sprinkles of "snow" make this wreath brooch a holiday classic.  Even the red enameled bow is tipped with edges of white snow.  Marked: ART ©
2" diameter




McClelland Barclay

Pieces designed by Art Deco artist McClelland Barclay are rare, distinctive, and prized by collectors.  The jewelry was produced by Rice-Weiner only from 1939 until just after the artist's death in 1943.

Emerald Leaf Brooch

A rarely found design, this brooch depicts a sleek golden leaf with a central section of pavé stones and emerald green rhinestones.  Marked: McClelland Barclay
Reference: Gordon, Twentieth Century Costume Jewelry, p. 170
2 1/2 by 1 1/4"



McClelland Barclay Sterling Grapes Brooch

A collector's dream, this rare sterling brooch is a realistic bunch of grapes on the vine, ca. 1942, and is the larger of the two grape styles from this designer.  Note: mild scratches on the back, otherwise excellent condition.  Marked: McClelland Barclay Sterling Silver
Reference: Jewel Chat Magazine
2 1/2 by 2⅛"



McClelland Barclay Sapphire Rectangular Brooch

In the classic M. Barclay tradition, this Art Deco piece has a layered architectural style softened with the mixture of metal tones and rhinestones.  Excellent condition.
McClelland Barclay
Reference: Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry, N-Z, p. 42
2⅝ by 1⅛"



McClelland Barclay Sapphire Art Deco Necklace

Bold and architectural, this Art Deco necklace is one of the most beloved of the McClelland Barclay designs.  Fabulous condition with only minor aging of the tiny original rhinestones.  Marked: McClelland Barclay
Reference: Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry, p. 248
17", with 2" drop



McClelland Barclay Jewel Toned Retro Moderne Brooch

One of a series of Moderne pieces designed and produced in 1941, this lovely brooch has characteristic curves and swirls.  The silvertone overlay with jewel tone navettes and rhinestones lends motion and drama to this design.  Marked: McClelland Barclay
Reference: Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry, N-Z, p. 44
2 by 2 1/4"



McClelland Barclay Sterling Framed Grapes Brooch

Beautifully detailed, this charming brooch features a bunch of grapes set in an oval frame.  M. Barclay pieces are always rare with these framed pins being even more so.  Exceptional condition.
Marked: McClelland Barclay Sterling Silver
Reference: Jewel Chat Magazine
1 3/4 by 1 1/2"



McClelland Barclay Maple Leaf Brooch

A classic and popular design form 1940, this lovely maple leaf brooch is goldtone with an overlay of silvertone pavéd with rhinestones.  This piece is the larger of the two sizes produced.  After being lovingly worn for years, this piece shows mild damage to the finish, mostly on the back, and this is reflected in the price.  Marked: McClelland Barclay
Reference: Brunialti, American Costume Jewelry, p. 243-244; Ball, Golden Age of Design, p. 155
2 3/4 by 2 3/4"



McClelland Barclay Sapphire Navette Swirl Dress Clip & Earrings

This swirl dress clip and clip earring set has the beloved and distinctive M. Barclay styling on a smaller scale.  See item SX255 for a similar brooch.  Ca. 1941; excellent condition.  Marked: McClelland Barclay
Reference: Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry, N-Z, p. 44
Clip: 1 by 3/4", Earrings: ⅞ by "



McClelland Barclay Ruby Retro Brooch

A very rare piece from a rare designer, this Retro Moderne brooch has a softer feel than the more architectural M. Barclay jewelry.  Large ruby colored stones really stand out among the pavé rhinestones and gold plating.  Note: wear and slight pitting to the plating is reflected in the price.  Marked: Barclay [typical font on a rectangular plaque]
Reference: Brunialti, A Tribute to America, p. 170-171 [matching necklace]
3 1/2 by 2 1/2"





Founded in 1947, Beaucraft has been one of the major US manufacturers of silver jewelry, charms and novelties.  Much of the vintage jewelry was produced in the 1950s-1960s and was of good quality with a loyal customer base.

Beau Sterling Double Grape Bunches Brooch

This realistic sterling silver brooch depicts a leafy branch with two big juicy bunches of grapes.  Nicely detailed and excellent condition.  Marked: Beau Sterling
2 by 1"



Beau Sterling Mandolin Brooch

This darling figural brooch is very dimensional and detailed for its size.  There are floral decorations on the front and wire strings lending realism to this bowl-backed mandolin.  excellent condition.  Marked: Beau Sterling
1 by "



Beau Sterling Coronation Crown Brooch

This lovely sterling silver brooch depicts the traditional English coronation crown in a light and airy styling, ca. 1950.  Be a queen for the day!  Marked: Beau Sterling (circled around B)
1 1/2 by 1"



Beau Sterling
Feather Brooch

Gracefully curved, this sterling silver brooch is a single feather and would look lovely on a lapel or hat.  The texturing lends an air of reality and the condition is excellent.   Marked: Beau-Ster
2 3/4 by 3/4"



BeauCraft Strolling Cat Brooch

Like all the feline figurals of this series, this kitty has lots of personality.  Stretched out in motion, this cute cat appears to be going for a stroll with a rather satisfied look to it.  Marked: BeauCraft sterling
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Beau Heart Shaped Leaf Earrings

A dainty spray of delicate flowers adorns each gracefully curving leaf of these screw-back earrings.  Attribution was made from the matching bracelet marked Beau Sterling.   Marked: Sterling
1 1/4 by 3/4"



Beau Sterling Key Brooch

A lovely key brooch with an elaborate top of swirls or plumes, this could open the castle door or someone's heart.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Beau Sterling
2 by 1"



Beau Sterling Sassy Cat Brooch

So cute!  This sassy kitten is looking over her shoulder as if to say: aren't I adorable?  This is one of several cat figurals from the company.  See item SX247 for another pose.  Marked: Beau Sterling
2 by 1 1/4"



Beau Sterling Performing Arts Bracelet

You're in the spotlight with this darling performing arts motif link bracelet.  Each musical staff link is overlaid with figures including a ballerina, theatrical masks, musical notes and instruments.  Marked: Beau Sterling
7 1/2 by 3/4"



Beau Sterling Sailboat Brooch

This sterling silver brooch has a fun dimensional feel to it.  Situated at a three-quarter profile, it looks like it's tacking across the observer's line of sight.  Marked: Beau Sterling
1 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Beau Sterling Seashells Brooch

Take a quick trip to the beach when you wear this darling brooch depicting a starfish and scallop shell.  So cute and a natural to wear with the coordinating shell set or sea horse brooch.  Marked: Beau sterling
1 1/2 by 1"



Beau Sterling Palm Trees Brooch

Wearing this cute brooch will carry the tropics with you through your day.  It's a nice vacation memento or a bit of paradise for a micro-vacation.  Marked: Beau Sterling
2 by 1 1/4"



Beau Sterling Scallop Shell Parure

Here's a lovely rendering of sea shells, specifically scallop shells, from a long established jewelry maker.  These sterling pieces are in excellent condition and the earrings are comfortable screw-backs.  The clasp bears the patent number, issued in 1945 to Artistic Silver Craft, NY.  Marked: Beau Sterling
Bracelet: 7 by 3/4"; Brooch: 1 1/2 by 1 1/4"; Earrings:  3/4 by 3/4"





Founded in 1936 by Carl Schraysshuen and Arthur Loercher, this company was known for sterling and gold-filled jewelry, producing under their own name as well as making pieces for other companies.

Carl-Art Sterling Leaf & Berry Brooch

Gracefully depicted, this leaf brooch includes a bit of vine and a little spray of berries.  The leaf has a soft and subtle texture.  Nicely fluid and in exceptional condition.  Marked: C A [w/ arrow] Sterling
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Carl-Art Sterling & Wood Grape Vine Brooch

This hand crafted and large brooch has a wood branch with sterling leaves and grape bunches entwined around it.  So innovative and unusual!  Excellent condition.  Marked: C A [w/ arrow] Sterling
4 by 2"



Carl-Art Sapphire Sterling Bow Brooch

Elegant and light, this softly flowing 1940s bow brooch is sterling with montana sapphire octagon rhinestones gathering up the open-work 'fabric'.   Marked: CA [w/ arrow], Sterling
1⅞ by ⅞"



Carl-Art Floral
Watch Pin

This lovely floral piece is a good example of the sterling Carl-Art pieces from the 1940s.  The company produced lovely, delicate pieces like this brooch, which can be worn just as effectively without a watch pendant.  Marked: Sterling CA (w/ an arrow through the letters)
Reference: Click here to see the 1946 patent.
1 3/4 by 1 1/2"




Hattie Carnegie

Well known for her fashion designs, Hattie Carnegie added costume jewelry production to her business in 1939.  Various designers created the pieces that bore her name and jewelry lines were often theme oriented.

Hattie Carnegie Floral Trembler Brooch

This very rare brooch features three trembler flowers, bobbing high above rhinestone studded leaves and large faux pearl buds or berries.  Carnegie produced several styles of trembler pieces and they're all enchanting.  Exceptional condition, ca. 1955.  Marked: Hattie Carnegie
Reference: McCall, Hattie Carnegie Jewelry, p. 69; Kelley & Schiffer, Costume Jewelry: The Great Pretenders, p. 124; Carroll, Costume Jewelry 202, p. 282
3 by 2 1/2", 3/4" deep



Green Floral Fantasy Brooch

Glorious green this deeply dimensional and layered brooch is rich in shades of green.  Mysterious "cat's eye" stones, molded frosted cabochons, aurora borealis stones and deep emerald green rhinestones.  Little florets of stones enhance the depth of the piece.  Marked: Hattie Carnegie ©
2 1/4" diam.



Hattie Carnegie Floral Branch Trembler Brooch

These Carnegie trembler pieces are very hard to find, especially this design which is a branch of rhinestone studded leaves and trembling blossoms with faux pearl accents.  The trembler springs are longer than seen from other makers, so they really quiver when worn.  Exceptional condition, ca. 1955.  Marked: Hattie Carnegie
Reference: McCall, Hattie Carnegie Jewelry, p. 69; Kelley & Schiffer, Costume Jewelry: The Great Pretenders, p. 124; Carroll, Costume Jewelry 202, p. 282
4 by 1 1/2', 3/4" deep



Hattie Carnegie Regal Red Cabochon Brooch

Suitable for royalty, this lovely brooch features a huge red cabochon, faux pearls, pavé rhinestones and large dangling faux pearl, all in rich goldtone.  This shield-shaped brooch has a hook to be also worn as a pendant.  Note:  there is a small scratch or defect on the cabochon, reflected in the pricing.  Marked:  Hattie Carnegie
3 by 1⅝"



Pearl & Curls Fur Clip

Rare and unusual, this two prong fur clip features a huge mabé pearl that's a lovely pale taupe color.  It's surrounded by slender golden tendrils sparkling with rhinestones.  The simulated pearl has a few imperfections and there is slight wear to the high spots of the gold plating all reflected in the price of this early Carnegie piece.  Marked: Hattie Carnegie
2 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Hattie Carnegie Dazzling Pinwheel Brooch

This dazzling pinwheel type brooch is deep, giving it a great dimensional look.  Not for the timid!  Swirls are created with crystal baguettes, navettes and chatons in rhodium setting.  Very good condition, slight wear to finish on back.  Marked: Hattie Carnegie, with attached tag.
3" dia.



Crisscross Clamper Bracelet

Intricate design has  very large smoke colored stones encased in goldtone crisscrosses, all with a scattering of small clear rhinestones.  slight wear to the finish, otherwise very good condition.  Marked: Hattie Carnegie
Reference: McCall, Hattie Carnegie Jewelry, p. 100; Cera, Jewels of Fantasy, p. 203 [necklace]
7" interior diam., 3/4" wide





Known for high quality pieces, Ciner has produced costume jewelry since 1931.    Pieces are made with the same attention for detail that goes back to the company's origins of creating fine jewelry.

Ciner Regal Pearl Drop Necklace

Elegant and majestic, this gorgeous necklace has an intricate Edwardian styling.  It's very reminiscent of the platinum, diamond and pearl pieces worn by Empress Alexandra.  Slight aging to the stones of the chain in the back, otherwise excellent condition.  Marked: Ciner
Adjusts to 15 1/2" with 2" drop



Ciner Emerald Leaf Spray Brooch

This foliate brooch uses textured goldtone metal, pavé rhinestones and emerald stones for a rich, dimensional piece, all with the Ciner quality construction.  Ca. 1965.  Marked: Ciner ©
2 1/2 by 2 1/4"





Founded by Ralph DeRosa in 1934, this firm produced some especially stunning pieces in the 1940s, often with enameling or unusual stone shapes.  Quality was exceptional with careful finishing.  Production ceased  in the mid-1950s.

DeRosa Ornate Enameled Bow Bracelet

This rare piece is a dimensional bow set on a mesh bracelet.  The ornate golden flourishes and rhinestones create a rich tapestry effect atop the navy blue enameling.  There's mild finish wear and some aging to the stones.  Marked: R. DeRosa
Reference: Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry, A-M, p. 157; click here for the March 1947 ad.
6 1/2 by 1⅛"



DeRosa Faux Pearl Bow Brooch

Elegant in both style and layered construction, this weighty brooch is sterling with a rhodium plating.  Rhinestones and creamy faux pearl are original, and the piece is in wonderful condition for its age.  NOTE: the gold area on the left is a reflection of the pearl, not damage to the finish.  Marked:  DeRosa Sterling
2 3/4 by 1 3/4"



DeRosa Blue Cabochon Leaf Fur Clip

Retro Moderne grace with a linear touch, this gilt fur clip is a swirling leaf with open-work and tiny rhinestones.  Peaked sapphire blue glass cabochons adorn the ends of the top portion.  All original stones, so they have aged; otherwise excellent condition.  Ca. 1940.  Marked: DeRosa
1⅞ by 1"





This Canadian jewelry maker was founded inn 1957 by Maurice Bradden, a protégé of Marcel Boucher.  Mr. Bradden had managed the jewelry factory for Avon of Belleville (also with Boucher connections) and believed in high jewelry making standards using quality components.  D'Orlan pieces were made in-house and distributed worldwide.  After buying old Boucher molds in 1979, D'Orlan reissued the designs with a more modern construction and styling.

D'Orlan Amethyst Cabochon Brooch

In the shape of a simple leaf or comma, this brooch has an unusual combination of 'flawed amethyst' cabochons and amber rhinestones.  Goldtone settings; exceptional condition; ca. 1960's.  Marked: © D'Orlan
2 by 1"






DuJay Rabbit Brooch

This darling figural is exceptional for both its design and execution as well as its rarity.  This alert bunny sits among a bed of flowers, all enhanced with rhinestones.  The attribution is made from the design elements and construction.  The small rhinestone flowers are especially characteristic of DuJay pieces.
2 1/2 by 1 1/2"



DuJay Amethyst Floral Spray

A rare and artfully constructed piece, this floral brooch has amethyst rhinestone centers and enamel accents.  Excellent condition.  Unmarked with attribution from design, construction, findings and similar patented piece.
Reference: 1939 patent for similar piece with the same design elements
3 by 2"



DuJay (unsigned) Water Carrier Fur Clip

This cute fellow looks like he's hard at work.  A popular theme in jewelry, he may represent Jack from the familiar nursery rhyme.  This fur clip is beautifully made and very detailed for its size note the bezel set triangular stones for water pails.  Unmarked, but design and construction are consistent with DuJay pieces.
1 by 1 1/4"





Eisenberg Deep Red Necklace & Earrings with Rhinestone Scrolls

Dramatically different, the deep red octagon ('emerald cut') stones in this necklace and clip earring set are a departure for Eisenberg pieces of that time.  The arching rhinestone studded swirls lend a softness and dimension to the design.  Ca. 1955; exceptional condition but the extension was shortened by the original owner.  Marked: Eisenberg
Necklace: 13 3/4 by "; Earrings: 1 1/4 by 1⅛"



Eisenberg Original Sparkling Navettes
Dress Clip

From the late 1930s, this dazzling dress clip is substantial in impact and weight.  Constructed of pot metal, there are large navette rhinestones edged with small stones, all forming a triangular shape.  Excellent condition and a rare find.  Marked: Eisenberg Original, R [stone setter's mark]
2 1/2 by 1 3/4"



Eisenberg Green Lucite Pendant Necklace

This bold and stunning design features green thermoplastic sections with curving lines of rhinestones. Goldtone setting; ca.1970. Excellent condition.  Marked: Eisenberg ©
Reference: Leshner, Art Plastic Jewelry, p. 43
Pendant: 2¾ by 1½”, Chain: 20"



Eisenberg Tear Drop Dangles Necklace

Spectacular is the best description for this stellar necklace.  Both the layered design and the glitzy rhinestones make this elegant and eye catching.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950's.  Marked: Eisenberg
Reference: Schwartz & Sutton, Eisenberg Originals, p. 153
Adjusts to 16", 3" drop



Eisenberg Radiant Rhinestone Dangle Earrings

Nearly shoulder-dusters, these magnificent clip earrings feature large round and navette (marquise) stones for plenty of dazzle.  Perfect with a little black dress.  Excellent condition, ca. 1960.  Marked: Eisenberg
3 by ⅞"



Eisenberg Ice Peridot Swirl Brooch & Earrings

Laced with pavéd rhinestone tendrils, this peridot green rhinestone brooch and clip earring set has the look of freeform flowers.  Ca. 1961.  Marked: Eisenberg Ice
Reference: click here and here for ads of similar pieces
Brooch: 2 1/2 by 1 1/2”; Earrings: 1 1/4 by 1”



Swirling Drop Necklace

Classic and glamorous Eisenberg styling in this 1950s necklace.  Navettes and pavé swirls lead the eye to the dramatic articulated drop.  Rhodium plated.  Marked:  Eisenberg (block letters)
Adjusts to 16", with 2" drop



Eisenberg Ice Art Deco Revival Brooch

This enchanting brooch is Art Deco in styling but of more recent vintage, ca. 1980.  It has the classic architectural styling, rhinestones and ruby rhinestone baguettes.
Marked: Eisenberg Ice ©
2 by  3/4"



Eisenberg Frosted Smoky Topaz Brooch & Earrings

Smoky topaz rhinestones with swirls of rhinestone 'frosting' create a glittering star flower with coordinating clip earrings.  Ca. 1958; exceptional condition.
Marked: Eisenberg
Reference: Carroll, Costume Jewelry 303, p. 200
Brooch: 2 1/2" diam., Earrings: 1 1/4 by  1/2"



Eisenberg Light Sapphire Floral Brooch

The light sapphire blue tear drop stones are cleverly used to create the notched petals in this stunning brooch.  the flower might be dogwood or clematis or a fantasy flower.  Edgings of small rhinestones and rhodium plating add to the sparkle.  Ca. 1955.  Marked: Eisenberg
1 1/2" diam.



Articulated Double
Dress Clip

Amazing and very rare, this gorgeous pot metal dress clip is articulated or hinged to conform to the angle of a neckline, with a clip on each side.  It has the huge, dazzling rhinestones seen in Eisenberg pieces from around 1940 and resembles a fountain or spray of water.  Marked: Eisenberg Original
3 by 1¼" [each half or section]



Green Enamel Egg Earrings

Although newer in vintage, these clip earrings have that Eisenberg quality, making them a classic.  The eggs are enameled in green with pavé rhinestone accents.  Goldtone settings; circa 1980.  Marked: Eisenberg ©
1 by 3/4"



Eisenberg Arched Earrings

Deeply dimensional and sculptured, these clip earrings have lots of panache.  The arching pavé segments almost act as a cage for the octagon and navette rhinestones beneath.  Marked: Eisenberg
1 by ",  1/2" deep





Like Juliana pieces, jewelry with this mark was primarily produced by DeLizza & Elster.  They are known for the glitzy style and solid construction.

Garné Lavender Leaf Brooch & Earrings

Lovely and graceful, this set of brooch and clip earrings features amethyst navettes and light amethyst navette cabochon stones in a curving leaf design.  Settings are goldtone.  This set may have never been worn and comes with the original cards marked: Garné Jewelry, Hand Set (see larger image)
Brooch:  2 3/4 by 1 1/4"; Earrings: 1 1/2 by  3/4"



Garné Starburst Rhinestone Earrings

Dazzling baguette rhinestone radiate from the center of these pretty clip earrings to form a star shape.  Silvertone settings; exceptional condition.  Marked: Garné
1" diam.



Garné Lavender Moon Brooch & Earrings

Luscious colors and textures abound in this brooch and clip earring set.  The mark of DeLizza & Elster manufacture is evident in this set, and it comes with the Garné marked brooch card.  The goldtone settings have stones that are aurora borealis, amethyst and lavender moonstone a wonderful mix.
Brooch: 3 by 3"; Earrings: 1 1/2 by 1"



Garné Autumn Colors Brooch & Earrings

In pristine condition, this brooch and clip earring set features glitzy navette rhinestones around large root beer colored pear stones.  Settings are goldtone.  Like much Garné jewelry, the pieces are not marked, but the earrings are still on their original card!
Brooch: 2 1/2 by 2 1/2"; Earrings: 1 by 3/4"





Little is known about this company from New York, and the scarcity of Halbe jewelry suggests production was limited and/or of short duration.  Ads from 1950 to the early 1960s show production of quality pieces, often with pavé rhinestones and enamel accents.

Halbe Blue Enamel & Pavé Flower Brooch

The deep blue enamel accents and spiky petals of this flower create a striking contrast with the pavé rhinestones, all for a dramatic look.  Rhodium plated; well constructed; excellent condition.  Marked: Halbe
2" diam.



Halbe Green Enamel & Pavé Ribbon Earrings

These elegant earrings look like a folded ribbon with pavé rhinestones on one section and green enameling on the other.  Settings are goldtone; clip earrings.  Excellent condition and a rare find.  Marked: Halbe
1 by 3/4"



Halbe Blue Enamel & Pavé Flower Scatter Pins

These lively scatter pins are dynamic with dark blue enameling and pavé rhinestones.  Each of the pair may be small in size, but the impact is big.  See SH059 for the matching brooch.  Marked: Halbe
1" diam.



Halbe Pavé Daisy Brooch

Pieces with this mark are rarely seen and are very well made.  This charming daisy brooch is substantial in weight, heavily plated with rhodium and sparkling with pavé rhinestones.  Marked: Halbe
1 3/4" diam.





Known for ornate styling and wired beading, pieces bearing the mark of Miriam Haskell have a big following.  Early pieces (1930s-1940s) were unmarked but can be recognized by t he discerning eye.  Recommended reading:  Miriam Haskell Jewelry by Cathy Gordon & Sheila Pamfiloff.

Miriam Haskell Pearl Cascade Dress Clip

In remarkable condition for its age, this 1940s clip features dangling faux pearls and pavé leaves strung onto the dress clip mechanism.  This rare and lovely piece is attributed to designer Frank Hess.   
Ref: Gordon and Pamfiloff, Miriam Haskell Jewelry
3 by 2"





Founded in 1908 by F. A. Hermann, this company made sterling jewelry and was known for its guilloché and hand painted enameling.

Hermann Blue Bordered Guilloché Floral Pin

What a charming Edwardian era collar pin!  The detail in the guilloché enameling is amazing given its petite size.  Pink roses and a daisy decorate the center and the sapphire blue border gives it dash.  Marked: H [in triangle] Sterling
Reference: Bell, Old Jewelry, 1840-1950, 5th Ed., p. 176 [similar piece]
1 1/4 by 1/2”



F. A. Hermann Edwardian Guilloché Rose Brooch

This sweet sterling and guilloché enamel brooch from the Edwardian era has a delicate rose in the center with blue and white scallops.  Its a lovely combination of angles and curves resembling folded fabric and was probably worn at the throat of a high neck blouse, ca. 1910.  Exceptional condition; C-clasp.   Marked: H in a triangle [FA Hermann Co], Sterling
1 3/4 by 1/2"





Jewelry from this family and company has been produced for four generations, starting in 1883.  Hobé pieces were used extensively in Hollywood movies in the 1950s .   The various marks used over time can sometimes help date a piece.

Hobé Topaz & Pearl Set

Warm and glowing best describes this glitzy brooch and earring set.  Set in goldtone, the golden topaz pear shaped stones are ringed with aurora borealis stones and simulated pearls in a lovely peach color.  Yummy! It looks like the set was never worn.  Marked: Hobé © (on an oval plaque)
Brooch: 2 by 2"; Earrings: 1 1/4 by 1 1/4"



Hobé Starflower Brooch

Resplendent with glittering rhinestones, this pretty brooch is a stylized flower that's domed for dimension.  Silvertone setting; excellent condition.  Marked: Hobé © 1965
2 1/2" diam.





Jewelry with this mark was produced by Rice-Weiner & Co., which also made the jewelry designed by McClelland Barclay.  Jeray pieces were produced after changes in the company, date from about 1946-1950 and are quite rare.

Jeray Aqua Pear Rhinestone Vermeil Choker

This lovely 1940s necklace has an unusual chain composed of dimensional triangular shaped links.  The simplicity of the design and use of one large stone creates a timeless real-look.  Marked: Jeray Sterling
15", 1" drop



Jeray Sterling Double Leaf Earrings

These pretty clip earrings depict two detailed leaves and a swirl of stem for each ear.  The clip back indicates they're early pieces for this mark, ca. 1946.  Exceptional condition and a rare find.  Marked: Jeray Sterling
⅞ by 3/4"



Jeray Star & Ruffled Fan Brooch

This goldtone open-work clip is dimensional with the ruffled effect and raised pavé rhinestone star in the center.  It's a stellar design which resembles a shooting star or other astral phenomenon.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Jeray
2 1/4 by 2"



Jeray Fan Shaped Link Bracelet

This delicate bracelet has pretty fan shaped links with open-work to create an airy feel.  Alternate segments are edged in rhinestones for a bit of sparkle in the silvertone settings.  Marked: Jeray
7 1/4 by "



Jeray Open Fan Shape Dangles Brooch

This goldtone and rhinestone brooch has an interesting use of filigree and open-work to create a lacy, feminine effect.  The saucy dangles add movement.  Exceptional condition.   Marked: Jeray
3 by 2 1/4"



Jeray Amethyst Teardrop Earrings

The graceful teardrop shape of these clip earrings is accentuated by the rays or ridges of the setting and the central amethyst colored stones which are rhinestone edged and raised.  Ca. 1947.  Marked: Jeray
1 1/4 by ⅞"



Jeray Rosette
Chatelaine Set

From the 1940s, this rare set is a chatelaine set of fur clips (pin clips) and matching clip earrings.  The motif is a fabric or ribbon rosette with a lovely dimensional execution in silvertone metal.  The clips would be stunning on a wrapped shawl, cape or across a dress.  Marked: Jeray
Clips: 2⅛ by 1⅝"; 1 by 1"; Chain: 12 1/2"; Earrings: 1 1/4 by 3/4"



Jeray Swirls Rhinestone Choker

Swirling and full of motion, each link of this charming necklace is curvy and sprinkled with rhinestones.  It's beautifully made with nice weight and only mild finish wear on the back.  Marked: Jeray
15 1/2" long, ⅞" wide



Jeray Elegant Red Earrings

Pieces with this mark are hard to find, and these elegant clip earrings are timeless.  Radiating lines in the goldtone setting draw the eye to the rhinestone studded center.  Marked: Jeray
by 3/4"



Jeray Stylized Tulip Necklace

In exceptional condition, each link of this lovely silvertone choker is a stylized tulip or perhaps a fleur-de-lis.  A lovely example of this rare jewelry with a modernist flair.  Marked: Jeray
14 1/2", ⅞" wide



Jeray Retro Moonstone Fur Clip & Earrings

Jewelry with this mark is quite rare and nicely made by Rice-Weiner, the company that produced the McClelland Barclay pieces.  This lovely 1940s set consists of a fur clip and screw back earrings, all with central, pale blue simulated moonstones and rhinestones.  Marked: Jeray
Clip: 2 by 1"; Earrings: 1 by 3/4"





Little is known about the Providence, RI company with this mark.  Their sterling pieces are of good quality and are from the mid to late 1940s.

Jewelart Sterling Calla Lily Brooch

This realistic and dimensional sterling brooch provides a marvelous contrast with the texture of the flower center in the sleek modernistic blossom.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Sterling by Jewelart
2 by 1 1/4"



Jewelart Sunflower Brooch

A fresh approach for a floral brooch, this design shows a half open blossom that resembles a sunflower or other flower with a large center.  Swirls of leaves complete the motif.  The piece, ca. 1946, also has a pendant loop to be worn as a necklace.  Marked: Sterling by Jewelart
1 by 1 1/2"



Jewelart Sterling Grape Bunch Brooch

A big juicy bunch of grapes with leaves is the theme for this detailed sterling brooch.  Nicely made and in excellent condition.  Marked: Sterling by Jewelart
1 3/4 by 1 3/4"



Jewelart Sterling Swirled Leaves Earrings

Each of these modernist sterling screw-back earrings depicts two gracefully curving leaves.  Simple but elegant, and in exceptional condition.  Marked: Jewelart Sterling
1⅛ by "



Jewelart Sterling Triple Leaves Brooch

The loveliness and simplicity of nature are depicted in this brooch of an arrangement of three leaves with a sprinkling of berries.  Excellent condition.   Marked: Sterling by Jewelart
2 by 1 1/4"



Jewelart Sterling Violet Brooch

This sweet violet pin has lovely detail showing the velvety texture and veins of the petals.  Violets were the symbol of faithfulness and modesty in Victorian times.  Marked: Sterling by Jewelart
1 1/2 by 1"





First used in 1940, the Karu mark is that of Kaufman &  Ruderman of New York.   Production is believed to have continued at least through the 1960s.

Karu Whimsical Rabbit Brooch

This cute and slightly goofy bunny has big blue eyes, a spiffy, sparkly bow tie and an endearing smile.  He's very similar to the Coro duette pieces and is in wonderful condition.  Marked: Karu Fifth Avenue
Reference: Brown, Rhinestone Jewelry - Figurals, p. 89
2 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Karu Red Baguette
Leaf Brooch

Lacy, open leaf forms are sparkling with rhinestones and accented with an arched band of deep red baguettes.  Excellent condition and very stunning on.  Note:  color variation in the baguettes is reflection in the image only. Marked: Karu
2 by 1"





Established in 1946, Lang Jewelry Company in Providence, RI, has made good quality sterling pieces with floral and figural motifs.

Lang Leaping Stag Sterling Brooch

Captured in mid-leap, this graceful woodland deer is framed in a rosette accented border like a treasured old painting.  It's an unusual piece with a classic elegance.  Marked: Lang Sterling
2⅛ by 2⅛"



Lang Sterling Royal Figures Chatelaine Set

This merry chatelaine set includes the king and queen on one brooch and the grinning jester on the other.  They look like the fool has just made a very witty joke.  It's a fun set that can be worn a number of ways and is sure to bring a smile.  Marked: Lang Sterling
King/Queen: 2 by 1 3/4", Jester: 1⅝ by 1⅝", chains: 6, 6 1/2"



Lang Sterling Ballerina Brooch

Graceful and dimensional, this lovely dancer is perfect for the ballet enthusiast.  It's rare to find this piece in such splendid condition, without bent arms or legs.
Marked: Lang Sterling
Reference: Rezazadeh, Collectible Silver Jewelry, p. 53
2 1/4 by 2"



Lang Enchanted Carriage Brooch

Fit for a Queen or Cinderella, this sterling silver carriage will carry you regally through your day.  The patina from age enhances the ornate details of this lovely piece.   Marked:   Lang Sterling 
2 3/4 by 2"



Lang Lute Brooch

One can almost hear the music from this darling lute brooch.  Envisioning a wandering minstrel, this detailed sterling brooch, complete with its wire "strings", is being included in our Royal Jewels collection.  A nice piece to wear with the jester, item SL006.  Marked:  Lang Sterling
2⅝ by 3/4"



Lang Regal Swan Brooch

A signature piece for Lang, this graceful swan is beguiling and regal with her crown.  A very sweet piece!  Marked: Lang Sterling
2 by 1 1/4"



Lang Parasol Brooch

Delightfully feminine, this sterling piece has intricate details that are brought out by the soft patina.  The parasol has a floral pattern and a bow on the handle. Marked: Lang Sterling
3 by 1"



Lang Bird & Grapes Brooch

Singing her heart out, this darling vineyard bird is pronouncing this to be a vintage year for the grape harvest.   Marked: Lang Sterling
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 95 [similar bird piece]
2 1/2 by 2 1/4"



Lang Jolly Jester Brooch

This jolly court jester will put a smile in your day and be a fun companion to wear.  Who could resist that sterling smile?   Marked:  Lang Sterling
1⅝ by 1⅝"



Canary Brooch

What a darling bird — ready to sing to you from the French styled cage with its fanciful scrolls.  The patina brings out the details nicely.  Marked: Lang Sterling
2 1/4 by 1 1/4"





D. Lisner & Co. was founded in 1904 with the Lisner mark first being used in about 1938.  The company is known for their mid-range costume jewelry which was plentiful in the 1950s.   The pieces with molded lucite stones in the shapes of leaves are especially popular with collectors.  Production ceased in approx. 1985.

Lisner Aqua Starfish Brooch

From the 1960s, this cute starfish brooch is goldtone with aqua enameling.  The open areas lend texture and interest.  This piece makes you feel like you're   Exceptional condition.  This piece makes you feel like you're at the beach anytime of year.  Marked: Lisner ©
2 1/2" diam.



Lisner Sparkling Crescent Moon Brooch

Nicely executed, this sparkling crescent moon brooch is pavé in rhinestones with a rim of baguettes, all in silvertone settings.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Lisner
1 1/2 by 1"





Louis Stern Co. was established in 1871 and originally made chains and silver pieces.   Lustern is one of the marks seen on costume jewelry pieces from this company which closed around 1950.

Lustern Regal Emerald Baguette Necklace & Earrings

This elegant choker and clip earring set has a regal look with the pleated geometric elements accented with gentle swirls.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1948.  Marked: Lustern
Necklace: 15 by 1”; Earrings: 1 by



Lustern Green Floral Choker

There’s just a bit of sparkle in the lacy, feminine style of this pretty goldtone necklace.  Lovely green tourmaline rhinestones form the centers of the fluffy flowers.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1948.   Marked: Lustern [Louis Stern Co.]
15 1/2 long; 1” drop





Misc. Makers and Marks, A - L

Acme Studio 'Istar' Enamel Brooch

A colorful and whimsical brooch from 1985, this rare piece was designed by Natalie Du Pasquier, one of the Memphis Designers for Acme.  This design group created a fresh new look for jewelry, generating a legacy for the company.  This handmade piece is cloisonné enamel with silver plating and appears to be a space shuttle.  Marked: Du Pasquier for ACME, Los Angeles
Reference: click here for more info at the Acme site
3 by 1 1/2"



Avon 1940s Orchid Pin & Earrings

sx045.jpg (24654 bytes)

Made by Avon of Belleville (Canada), which was purchased in the 1970s by the Avon company that we know.  The earlier company was founded by one of the Mazer brothers and the quality shows the Mazer influence.  These beautifully dimensional flowers resemble orchids and are enhanced with aqua and clear stones.  Screw-back earrings.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Avon Sterling
Brooch: 2 1/4 by 2"; Earrings: 1" diam.



B David Multicolor Teardrop Rhinestone Earrings

These clip earrings are a lovely spray of tear drop rhinestones in purples and blue with faux pearl accents. They appear to be companion earrings to the popular crown brooches.  Marked: B David
1 by 3/4"



B. David Dazzling Wingback Earrings

These lavish earrings are both huge and dazzling!  They're sure to light up the night with all those sparkling rhinestones of various shapes in a leaf design.  This maker in known for quality in construction and the earrings are pinch-less wingbacks.  Marked: B. David
Reference: Click here to see the patent for the wingback mechanism.
2 by 1⅜"



Sapphire Blue Cabochon Swirl Dress Clips

Dramatic and fluid, this pair of large Art Deco dress clips features pavé swirls with sapphire baguette accents and oval sapphire blue cabochons.  The color and dimension make them stunning.  Research didn't uncover any information on the maker, but they're well made.
Marked: BM
Reference: Leshner, Vintage Jewelry 1920-1940s, p. 204
2 1/2 by 1⅛"



Multicolor Leaves & Swirls Dress Clips

This pair of dress clips has Retro Modern goldtone swirls and leaves with multicolor rhinestones.  Ca. late 1940’s, and they're in fabulous condition.
Marked: BM
[no info found when researched]
1 1/2 by 1 1/4”



Bauring Neo-classical Sterling Brooch

Well made, this lovely sterling brooch has a classical feel with the swirls and bead-edged domes.  Information on the company is scarce, but it was known to be in business in the early 1940s.  Marked: Bauring Sterling
2 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Binder Bros. Sterling Rosette Bracelet

Each link of this charming sterling bracelet has a central textured rosette in an ornate scrolled frame.  It's nicely dimensional and in exceptional condition.  Marked: BB [in interlinked circles] Sterling
Reference: Rezazadeh, Collectible Silver Jewelry, p. 44
7 by "



Blythe & Blythe Multicolor Bow Brooch

This sizable bow brooch is truly eye-catching!  A variety of rhinestone shapes in purples, greens and blues create a rich and luscious display in the goldtone setting.  Nicely made, weighty and circa 1970s.  Marked: Blythe & Blythe
3 by 3"



Calvaire Sterling Atomic Brooch

Like many of the pieces from this maker, this rare design has an element of whimsy.  Faux pearls and rhinestones adorn this atomic themed brooch.  The domed base picked up lots of reflections in the photos.  Ca. 1940's; moderate, even wear to the gold plating.
Marked: Calvaire Sterling
Reference: Pitman, Inside the Jewelry Box, Vol. 3, p. 34 [company info], 42 [mark]
2 3/4 by 2 1/2”



Capri Emerald Cabochons Triple Dangle Brooch

From the 1960's, this Victorian Revival brooch has a regal effect with its luscious emerald green cabochons and rhinestone adorned leaflets.  The triple dangles add movement in this rare design.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Capri ©
2 3/4 by 2 1/4"



Caron Bros. Acorn Over Green Guilloché Sash Pin

The enameling and colors of this brooch are luscious.  Mint green guilloché forms the frame and backdrop for the richly colored acorn (or cocoa pod).  The mark is that of Caron Bros., a Canadian firm that was in business from 1878 to 1922.  Tiny scratch at the bottom of the acorn, otherwise exceptional condition; ca. 1910.  Marked: Sterling C3
Reference: Rezazadeh, Collectible Silver Jewelry, p. 45
2 by 1"



Charel Aqua Moonstone & Pearl Parure

Set in silvertone filigree findings, these pieces feature large simulated pearls, aqua simulated moonstones and aqua rhinestones.  This Edwardian revival set of bracelet, brooch and clip earrings are new-old stock, so they've never been worn.  The push clasp of the bracelet hides beneath the central segment.  Circa late 1950's.  Marked: Charel
Bracelet: 7 1/4" by 1"; Brooch: 1 3/4" sq.; Earrings: 1" sq.



Claudette Green Art Glass Brooch & Earrings

There's a mysterious air to this unusual brooch and dangle clip earring set.  The art glass crackle 'cat's eye' cabochons are set in japanned settings with aurora borealis and 'turmaline' rhinestone accents.  Unmarked but a known Claudette design; excellent condition.
Reference: Pitman, Inside the Jewelry Box, Vol. 3, p. 98
Brooch: 2 1/4" diam.; Earrings: 1 1/4 by 3/4"



Création Pierre Parure

This dazzling set has "comma" or swirl stones that are irridized lucite, shifting color from amber to greenish blue. Rhinestones are amber colored. Although the pieces aren't marked, the display box is marked Création Pierre and resembles a picture frame with a cardboard easel for standing it up. Not only is this set in great condition, but it has a bonus - it comes with an extra plastic stone!
Necklace: adjusts 16-18", with the central pendant 1 1/2 by 2 1/2"; Bracelet: 7 1/2" long, 1 1/4" wide; Earrings: 1 1/2 by 3/4"



DeWees Apple Brooch

Delicious apple brooch has open-work leaves and luscious ruby cabochons.  This truly rare delight is beautifully constructed with realistic dimension and comes from a little known maker. Circa 1940s, this piece is gold plated sterling with only slight wear to the finish.  Marked: DeWees Sterling
2 by 1 3/4"



Dominique Runway Dangle Earrings

Not for the timid!   These sassy shoulder-duster earrings are full of glitz and color.  Various shaped stones in deep red, blue, aurora borealis and crystal are layered in goldtone settings.  For pierced ears; circa 1990.   Marked:  Dominque ©
3 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Lavender Guilloché Sterling Beauty Pin

Exquisite detail in the guilloché enameling makes this beauty pin very special.  The lavender section has tiny rosebuds and the dark purple border has geometric designs.  The yellow rose provides a cheery, central focus.  Ca. 1910; exceptional condition.  Marked: E [in a square], Sterling
Reference: Nicholls, Antique Enameled Jewelry, p. 83 [similar pieces]
1 1/4 by 3/4"



Engel Bros. Art Deco Sterling Rhinestone Lavaliere

This pretty Art Deco necklace, ca. 1929, has a domed pendant with square rhinestones running down the center that are edged with chatons.  It's a very elegant style with a delicate chain.  Excellent condition.  Attribution made from matching pieces marked Engel Bros.  Marked: Sterling
17 1/2"; 1 1/2" drop



Fenichel (unsigned) Lavender Octagon Rhinestone Necklace

While unsigned, the style and construction of this lovely lavender necklace is typical of Fenichel pieces, especially the characteristic clasp hook.  Set in goldtone, the emerald-cut (octagon) lavender rhinestones provide an elegant and simple look.  Excellent condition.
adjusts to 15 1/4", " wide



Gem-Tone Peach Rose Lucite Brooch

Of exceptional quality, this reversed carved lucite brooch has light orange or peach roses, leaves and a spray of blue flowers.  The detail and dimension is marvelous very well done!  The company made reversed carved brooches beginning in 1946.  A white backing protects the painted carving.  Marked: Gem-Tone, Hand Carved [on a sticker]
Reference: Ettinger, 20th Century Plastic Jewelry, p. 61-64, Leshner, Art Plastic Jewelry, p. 250, Just, Lea Stein Jewelry, p. 193
1 by 1 1/4"



Fred Gray Retro Feather Brooch

This fun Retro Moderne piece looks like a feather adorned with rhinestones and large sapphire blue acrylic stones.  Little is known about this company but their pieces are primarily from the 1930s to early 1940s.  Marked: S (in a star)
3 by 1 3/4"



Edwardian Sterling Enamel Scarf Pin

The delicate dimensions and styling of this unusual pin typify the Edwardian era, yet the design leans towards Art Deco styling with the flared triangular shape. Guilloché enamel on the border is slate blue and the center is white accented with red and gold. A real beauty in excellent condition!  Marked: Sterling G [Greenberg & Glaser, ceased business around 1915]
2 by



Richard Hemsley Edwardian Sterling Enameled Collar Pins

These three collar pins have the sweetest, most intricate design, especially given their small size.  The lavender, purple, green and white enameling creates a spray of flowers and leaves all tied up with a bow.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1905.
Marked: R.H. Sterling [Richard Hemsley, a Canadian firm]
1⅛ by 1/4"



Bernard Hertz Modernist Green Enamel Sterling Brooch

The triple swishes or boomerangs of this modernist brooch are simple but full of movement, especially with the enhancing lines of the enameling.  This Danish piece from Bernard Hertz is in excellent condition.    Marked: BH, Sterling
2 by 1 1/2"



Harry Iskin Sterling Floral Brooch

This delicately styled brooch from the 1940s is a lovely example of the grace and flow of Harry Iskin's work.  In wonderful condition, the piece is gold over sterling.  Marked: Harry Iskin (H over I mark) Sterling
3 by 1 1/2"



Jay Flex Sterling Amethyst Navette Choker

This sweet choker features delicate light amethyst and amethyst navettes in a popular array resembling a garland or floral spray.  Pieces from this maker are scarce and nicely made.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Jay Flex Sterling
15 1/2", 1" drop



Jay Flex Star Flower Set
sx040.jpg (30369 bytes)

Feminine, yet slinky, the radiant choker features a playfully asymmetrical star or flower cluster suspended by fine strands of rhinestones.  Matching screw-back earrings echo the fluid design.  Jay Flex is one of the quality Canadian costume jewelry makers.  Marked:  Jay Flex Sterling
Necklace: adjusts to 16 1/2", with 2" drop; Earrings: 1 by 3/4"



John L Sterling
Leaflet Brooch

Modernist and simple in design, this beautifully constructed brooch has a nice weight to it.  The clean lines and sterling are enhanced by the darker veins.  Marked:  John L, Denmark, Sterling  [The mark is reported to be that of John Lauritzen, Copenhagen.] 
2 1/4 by 1 1/4"



John L Sterling
Grapes Brooch

Lovely workmanship is seen in this sterling brooch with its free swinging bunch of grapes that hang from a stylized bow.  Great for a grape jewelry collector.  Circa 1950s.  Marked:  John L, Denmark, Sterling  [The mark is reported to be that of John Lauritzen, Copenhagen.]
2 1/4 by 1 1/4"



Jollé Red Baguette Leaf Brooch

A truly rare design, this elegant curling leaf brooch uses deep red baguettes as the central vein and sparkles with rhinestones.  Rhodium plated; ca. 1948.  Exceptional condition a possible professional repair to the hinge.  The Jollé trade name was used 1944-1950's by Hess-Appel Co.  Marked: Jollé
3¾ by 1"



JJ Sterling Gothic Dragon Pendant

This fantastic figural is a fierce looking dragon with claws out, wings spread and an attractively curled tail. This detailed fairy tale creature would be great on a chunky sterling chain with unusual shaped links.  It's rare to find JJ pieces in sterling, so this pendant is special.  Ca. 1970  Marked: JJ © [Jonette Jewelry], 925
2 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Jordan 1940s Retro Set

What an unusual retro set from the 1940s!  Rosy gold swirls and gold flower buds have a sprinkling of pink stones for sparkle.  Screw back earrings with some wear to finish on back.   Marked: J in a triangle (for R.M. Jordan & Co.), 10K Gold-filled
Pin: 2 1/4 by 1 3/4", earrings: 1 by 3/4"



Joseff Fuchsia Rhinestone Key Brooch

The large oval rhinestone in this skeleton key brooch gives it a rosy sparkle.  With the curls, swirls and antique look, this could be the key to a castle.  Joseff of Hollywood was famous for jewelry made especially for movies, using finishes that wouldn't reflect under camera lighting.  Marked: Joseff
3½ by 1⅝"



Kerr Baroque Gilt Sterling Belt Buckle

This rare and exquisite belt buckle, ca. 1905, is vermeil and includes all the design features of the era: scrolls, acanthus leaves and a sweet cherub face.  It's an heirloom to be cherished for years and in exceptional condition.  Marked: Wm. Kerr ax mark, Sterling 353
Reference: Rezazadeh, Collectible Silver Jewelry, p. 52-53, Romero, Warman's Jewelry, 3rd. Ed., p. 112 [similar items]
5 1/4 by 2"



Keyes Pavé Maple Leaf Brooch

From the early to mid-1960s, this lovely brooch is silvertone with pavé rhinestones to make the maple leaf glitter as if touched by frost.  Pieces from this Canadian maker are hard to come by.  Marked: Keyes
1 3/4 by 1"



Kirk & Son Sterling Oval Floral Brooch

The depth and complexity of this design is delightful as it realistically portrays roses and other flowers in a swirling oval.  Kirk is the oldest American maker of silver items and jewelry, and the mark on this rare piece dates it prior to 1972.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: S Kirk & Son, Sterling, 12F [design number]
2 1/2 by ⅞"



Walter Lampl Valentine Ballerina Brooch

This lovely dancer seems to be telling a romantic story in her graceful movements.  Her dress has a heart and leaf motif and the flower basket in her hand swings freely. Attribution was made from the same piece marked WL for Walter Lampl.  Marked: Sterling
2 by 1 3/4"



La Pierre Art Nouveau Sterling Sash Brooch

This Art Nouveau oval sash brooch with simulated hasp has a lovely flowing floral design and is of substantial weight.  The piece is from a little seen maker, ca. 1910.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: L [script] Sterling, the mark of La Pierre Mfg., NY, est. 1888.
3 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Little Nemo Enameled Eagle Brooch

This great vintage brooch is from the Little Nemo Co., a rarely seen maker, and it dates from the late 1930s.  The eagle has red, black and gray enameled wings with yellow beak and feet.  And, he looks powerful!  Excellent condition with only minor wear to the enameling and slight aging to the stones.  Marked: L/N (Little Nemo Co.)
Reference: Leshner, Vintage Jewelry 1920-1940s, p. 43
3/4 by 2⅛"



Los Castillo Lily Fur Clip

This rare fur clip dates from the early 1940s.  Substantial in impact and weight (34 g.), it features a stunning exotic lily or tropical flower with three leaves.   Marked: Los Castillo, Taxco, Sterling [linear mark, pre-Eagle], design #460
3⅛ by 2"



Red Orchid Trembler Brooch

Bearing a resemblance to Trifari's delightful piece, this orchid has the bottom petal set on a spring to tremble with the movements of the wearer.  Set in pot metal, ca 1930s, this lovely piece is pavéd with rhinestones and red rhinestone accents.  Marked:  LB inside a bell.  [No info has been found on this mystery mark.]
Reference: Leshner, Vintage Jewelry 1920-1940s, p. 103
2 by 2"




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