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Ruby Baguette Swirls Brooch & Earrings

The loose swirls of this design may represent plumes or waves or may be abstract.  Any way you view them, they’re lovely!  The ruby baguettes are a striking focus for this particular brooch and clip earring set.  Marked: Boucher 3369 Pat Pend
Reference: click here for the 1950 matching earring patent
Brooch: 3½ by 2”; Earrings: 1¼ by ¾”



White Ivy Leaf Bracelet, Brooch & Earrings

Fresh from an English garden, this lovely set depicts twining ivy leaves using molded white lucite stones enhanced with gray veins.  Silvertone settings; clip earrings.  There is slight wear to the veining on the earrings, otherwise excellent condition; ca. 1955.  Marked: Boucher © 5932 [bracelet], 5929 [brooch], 5930 [earrings]
Reference: Schiffer, Costume Jewelry: The Fun of Collecting, p. 136
Bracelet: 7½ by 1½"; Brooch: 2¼ by 1¾"; Earrings: 1 by 1"



Fluted Disc Amethyst Cab Fur Clip & Earrings

This unmarked pin-clip and clip earring set is a familiar Boucher design with a cluster of cabochons and rhinestone studded Art Deco inspired elements atop the fluted disc.  This luscious combination of faux flawed amethyst and sapphire was used in other Boucher pieces ca. 1950.  Exceptional condition.  Note: earrings are shown upside down for photo convenience.
Clip: 1½ by 1"; Earrings: 1" diam.
Reference: click here for the 1949 fur clip patent



Boucher Ribbon Necklace & Earrings

Graceful stylized ribbon or bow is made of clear baguettes and pavé rhinestones all set in rhodium.  A very pretty and timeless set with that real-look.  Clip earrings.  Necklace marked Boucher, 5539
Necklace adjusts to 15½, 1½ drop; earrings: ¾ by ½"



Ruby Spiral Brooch & Earrings

Full of motion, the lovely design of this brooch and clip earring set has a stepped spiral filled with square red stones ending in a faux pearl.   With the wing-like tops, they may be abstract, represent tornados or some sort of seed pod ready to fly on the wind.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950.  Marked: Boucher 3151
Brooch: 1¾ by 1½": Earrings: 1½ by ¾"



Sapphire Baguette Open Leaf Brooch & Earrings

Softly flowing lines create curls and open stylized leaves in this pretty brooch and clip earring set.  They display that popular Boucher elegance and charm, ca. 1950.  Marked: Boucher, 5049 [brooch], 5089 [earrings]
Brooch: 2 by 2"; Earrings: 1 by ⅞"



Lacy Leaf Parure

Due to the mastery of the designer, this fabulous set easily combines elegance with a touch of whimsy.  The open, lacy leaves are tipped with rhinestones as they flow through the pieces.  The clip earrings are so fun the clip back holds a leaf so it peeks from behind the ear.  Note: the necklace back shows solder repair, not seen from the front and reflected by the price.  Set condition is excellent otherwise; ca. 1953.  Marked: Boucher, 5735 [necklace], 5739 [brooch], 5861 [earrings]
Necklace: adjusts to 16½", 1¼" wide; Brooch: 2½ by 2"; Earrings: 1¼ by 1¼"



Emerald Rhinestone Curls Brooch & Earrings

The modern swirls or curls of this design show grace and movement with drama being lent by the square emerald rhinestones.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950; screw back earrings.  Marked: Boucher; 3163 [brooch], 3170 [earrings]
Brooch: 2 by 1"; Earrings: 1 by ¾"



Art Deco Revival Circle Necklace & Earrings

Borrowing from Art Deco styles, these lovely pieces have pink rhinestones and pavéd elements overlaying the ridged goldtone circles.  Earrings are clip style.  Marked: Boucher 3012 [necklace], 3010 [earrings]
Necklace: 17", pendant is 1 by 1¼"; earrings: 1" diam.



Open Bow Brooch & Earrings

Feminine and graceful, this lovely brooch and screw-back earring set depicts looped bows in goldtone with rhinestone accents.  Classic styling from 1947.  Marked: MB (w/ Phrygian cap), Pat. Pend., Brooch: 2071, Earrings: 2047
Reference: 1942 patent [matching ring]
Brooch: 2 by 1½"; Earrings: 1 by ¾"





Retro Modern Aqua Rhinestone Brooch

An excellent example of Retro Moderne styling from the 1940s, this exquisite brooch has dimensional curls and a floral-like spray of rare diamond shaped aqua rhinestones.  The stones are faceted three dimensionally and the setting uses both gold and rhodium plating for emphasis. The design, superior construction, and near mint condition make this such an exceptional piece.  Based on construction  and after long research, it has been attributed to Boucher.  A smaller, similar piece with identical ribbon curls was marked MB [w/ Phrygian cap] Sterling.
3 by 3"



Boucher Black Mesh Starflower Brooch

Resembling black lace and diamonds, pieces with this motif use black enamel and rhinestones in rhodium settings.  This lovely flower, perhaps a lily, has playfully curled petals.  Exceptional condition.
Marked: Boucher 3459
Reference: click here for the 1950 ad [rose brooch]
2⅞ by 2"



Boucher Window Girl Brooch

There's such wonderful detail and an air of mystery about this design.  Is she opening the shade, closing it, or signaling to someone?  This piece is goldtone with a silvertone shade and sapphire cabs for flowers;  ca. 1950.  Marked: Boucher 3250. 
1½ by 1¼"



Dimensional Swirl Rhinestone Fur Clip

The depth of this elegant design and the superb construction make this a very special piece.  Ribbons of rhinestones swirl and curl in a near knot.  Excellent condition; rhodium plated.
(w/ Phrygian cap), Pat. Pend.
2¾ by 1⅜"



Ruby Rosette Retro Moderne Brooch

This beribboned rosette has a center cluster of luscious ruby rhinestones that glow in the sterling silver setting.  Excellent condition; ca. 1942.  Marked: MB [w/ Phrygian cap] Sterling
2¾ by 1⅜”



Purple Trapezoid Rhinestone Bow Brooch

Large purple trapezoid shaped rhinestones form the center of the bow for this enchanting brooch which has crystal rhinestone accents on the loops. Ca. 1940's, gold plated sterling.
Marked: MB
(w/ Phrygian cap), Sterling
2⅝ by 1⅜"



Baguette Folded Ribbon Brooch

Alternating rows of baguettes and round rhinestones cascade gracefully to form a folded ribbon effect in this lovely brooch.  Rhodium plated, excellent condition.  Marked: Boucher 5495 Pat Pend
Reference: click here for the 1954 patent
2¼ by 1½"



Ruby Baguette Staff Brooch

Curves and angles are combined in this sleek and modern design resembling a staff.  The ruby baguettes add appeal to the goldtone brooch.  Excellent condition with a tiny bit of wear on one corner.  See SB098 for the piece in emerald.  Marked: Boucher
Reference: click here for the 1950 patent
3⅛ by ⅝"



Sterling Amber Starburst Brooch

Energetic and radiant, this starburst brooch cleverly uses amber unfoiled kite stones to form the central star.  Note: darkening at the stone tips is the underlying silver. Circa 1945.  Marked: MB (w/ Phrygian cap), Sterling 2328
2¼" diam.



Sapphire Buckle Circle Brooch

The buckle embellishment on this fluted circle brooch is created with montana sapphire baguettes and rhinestones.  Both elegant and slightly tailored, the piece has Art Deco influences.  See SB097 for this style in ruby and goldtone. Marked: Boucher ©
Reference: 1949 patent of similar style
1 by 1"



Ruby Retro Bow Brooch

Like many of the 1940s pieces, this vermeil brooch is graceful and feminine in styling.  An arc of unfoiled ruby rhinestones provides lovely coloring in this beautifully made piece.  Marked: MB (w/ Phrygian cap), Sterling
2¾ by 1¼"



Sterling Ribbon Bow Brooch

A timeless classic, this open bow brooch looks like it was made with ribbon studded on one side with rhinestones.  The setting is sterling and a lovely example of WWII era jewelry.  Marked: MB (w/ Phrygian cap), Sterling
Reference: 1942 patent [matching ring]
2 by 1½"



Marboux Turquoise & Amethyst Melon Stone Brooch

Molded melon shaped stones in amethyst and turquoise lend a whimsical air while rhinestone swirls and faux pearls add elegance to this lovely brooch.  Note: rhinestones picked up reflections in the photos, but they're sparklingly clear.  Marked: © Marboux 461
2¼ by 1½"



Stylized Columbine Fur Clip

This airy piece has curving petals of channel set baguette rhinestones and it resembles a stylized columbine or spider mum blossom.  Ca. 1953; mild aging to the stones seen under magnification.  The style number's last digit isn't legible as it was filled in by the heavy rhodium plating.  Marked: Boucher 5574?
2½ by 1¾"



Lacy Fan Shaped Dangle Fur Clip

Such a fun and fanciful design - a fan shaped base with curved openwork and pavé arch gathers up serpentine chains with rhinestone studded tassels.  Mild aging to some of the rhinestones; slight wear to the finish of the clip mechanism.  Marked: MB (w/ Phrygian cap), 2575
Reference: click here for the 1948 patent; Kelley & Schiffer, Costume Jewelry: The Great Pretenders, p. 138
3⅝ by 1¾"



Sapphire Blue Baguette Ribbon Brooch

This large brooch is either an abstract swirl or a gently folded ribbon of pavé rhinestones and sapphire blue baguettes.  Very dimensional and graceful!  The finish looks silvertone to the eye but is seen to be a very pale goldtone on the back.  Marked: Boucher ©
2¾ by 1½"



Ruby Crystalline Stone Brooch

This fanciful brooch from the late 1960’s has an organic feel – from the wispy fronds or tentacles to the unusual crystalline ruby colored stone.  It’s part sea creature, part mineral.  Marked: Boucher © 9681P
1¾ by 1½”



Boucher Coronation Crown Pins

Each of these two regal brooches has a faux pearl and pavé rhinestones in a silvertone setting.  These crowns are similar to the English Coronation Crown and date from about 1952.  Although unsigned, they are marked with the style number and match similar enameled Boucher pieces.  Marked:  4087
1 by 1"



Swirls & Dangles Brooch

Covered with round and baguette rhinestones, the loops of this charming brooch resemble ribbons with teardrop rhinestone dangles.  Rhodium plated; ca. 1950.  Marked: Boucher 3300
2 by 1¼”



Golden Open-work Swirl Brooch

Like a gracefully swirling ribbon, this goldtone brooch has open areas and pavé rhinestone adornments for textural interest.  This lovely piece is a variation of the pavé and baguette fur clip.  Marked: Boucher 5741
Reference: Click here to see the patent from 1950.
2 by 1½"



Crystal Baguette Swirls Brooch

The elegant swirls of this brooch resemble plumes or waves covered with rhinestones and baguettes.  From 1950, this motif was used in several designs, see item SB106 for another brooch.  Marked: Boucher 3369 Pat Pend
Reference: click here for the ear wrap patent
3½ by 2"



Triple Pearl Foliate Brooch

This stunning brooch is one from a line of floral pieces from 1950.  All share graceful design, open-work and sparkling rhinestones.  This dimensional style may be leaves, a flower or a seed pod with large luminous faux pearls.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Boucher 3203
1¾ by 1¾"



Emerald Baguette Staff Brooch

Sleek and stylish, this staff-like brooch design combines straight and curved lines with a bit of sparkle from the emerald green baguettes.  Delicious!  Exceptional condition.  See SB147 for the piece in ruby.  Marked: Boucher
Reference: click here for the 1950 patent
3⅛ by ⅝"



Faux Pearl Knotted Rope Brooch

This simple but elegant goldtone brooch has two cords or ropes loosely knotted and finished off on the ends with simulated pearls.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Boucher 3273
Reference: click here for the 1950 earring patent.
2¼ by ½"



Rhinestone Treble Clef Brooch

For the music enthusiast, this elegant treble clef brooch is adorned with baguette and round rhinestones.  Rhodium plated; exceptional condition.  Marked: Boucher, partially struck design number 3411
2⅜ by ⅞”



Ruby Floret and Lacy Leaf Pin Clip

This exquisite pin clip (or fur clip) is a late 1940s Boucher piece of superb construction and weight.  The ruby colored stones are an unusual trapezoid shape and the flower is layered atop the open-worked baguette trimmed leaf.   Marked: MB (w/ Phrygian cap), 2863
2¾ by 2½"



Fan-shaped Mushroom Brooch

This enchanting brooch has a fanciful and fluid design with pleated fan shaped mushrooms or perhaps flowers or sea creatures.  It has a nice use of both gold and silver tone metal and contrasting textures. Ca. 1955.  Marked: Boucher © 6155
Reference: click here for the 1955 ad, Judith Miller, Costume Jewelry, p. 94 [earrings]
1¾ by 1¼”"



Retro Swirl Amethyst Brooch

An exquisite design, this sterling brooch dates from 1944-1945.  The Retro Moderne swirls are beautifully sculptured and further accentuated by the use of both gold and rhodium plating.  Marked: MB (w/ Phrygian cap), Sterling
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 40, Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry, A-M, p. 62-63 (similar pcs.)
2½ by 1½"



Emerald Nosegay Brooch

SB039.JPG (32678 bytes)

Edged with golden lace, this bouquet of crystal and emerald green flowers resembles a bridesmaid's nosegay with ribbon streamers.  The center is mounded and dimensional on this 1950s piece.  Marked:  © Boucher
2¼ by 1½"



Sparkling Swirls Brooch

Dynamic and flowing, this lovely brooch uses two sets of swirls for an overall oval shape.  The swirls resemble waves or wisps on a spring breeze.  This piece, ca. 1950, matches the rare ear-wrap earrings seen in the patent below.  Marked: Boucher
Reference: click here for the earring patent.
2 by 1¼"



Saucy Dancer Brooch

This pretty lady is full of life and energy!  Rather than a traditional ballerina, she appears to be engaged in modern dance.  The pale green and cherry red enameling on her costume is in exceptional condition.  Ca. 1950.  Marked: Boucher, Pat Pend 3160
2 by 1"



Purple Enamel Pansy Brooch

Gorgeous metallic purple enameling lends drama to this lovely pansy brooch.  The petals are edged with rhinestones and a faux pearl marks the center.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950.  Marked: Boucher, 3453
Reference: Ball, Golden Age of Design, p. 90 [earrings]
2 by 2"



Window With Flower Pot Brooch

Such a darling brooch, yet it's elegant as well.  One of two window pieces from Boucher, this brooch has a potted plant sitting on the sill.  The flowers have green centers, rhinestone petals and faux pearl accents; ca. 1950.  Note: there's a tiny bit of wear to the finish on the window sash, inner right.  Marked: Boucher 3249
Reference: Mariotti, All My Baskets, p. 26
1½ by 1¼"



Unfurling Feather Brooch

A striking design, ca. 1950, this abstract brooch looks like an unfurling feather with a sapphire square stone embellished band.  The blend of sharp lines and curves is masterful.  See SB098 for similar staff brooch.  Marked: Boucher 3177
3⅜ by 1"



Layered Floral Brooch

The layered, airy construction of this brooch adds to its charm and the sense of movement in the petals.  The lower layer is pavé rhinestones in rhodium plated settings, while the upper is goldtone with a rhinestone studded center.  Marked: Boucher, 9027P
1¾" diam., " deep



Parisina Rose-Gold Bow Brooch

One of the 1940s pieces produced in Mexico, this softly swirled bow brooch is a rose-gold in color making it feminine yet tailored for day wear.  While most Parisina pieces were sterling, this is not marked as such, yet may be sterling beneath the plating.  Marked: Parisina, Mexico
2¼ by 2"



Petite Aqua Swirl Brooch

Like a stylized shell or cornucopia, this graceful brooch swirls from its pavé point to a opening with aqua colored rhinestones.  A lovely lapel pin in excellent condition; ca. 1948.  Marked:  MB (w/ Phrygian cap), 2956
1¼ by ¾"



Sapphire Baguette Gift Bow Brooch

Like an exuberant gift bow, this charming brooch has looping 'ribbons' that have sapphire blue baguettes on one side, crystal baguettes on the other.  Rhodium plated settings and a pavéd knot complete the look.  Ca. 1952; exceptional condition.  Marked: Boucher, 5260
2½ by 2"



Lemon Pansy Pin Set

This pretty pair of pansy brooches, ca. 1955, looks like lemon and ice, with the combination of silvertone and goldtone enhancing the crystal and yellow rhinestones.  Very sweet!  Marked: Boucher
1 by 1"



Twisting Leaves Brooch

Resplendent with baguettes and chaton rhinestones, this brooch features fluffy foliate elements intertwined in a graceful dance.  Rhodium plated settings; exceptional condition; ca. 1954.  Marked: Boucher 5867
2½ by 2"



Ruby Buckle Circle Brooch

Ruby red baguette rhinestones appear to slide through the pavéd buckle in this circular brooch.  The texturing lends a modern air with an Art Deco flair.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Boucher ©
1⅜" diam.



Parisina Sterling Floral Brooch

Representing an exuberant peony or rose, this lovely floral brooch is very dimensional.  The swirling leaves were also used in other Parisina pieces.  Marked: Parisina, Sterling, Mexico
3 by 2½"



Marboux Molded Melon Stone Brooch

This fun brooch uses the molded melon or jello mold stones with faux pearl centers in luscious pink and purple, resembling rose quartz and amethyst.  The settings are a pale goldtone, ca. 1955.  Marked: Marboux © 455
1¾ by 1"



Amethyst Ballerina Brooch

Made in Mexico in the 1940s, this graceful ballerina brooch has that typical Retro styling one huge amethyst pear shaped stone and wonderful dimension.  Gold plated over base metal.   Marked:  Mexico.
Reference: Brunialti, American Costume Jewelry, p. 201-202.  Click here to see one of the 1944 ballerina patents used to attribute this piece to Boucher.
3½ by 2"



Faux Jade Grapes Brooch

Suspended from a golden bow, these grapes have the look of a good Sonoma County Chardonnay.  The brooch is very lively since the glass, simulated jade grapes sway and move.  A very fun piece in excellent condition; ca. 1960s.  Marked: Boucher ©, 1055P
2½ by 2"



Spiral Dangle Brooch

Fluidity and sparkle combine in this lovely design.  The spiral radiates out to graduated rhinestones with two free floating dangles ending in pear shaped stones.  Note:  one pear stone is slightly aged, as reflected in the price.  Ca. 1950.  Marked:  Boucher, 3363
3 by 1½"



Wheelbarrow Brooch

Adorable wheelbarrow brooch is brimming with molded stone melons in amethyst and turquoise, with rhinestone accents.  And - the wheel even turns!  Exceptional condition and a rare find.  Marked:  ©Boucher, 5906
2 by 1½"



Melon Shaped Baguette Fur Clip

Stunning is the best word to describe the clever use of baguettes in this rounded and dimensional two-pronged fur clip.  Rhodium plated, the overall shape of this piece is like an eggplant or melon, or perhaps just an abstract design.  Exceptional condition, ca. 1953.  See item SB059 for matching earrings.  Marked:  Boucher 5527
2 by 1¼", ½" deep



Tropical Flower Enameled Brooch

Fantasy flower or tropical plant?  Either way, this blue and green enameled brooch looks exotic. and the gracefully swept frond lends a bit of whimsy.  Excellent condition; ca. 1965. Marked: Boucher 0376P
2¾ by 2¼"



Molded Violets Nosegay Brooch

Traditionally a symbol for modesty or virtue, violets are sweet and so is this charming brooch depicting a nosegay of violets.  The central flowers are molded stones with amber rhinestone centers.  Very dimensional; ca. 1962.  Marked: © Boucher 8245P
Reference: Ball, The Golden Age of Design, p. 90
2" diam.



Marboux Double Swirl Brooch

Accented with linear Montana sapphire baguettes, this graceful brooch features dimensional swirls or swooshes pavéd in crystal rhinestones.  The setting is a pale goldtone; exceptional condition.  Marked: Marboux ©, 360
Reference: Carroll, Costume Jewelry 101, p. 129
2 by 2"



Baguette Swish Brooch

Gently curved and full of fire, this stunning brooch has an abstract swish or swirl motif executed with navettes, baguettes and pavé rhinestones.  Rhodium plated setting; superior condition.  Marked: Boucher © 8063
3 by ⅞"



Gilded Pansy Brooch

This lovely pansy brooch is goldtone with pavé rhinestone petal edges and a glowing simulated pearl center.  The open work of the petals is light and airy, letting underlying fabric color show through;  ca 1950.   Marked: Boucher 3453
Reference: Ball, Golden Age of Design, p. 90 [earrings]
2 by 1¾"



Retro Amethyst Leaf Fur Clips

SB027.JPG (22020 bytes)

Dramatically shaped, these Retro Moderne fur clips have a mass of amethyst and crystal rhinestones in their centers and pave edges.  Circa 1948 and in exceptional condition.   Marked:  MB (w/ Phrygian cap), 2666, Pat. Pend.
Reference: Brunialti, American Costume Jewelry, p. 203-204 [similar pieces]; Click here to see the patent.
Each is 2¾ by 1¼"



Pearl & Swirl Brooch

Centered with a luminous faux pearl, the silvertone design of this piece is a radiating swirl that crosses over itself.  The open work allows fabric behind it to peek through.  Marked:  Boucher © 8580
1¾ by 1½"



Retro Scarf/Hat Clip

Unique and lovely, this pierce work clip has a very unusual structure.  The front part, forming a loop, lifts up via a hinge mechanism.  Beneath the pavé ball is a prong.  A scarf holder or hat clip perhaps?  Marked:  MB (w/ Phrygian cap), Pat. Pend., 2649
Reference: Click here to see the 1948 patent for a similar design.
1¾ by 1¾"



Leaf & Pearl Berry Brooch

This captivating floral brooch has a central pavéd leaf surrounded by simulated pearl berries (or acorns) and emerald baguette stem.  The setting is rhodium plated.  This piece is a testament to the elegance of Marcel Boucher's designs.  Marked:  Boucher, 3105
2¼ by 2"



MB Retro Leaf Pin

Heart shaped leaf brooch of rose-gold plated sterling has a delightful cluster of large blue unfoiled, open backed rhinestones.  A lovely Retro piece with quality Boucher construction. Slight wear to plating on the back and one small spot on the front is reflected in the price.   Marked MB (w/ Phrygian cap), Sterling
2½ by 1¾"



1940s Lacy Fur Clip   

Gracefully swirling design has cut-outs with heavy gold wash. Central "ball" and accents of pavé stones are silvertone (rhodium backed). This beautifully constructed Retro fur clip is so wearable.    Marked: MB (w/ Phrygian cap), 2593
Reference: Click here to see the 1948 patent for a similar design.
2¼" by 1¼"





Fuchsia Rhinestone Knotted Necklace

This delightful necklace has a long, lean look.  The center knot is pavéd with rhinestones, fringed with fuchsia or cranberry elongated teardrop stones, and gathers in the chains that end with dimensional pointed pendants.  Ca. 1950.  Marked: Boucher 3057
17½"; 5" drop



Baguette Linked Loops Choker

Exquisite design and construction just what you'd expect from Boucher!  This glorious necklace has links dazzling with round and baguette rhinestones, all in a rhodium plated setting.  Note: mild wear to the finish on the chain back.   Marked: Boucher, 5536
Reference: click here for the 1953 patent.
15½", " wide



Sapphire and Diamonds Ribbon Necklace

Resembling a loosely knotted ribbon, this graceful choker features Montana sapphire colored baguettes and oodles of sparkling rhinestones.  Ca. 1953. Note: The extension portion may have been shortened at some time. See items SB053 and UE035 for coordinating earrings.  Marked: Boucher, 5539
Adjusts to 14½", 1½" drop



Sparkling Waves Choker

Like a wash of glittering waves or streamers, this stunning necklace flows over the throat when worn.  Alternating sections of baguettes and pavé rhinestones give subtle texture.  Rhodium plated settings; ca. 1954.  Note: slight aging to some of the stones is reflected in the price.  Marked: Boucher © 5874
Reference: Ball, Costume Jewelers: The Golden Age of Design, p. 91
13½" long, 1" drop [extension can be added for extra length]





Pearl Open-work Floral Earrings

These lovely floral earrings have luminous faux pearl centers, open-work petals and rhinestone covered edges, all in goldtone settings.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950.  Marked: MB [w/ Phrygian cap] 3079
Reference: click here for ad with similar pieces
1" diam.



Swirling Baguettes & Pavé Hemisphere Earrings

Part of a series of graceful pieces from 1950, these clip earrings feature the pavé hemisphere or pompom with an upward swirl of baguettes.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Boucher 3380
Reference: click here for the bracelet patent, click here for the ad with matching pieces
1 by "



Faux Sapphire Baguette Earrings

These glamorous clip earrings are unmarked Boucher pieces, but were identified from the patent and from marked pieces (also marked with style #5492).  Rhodium plated with curving clear chatons and sapphire blue baguettes.  Delightfully real looking! 
Reference:  Click here to see the 1953 patent.
1 by ¾"



Parisina Sterling Ballerina Earrings

The sterling ballerina pieces of this design are rare, and these are even more so since earrings are more delicate.  Amazing artistry is evidenced by the graceful limbs hand fashioned from strips of silver. These are pierced style earrings with no evidence of having been converted.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Parisina Sterling Mexico
Reference: click here for the 1944 patent of the similar skaters
1½ by 1"



Sapphire Swirl Earrings

These enchanting screw-back earrings are a sleek, dimensional swish of goldtone with square sapphire blue rhinestones at the center.  Very dynamic!  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950.  See item SB102 for the brooch/earring set of this style.  Marked: Boucher 3170
by ¾”



Pearl Centered Leaf Earrings

From the early to mid-1960's, these elegant clip earrings are rhinestone covered maple leaves.  The faux pearl center might represent a large raindrop or juicy berry.  Rhodium plated; excellent condition.  Marked: Boucher © 2102
1¼ by 1¼”



Baguette Swirls Earrings

Seductive swirls of baguette and chaton rhinestones curve about the earlobes in these elegant clip earrings.  Excellent condition; ca. 1953.  These would look great with necklaces SB078 or SB126.  Marked: Boucher 5875
1¼ by ¾"



Oval Swirl Pearl Dangle Earrings

Large dangle earrings are a rarity in Boucher jewelry and these are very elegant.  The fanned open-work settings are edged with rhinestones with faux pearls at the centers.  Screw-back mechanisms; ca. 1950.  Marked: Boucher 3200
2 by 1"



Parisina Fan Shaped Earrings

These alluring clip earrings show the elegance of Boucher designs in a sleek and modern execution.  The curved fan shape is enhanced with oval dark blue stones simulating sapphires.  Marked: Parisina Sterling Mexico
1¼ by 1"



Knotted Baguette Earrings

Like a ribbon of baguettes in a soft knot, these dazzling clip earrings with pavé curves are sophisticated and elegant.  See item SB054 for the matching fur clip.  Marked:  Boucher, 6306
1½ by 1"



Open-work Swirl Earrings

The dimensional swirl design of these clip earrings is light and airy with the open-work of the goldtone settings.  Pavé rhinestones add sparkle to the center and tips.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950.  They're a wonderful complement for several pieces of that year.  See similar fur clips, items SB062 and SB083. Marked: Boucher 3132
1¼ by 1"



Parisina Sterling Swirl Earrings

Elegant in their simplicity, these Boucher designed clip earrings are a sculptured swirl with a fluted border.  Exceptional condition; from the mid-1940s.  Marked: Parisina , Sterling Mexico
1" diam.



Curling Feather Earrings

While a simple design of curling feathers, these elegant clip earrings are beautifully executed and dimensional.  Baguettes form the center vein and rhinestones add sparkle in the rhodium plated settings.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1953.
Boucher 5848
1½ by ¾"



Marboux Molded Melon Stone Earrings

Lovely lavender and marbled pink molded stones are paired with pavé rhinestones and faux pearls in these clip earrings.  The Marboux mark was used on mid-range items produced by Boucher after 1955.  See item SB026 for a similar Boucher marked piece.  Exceptional condition.  Marked:  Marboux ©, 460
1 by 1"



Parisina Holly Leaf Earrings

Light and airy, these rare open-work sterling earrings appear to be holly leaves.  This is a very unusual design for Parisina pieces and look lovely when worn.  Clip mechanism.  Marked: Parisina, Sterling, Mexico
1⅜ by ¾"



Pavé Swirl Earrings
sb035.jpg (12260 bytes)

Echoing the shape of an ear, these lovely clip earrings combine both straight line and curving elements in a perfect design.  Rhodium plated.  See item SB034 for complimentary choker.  Marked:  Boucher, 5758
1¼" long




Sapphire Baguette Crisscross Bracelet

The links of this elegant, real-look bracelet are domed for dimension and a nice drape around the wrist.  Rhodium plated setting contain crystal baguettes and rhinestones plus sapphire rhinestones in a crisscross pattern.  Ca. 1950; exceptional condition.  Marked: Boucher 5026
7 by ¾"



Parisina Sterling Figural Bracelet

This wide link bracelet is composed of panels with various Mexican figures: a dancing couple, a woman with a basket, and a man with a guitar.  Each panel has a slightly different border of tiny flowers.  Exceptional condition, ca. early 1940's.  Marked: Parisina Sterling w/ Eagle 6 mark
7 by 1"



Boucher Amethyst Molded Leaf Bracelet

This rare and exquisite bracelet has slightly curved sections with molded lucite leaves and plenty of sparkling rhinestones.  Attributed to Boucher from the style, construction and from matching necklace (#5972) and earrings (5971).  Ca. 1953; rhodium plated; exceptional condition.
7¼ by ¾"



Sapphire Basket Weave Hinged Bracelet

This unusual hinged cuff bracelet has interwoven lines of sapphire blue and crystal baguettes with rhinestones on the curved frame.  Attribution as Boucher was confirmed from the marked matching earrings.  Ca. 1953.  Marked: 5353, [possible faint MB with Phrygian cap can be seen under very high magnification.]
7" circumference; 1¼" wide



Oval Cabochon Bracelet

Luscious colors!   The large oval cabochons and sprinkling of rhinestones are in red, pink art glass and amethyst color art glass.  The goldtone setting twines about the stones like a ribbon.  In pristine condition, this special bracelet is circa 1950.  Marked:  Boucher 3490
7" by ¾"



Parisina Sterling Ribbon Bracelet

This sterling, Mexican-made bracelet is bold, dimensional and geometric, yet still graceful.  The Parisina pieces designed by Boucher in the 1940s are rare and special treasures, and this one has an interesting sliding spring clasp.  Exceptional condition.  Marked:  Parisina, Sterling, Mexico
7¼ by ⅞"



Blueberry & Leaves Bracelet

Yummy deep blue cabochons are nestled in golden leaves with pavé rhinestone accents in this delightful bracelet.  The cabs are the high domed type giving them extra depth in color.  Note:  there is mild wear to the finish which is reflected in the price.  Still a very wonderful and wearable piece!  Marked:  Boucher
7¼ by "





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