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Regency  ~ 

Little is known about this company, but like Weiss, the Regency name and mark is known to accompany glittering pieces with lots of rhinestones.  Regency butterflies are well loved, and overall the jewelry shows imaginative use of colors and unusual stones.  An approximate time frame for the company is set at 1950s to early 1970s.

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Regency Multicolor Butterfly Brooch

Deliciously nestled in the japanned setting, the various colored stones in this butterfly will have any butterfly collector reaching for a net.  The colors include rose, olive, light blue and even blue aurora borealis stones.  Unsigned, but definitely Regency.
2 by 2"



Regency Emerald Molded Leaf Brooch & Earrings

A dramatic combination of emerald green and light sapphire blue stones make this set magical.  The green molded leaf stones have an iridescent finish.  Settings are gunmetal gray, earrings are clip style and the set is in excellent condition.  Marked: Regency
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 237
Brooch: 2 by 1", Earrings: 1 by 1"



Blue Japanned Butterfly Brooch & Earrings

The japanned setting and deep blues give this stunning set a sense of drama and intrigue.  Rhinestones are various shades of blue, some with aurora borealis effects.  Exceptional condition.  Unsigned; see item SR279 for the signed set in red.
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 240-241
Brooch: 1 by 1⅝"; Earrings: 1 by "



Regency Layered Root Beer and Smoke Brooch

This stunning, layered brooch is fascinating for a couple reasons.  The color combination is subtle, but still glitzy: root bear tones and "black diamond" (smoke) rhinestones.  And, it has unusual lozenge shaped stones at the bottom.  Note: the bottom of three loops in the hook-and-eye construction is missing, but this doesn't effect stability or wear.  Goldtone settings.  Marked: Regency
2 by 2"



Regency Blue Aurora Borealis Brooch

The large pear shaped rhinestone pendant makes this brooch especially dazzling.  Stones are vibrant blue set in gun metal gray.  Exceptional condition.
Reference: Carroll, Costume Jewelry 202, p. 437 [similar piece]
Size: 2 by 2"



Regency Glittering Greens Butterfly Earrings

Predominantly green, these luscious clip earrings also have hints of blue in the aurora borealis stones.  Set in goldtone, the earrings are a match for the beloved, glittering butterfly brooches.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Regency
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 240-241
1 by ""



Red Japanned Butterfly Brooch & Earrings

This set has luscious and rich red rhinestones, some with an aurora borealis finish, and they're especially striking in the japanned settings.  Note: the AB stones reflect less blue in person.  Marked: Regency
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 240-241
Brooch: 2 by 1⅞"; Earrings: 1 by "



Regency Blue Aurora Borealis Leaf Brooch

Gloriously glitzy, this stylized mounded leaf is formed from shades of azure and blue aurora borealis rhinestones.  The setting, barely visible with all the dazzle, is goldtone.  Marked: Regency
2 by 1"



Regency Multicolor Leafy Set

Vibrant colors bring this brooch and clip earring set alive!  Navette and chaton rhinestones mingle their deep colors of purple, royal blue, emerald green and fuchsia.  Goldtone settings.  Note:  one earring has had the clip mechanism replaced at some time.  Marked: Regency
Brooch: 2 by 1"; Earrings: 1 by "



Regency Amber Cat's Eye Cabochon Earrings

Warm and glowing, these clip earrings feature large pear shaped "cat's eye" cabochons with complementary rhinestones in autumn colors.  Unmarked with attribution based on construction and similar marked pieces.  Goldtone setting; exceptional condition.
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry, p. 238
1 by ⅞"



Regency Blue Cat's Eye Cabochon Brooch

Shimmering with life and verve, this brooch is a study in blues.  The cabochons are crackled "cat's eye" stones while the remaining stones are blue with an aurora borealis effect.  The result is a slightly different look with every motion.  
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry, p. 242
2 by 2"



Regency Deep Red Layered Brooch

Deep red and aurora borealis stones give this layered brooch incredible pizzazz.  The large red pear shaped stone is nestled in the layers, drawing the eye inward.  Unsigned, but of the typical construction and style of Regency pieces.
1 by 1"



Regency Blue Molded Leaf Earrings

Beguiling and sparkly, these clip earrings have several shades of blue, including sapphire aurora borealis molded leaf stones.  Settings are gunmetal gray.  Attribution to Regency is based on matching marked pieces as well as construction and design.  [See item SR204]
1 by 1"



Regency Topaz Butterfly Brooch & Earrings

This warm, glowing butterfly will melt your heart. A very popular Regency style, the goldtone setting is encrusted with smoky topaz navettes and topaz aurora borealis stones.  Note:  the well loved clip earrings have moderate wear to the finish on the back and edges, which is reflected in the price.  Marked: Regency
Brooch: 2 by 1"; Earrings: 1 by "



Regency Blue Swirl Brooch
sx078.jpg (22009 bytes)

Bewitching deep blues, blue aurora borealis and green rhinestones are set in gunmetal gray findings for this exuberant swirling brooch.  Glitzy and dimensional, this piece is luscious.  Marked: Regency (oval applied plaque)
Reference: Judith Miller, Costume Jewelry, p. 192
2 by 1"




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