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Reinad  ~ 

This company produced a variety of beautiful costume pieces from about 1922 to the mid-1950s.  Some early pieces were marketed under the Chanel name (Chanel Novelty Co.), but objects from the House of Chanel spurred a name change.  After 1944 jewelry were made in partnership with Sceptron Jewelry Creations and they bear the Sceptron mark.  Reinad also produced jewelry for other firms.

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Sceptron (Reinad) Red Retro Bow Brooch

Delicious in deep red rhinestone accents, this Retro Modern brooch from the 1940s has the sleek lines and dimension of that era.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Sceptron Sterling
Reference:  Carroll, Costume Jewelry 202, p. 439
2½ by 1¾"  (⅝" deep)



Reinad Asian Princess Brooch

Variations of this regal lady have been produced by a several makers and unmarked pieces, like this one, can be distinguished by their details and stylistic differences.  She's in wonderful condition with some aging of the original rhinestones.  The jewel toned stones and enamel accents are in great condition; ca 1940.  A wonderful find!
Reference: Brunialti, A Tribute to America, p. 212, 213; Ettinger, Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry, p. 57
3¾ by 2½"



Reinad Light Blue Moonstone Floral Brooch

This large 1940's brooch is a vivacious floral spray with light blue faux moonstone cabochons forming the flower petals and rhinestone studded stems and tendrils.  Exceptional condition and a rare find.    Marked: Reinad
Reference: Simonds, Collectible Costume Jewelry, p. 95 [matching necklace in pink]
3½ by 2"



Reinad Art Deco Angular Dress Clip

An intriguing and bold design that typifies the architectural look of Art Deco pieces.  Like an angled corner, this large dress clip is dimensional.  The huge triangular shaped emerald green stones (with a few minor scratches) are paired with intricate open-work pave sections.  See full image for side view.  Marked: Reinad
2¾ by 1½"



Reinad Amethyst Floral Spray Brooch

This graceful floral brooch suggests a garland or swag with the blossoms in an unusual configuration.  Ca. 1940, this goldtone piece features amethyst and light amethyst rhinestones for the flower centers with a sprinkling of faux pearls in the lower blooms.  Marked: Reinad
Reference: Rezazadeh, Costume Jewelry, p. 128
3¾ by 2"



Reinad Art Deco Rhinestone Dress Clips

This lovely pair of dress clips embodies the best of Art Deco styling - architectural motif with lots of sparkling rhinestones.  They look great on jacket lapels or anchoring the corners of a square neckline.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Reinad, 307 (style number or stone setter's mark)
1¾ by 1½""



Sapphire Fruit Salad
Fur Clip

Borrowing from the Cartier fruit salad pieces of the 1930s, this delicious fur clip is a spray of molded blue fruit stones, all tied up in a pavé bow.  Signed: Reinad
2¾ by 2"



Reinad Jeweled Vine Necklace, Brooch & Earrings

If this style looks familiar to you, you've probably seen the Trifari 'Gems of India' pieces.  (click here for the 1951 Trifari ad.)   Reinad's version also has curving tendrils that create the look of a delicate vine with huge jewels.  Marked: Reinad
Necklace: 15½", 1½" drop; Brooch: 2½ by1¼"; Earrings: 1¼ by ¾"



Reinad Molded Cabochon Brooch

A departure from this maker's elegant pieces of the 1940s, this chunky lavender and rose colored brooch is pure fun.  Several of the amethyst colored cabochons are molded with a pattern on the top and simulated flaws.  Baroque faux pearls complete the look; ca. 1960.  Marked: Reinad
2 by 2"



Reinad Emerald Retro Bow Brooch & Earrings

Curling ribbons of rose gold vermeil are gathered up in a circlet of emerald green and pavé rhinestones in the brooch of this set.  The matching earrings are an unusual slip-on style, like a clip earring but without the spring.  The plating shows wear as expected for pieces from the mid-1940s.  Marked: Reinad, Sterling
Brooch: 3 by 2"; Earrings: 1 by "



Reinad Baguette Circle Brooch

This charming brooch is rather like a wheel with the rim and center pavéd with rhinestones.  Baguettes radiate outward between the circular sections, all in rhodium plated settings.  Although this piece is unmarked, I had the identical piece, as well as the same design in other shapes, all marked Reinad.  Original stones with faint aging seen under magnification.
1" diam.



Rose & Amethyst Squares Dress Clip

Dimensional doesn't begin to describe this rare 1930s dress or coat clip.  Shaped like a necktie, this piece is very substantial and set with large rose and light amethyst colored square rhinestones.  Please see the full size image to get an idea of the depth of nearly 1".  Marked: Reinad N.Y.C., Pat. 1801128 (clip mechanism)
3 by 2"



Sceptron Aqua Retro Bow Brooch

This heavy and beautiful Retro Moderne bow has incredible depth -- difficult to portray in the image.  The aqua stones are octagons with small rhinestone accents and arch upward from the center.  The metal is in excellent condition for a 1940s gold plated sterling piece and the flared portions are lighter than shown.  Marked: Sceptron Sterling
Reference:  Carroll, Costume Jewelry 202, p. 439
2½ by 1¾"  (⅝" deep)




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