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Kramer Jewelry began in 1943 and was known for dazzling, glitzy pieces until it closed in the 1970s.  Much of the jewelry in the 1940s-50s was designed by founder Louis Kramer.  In the 1950s, Kramer was responsible for all production of Dior jewelry in the U.S.   Not all of the pieces were marked, though the upper end pieces were marked Kramer or Kramer of NY.

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"Black Diamond" Set
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Defying description, this elegantly subtle set has a unusual pattern of emerald cut, square and round smoke or "black diamond" rhinestones.  The fluid links are dimensional, with the center stones raised up form the fringe-like sides.  Rhodium plated, slight cloudiness to some stones under magnification.  Marked (bracelet): Kramer ©
Necklace: adjusts to 15 1/2", bracelet: 7 1/2" by 3/4"



Floral Burst Earrings

With an exuberant burst of pear shaped stones, these floral clip earrings are dazzling.  Findings are silvertone.  construction and design indicate that these are unsigned Kramer earrings.
1 by 3/4"



Green Tourmaline Rhinestone Necklace

Green tourmaline octagon rhinestones are arrayed in a fringe from the rhinestone base of this necklace.  It's classic elegance in a luscious color.  Attribution is from the construction and design; note the octagon rhinestone dangle.  Mild wear to the finish on the back.
Adjusts to 15", 3/4" wide



Faux Hematite Shell Brooch

This dramatic and beautifully constructed brooch has a spiral shell motif done in satin silvertone with rhinestone accents.  It's an imaginative use of the huge tear drop shaped cabochon.  Marked: Kramer
Reference: Russell & Fichtner, Rainbow of Rhinestone Jewelry, p. 46 [shown in green]
2 by ⅞", 1/2" deep



Kramer Aqua Netted Stone Brooch & Earrings

Glittering like crystals of frost, the unfoiled aqua and aqua aurora borealis stones are set in silvertone settings.  The netting on the large stones is white as if laced with ice, a rare combination as most pieces feature black netting.  Exceptional condition.  Although unmarked, the use of netting and construction identify this stunning brooch and clip earrings as Kramer.
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 206 [similar pieces]
Brooch: 2 1/4 by 2 1/4"; Earrings: 1 1/4 by 1"



Amber Crescent Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

With a delightful combination of sparkle and warm autumn tones, this set has dimension and zing.  Like many Kramer pieces, this set is unsigned with attribution from style and construction which suggests it may have been made for Kramer by DeLizza & Elster.  The crescent overlay was used on several signed Kramer designs.
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 209-210
Necklace: adjusts to 15", 1 1/2" drop; Bracelet: 7 1/4 by 1"; Earrings: 1 1/4 by 1"



Turquoise & Ruby Starburst Set

Such juicy colors together:  faux turquoise cabochons and deep ruby red rhinestones, all in goldtone settings.  Brooch and large clip earrings are a radiant starburst design for a dynamic look.  Exceptional condition; even more vibrant in person.  Marked: Kramer
Brooch: 2 1/4" diam.; Earrings: 1 1/2" diam.



Kramer Emerald Drop Necklace

This lavishly radiant necklace has large octagon (emerald cut) faux emeralds surrounded by crystal rhinestones, ending with a pendant dangle.  Note: very slight aging to some of the stones on the chain portion, seen under magnification.  This festive piece is not marked, but has typical Kramer construction.
Adjusts to 16 1/2", 2 1/2" drop



Kramer Sapphire & Olive Beaded Brooch

Lavish glitz in a domed and layered brooch, this piece has an interesting color combination of olive, crystal and two shades of sapphire rhinestones.  Elegance comes from the pavé swirls and the dangling aurora borealis beads give it élan.  Silvertone settings.  Marked: Kramer
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry, p. 209 (similar brooch)
2 by 1 3/4"



Kramer Woven Green Baguette Bracelet

The links on this bracelet look like woven strands tipped with emerald green baguette rhinestones.  The open design makes it airy and elegant.  Condition is exceptional as if never worn.  Marked: Kramer ©
7 1/4 by 1"



Kramer Green Aurora Borealis Brooch

Glitzy green is a great description for this dramatic brooch.  Goldtone settings hold a variety of rhinestone shapes and shades, including large oval iridized cabochons, emerald oval stones and peridot aurora borealis stones.  Note:  there is wear to the finish of two oval cabs (one slight, the other moderate), reflected in the price.  Unmarked with attribution from a marked blue set of the same design.
2 1/4" diam.



Kramer Deep Blue Swirl Earrings

Like the depths of a deep lake, these enticing clip earrings are a bit mysterious.  Even the pavé swirls are done in blue and there's a hint of aurora borealis to add magic.  Settings are gun metal gray.  Unmarked with attribution based on construction and similar marked pieces.
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry, p. 209
1 1/4 by ⅞"



Kramer Pearl Cabochon Link Bracelet

The oval faux pearl cabochons form a central line in this lovely link bracelet.  Each link has baguettes and round rhinestone accents, all in a light gold finish.  Excellent condition except for a small scratch on one cab nearest the clasp.  Marked: Kramer
7 1/4 by 3/4"



Blue Domed Swirly Brooch

Deeply domed and dazzling, this stunning brooch has shades of blue rhinestones (sapphire and light sapphire) and overlaid pavé swirls.  Silvertone settings   Unmarked, but style and construction are typical of Kramer pieces.
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 209 [similar pieces]
2" diam.



Kramer Netted Oval Rhinestone Necklace

These rare Kramer pieces with a black netting over the large crystal rhinestones have a magical and subtle sparkle.  Settings are silvertone with tiny leaflets curling over the large stones and aurora borealis stones between them.   Note: slight metal wear is reflected in the price.  Marked: Kramer of New York
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry, p. 206
Adjusts to 17", 3/4" wide



Emerald Aurora Borealis Choker & Earrings

Deep mystical colors are shifting through the unusual green aurora borealis stones in this set.  Difficult to catch in an image, the stones flash hues of deep blue, emerald green and purple.  A simple style for complex stones.  Goldtone setting; clip style earrings.  Marked: Kramer
Necklace:  adjusts to 15 1/2", ⅜" wide; Earrings: 1" long



Floral Ribbon Brooch

Like a decorated remembrance ribbon, this brooch is goldtone with lovely daisy-like flowers and a sprinkling of faux turquoise and rubies.  Exceptional condition; ca. early 1960s.  Marked: Kramer ©
2 1/2 by 1 1/2"



Red Fireworks Set

Like a burst of fireworks, this brooch sprays out rhinestones with deep red accents.  The matching clip earrings echo the theme.  A wonderfully glitzy set from about 1960.  Although unsigned, this set has been identified as Kramer pieces from a marked blue brooch of the same design and construction.
Brooch: 2 3/4 by 2 1/2"; Earrings: 1 1/4" long



Kramer Collar Style Choker

Lavish is the best description for this radiant collar style necklace.  The goldtone settings add warmth to the icy fire of all those brilliant rhinestones.  Marked: Kramer
Adjusts to 15", 1 1/4" wide



Ruby Red Wavy Earrings

Large ruby red navettes are ringed with deeper red stones in these beguiling clip earrings.   Curvy design follows the ear.  Silvertone setting.  Marked: Kramer
1 3/4 by 1/2"




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