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Napier Co. was named for its president, James H. Napier, who led the firm from 1920-1960, yet the company's origins go back to 1875 when it was founded as Whitney & Rice.  After a succession of names (Carpenter & Bliss, E. A. Bliss), it became the Napier Co. who's costume jewelry we're familiar with.  Successive mergers have occurred over the years, but Napier jewelry is still produced.  Napier is known for sterling pieces of lovely quality, with many having been produced in the 1950's.  It should be noted that silver plated pieces had especially heavy plating.  While the grape theme was used throughout the company's history, the most stunning pieces were the very large grape bunches produced in the 1950's.

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Napier Basket Weave Fur Clip

From the 1940s, this splendid sterling piece combines simplicity with intricate execution.  The gold plated basket weave ribbons end in a knot.  Condition is exceptional in this dimensional fur clip.  Marked: Napier Sterling
1½ by 1¼", ½" deep



Sterling Ballerina Brooch & Earrings

These lovely and well made ballerinas are in a graceful, seated position and appear to be in the middle of a scene from Swan Lake.  The detail on these figurals is wonderful; excellent condition.  Marked: Napier Sterling
Reference: click here for the 1944 patent; Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 770; Brown, Rhinestone Jewelry - Figurals, p. 22
Brooch: 2¼ by 2"; Earrings 1¼ by 1¼"



Faux Pearl and Emerald Cabochon Set

Elegance with élan best describes this fabulous necklace and clip earring set.  The triple stranded necklace has alternating faux pearls and rhinestone rondels.  The central focus and clasp, like the earrings, contain large 'flawed emerald' cabochons.  Slight aging to the navette rhinestones, otherwise excellent condition.  Ca. 1960.  Marked: Napier
Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 366 [earrings shown]
Necklace: 17" long, 1½" wide; Earrings: 1¼ by 1 1/16"



Napier Sterling Hyacinth Brooch

This rare beauty appears to be a stylized hyacinth, just springing forth in bloom.  With it's Art Nouveau influence, this graceful piece is a delight.   Marked: Napier Sterling
4 by 1½"



Napier Sterling Fall Leaves Brooch & Earrings

The epitome of autumn, one can easily imagine the gold, burgundy and brown colors in the curled leaves of this rare 1950's set.  Very dimensional; exceptional condition.
Marked: Napier Sterling ©
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 757
Brooch: 2½ by 1½", Earrings: 1¼ by ¾”



Rose Vermeil Swirled Circles Necklace

Each link of this sterling necklace is a swirled domed circle, enchanting in the rose gold finish. The attention to detail and hand assembly is evident in the charming way the sections attach.  Ca. 1945; mild, even wear to the plating.  Marked: Napier Sterling
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 198, 200
15½ by ⅞"



Napier Silvertone Grapes Brooch & Earrings

Realistically detailed, this brooch and clip earring set has juicy bunches of grapes with leaves in a layered construction.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1960.  Marked: Napier
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 298, 850-852; Judith Miller, Costume Jewelry, p. 185
Brooch: 2¼ by 2"; Earrings: 1¼ by 1"



Neoclassic Wyvern Earrings

These ornate silver plated clip earrings feature classic styling with a mythical theme.  The creatures, layered over scrolls, are wyverns (English dragons or winged lions) and actually look friendly with their upraised paws.  [Note: Napier produced some lovely pieces with very heavy silver plating.]
Marked: Napier, Pat Pend
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 256, 464
1 by ¾"



Rosy Vermeil Double Leaf Fur Clip

This rose gold vermeil fur clip has a nice contrast with the realistic leaves and underlying domed circle.  A lovely and graceful piece from the 1940's, though difficult to photograph.   Marked: Napier Sterling [7455 etched on the back also]
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 178-182
2 by 1½"



Oversize 'Danish Grape Leaf' Brooch

Designed in 1959, this eye-catching brooch is enormous but the subtle coloring makes it very wearable.  It looks especially lovely on purple shades or burgundy.  Silver plated brass; exceptional condition.  Marked: Napier
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 298; Judith Miller, Costume Jewelry, p. 185; Rezazadeh, Costume Jewelry, p. 120
5 by 3¼"



Napier Modernist Sterling Bracelet

From the 1940s, this sleek modernist sterling bracelet uses an interplay of curves and angles for a stunning effect.  The squares in the center of each oval link are domed for dimension.  Marked: Napier Sterling
7¼ by ⅞"



Napier Retro Modern Rose Brooch

In exceptional condition, this Napier brooch has the swirling ribbons typical of the 1940s Retro Modern style.  The flower and leaves lend grace and romance to this beautiful piece.  Marked: Napier Sterling
2½ by 2½"



Napier Grape Bunches Parure

Classic and bold, this rare grapes parure includes the large panel bracelet, brooch/pendant, chain and clip earrings.  All are silvertone metal which is oxidized to give depth and interest to the dimensional design.  Gorgeous!  Marked: Napier
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 298, 851; Rezazadeh, Costume Jewelry, p. 120 [similar pieces]
Brooch/pendant: 3 by 2¼"; Chain: adjusts to 22½"; Bracelet: 7½ by 2"; Earrings: 1¼" diam.



Rose Gold Vermeil Bow Brooch

Simple elegance form the mid-1940s, this softly knotted bow is constructed of sterling silver with a rose-gold plating.  It's a lovely dimensional piece in near-perfect condition - a rare find.  Marked: Napier Sterling
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 180, 193 [similar bow pins]
3 by 2"



Hops Blossoms Necklace & Bracelet

This necklace and bracelet set has an unusual design of leaves and hops blossoms.  Well constructed, these delightful pieces are heavily silver plated, ca. 1950.  Marked: Napier
Necklace: 18 by ½"; bracelet: 7½ by ½"



Napier Sterling Vine Brooch

Cascading its way along a lapel, this sizable piece features leaves and fruits or berries.  Blueberries, perhaps?  Very fun for day wear.  Marked: Napier Sterling
4 by 1¾"



Napier Sterling Shell Earrings

Elegant spiral shells with fluted and flared edges make these earrings wonderfully dimensional.  Fanciful and fun!  Exceptional condition; ca 1950.
Marked: Napier Sterling Pat Pend
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 950
1¼ by ⅞"



Napier Green Apple Brooch

The peridot green molded apple stone actually glows in this enticing brooch.  Like its Austrian cousins, the stone has a satin finish and lovely detail.  Goldtone settings, excellent condition, ca. 1970.  Marked: Napier ©
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 865; Brown, Rhinestone Jewelry - Figurals, p. 272 [similar brooch]
1⅝ by 1¼"



Silver Leaf Bracelet

Reminiscent of Art Nouveau pieces, the links of this alluring bracelet have a graceful leaf curled over each domed panel.  Like many quality pieces from Napier, the bracelet has a thick silver plating, appearing to be a sterling piece. Marked: Napier Pat. Pend. [clasp]
7 by ⅞"



Sterling Tropical Leaf Earrings

Hand cast sterling with a realistic wrinkly texture, these unusual leaf earrings have the Napier butterfly clip for comfort and ease of use.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950.   Marked: Napier Sterling Pat Pend
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 755-757
1¼ by 1"



Sterling Berry Vine Brooch

From the 1940s, this lyrical design depicts a curved branch or vine with heart-shaped leaves and berries - blueberries, perhaps?  See item SN015 for this design in vermeil.  Marked: Napier Sterling
3¼ by 2"



Napier Sterling Wide Bow Brooch

Deliciously dimensional, this 1940s piece is sterling with a rose gold plating.  Representative of the Retro Moderne jewelry, this graceful brooch is in exceptionally good condition.  Marked: Napier Sterling
4 by 1½"



Napier Silvertone Grapes Earrings

Part of the wonderful grape bunch series, these clip earrings are of an excellent vintage.  Well made and detailed, they're great for the wine lover and are in exceptional condition.  See item SN016 for goldtone pieces.  Marked: Napier Pat Pend
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 852; Judith Miller, Costume Jewelry, p. 185
1½ by 1"



Napier Sterling Butterfly Fur Clip

From the mid to late 1940's, this rarely seen fur clip (pin clip) is an enchanting butterfly in profile with open-work on the folded wings. Marked: Napier Sterling
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 199 [similar figural fur clips of the same size and construction]
1⅝ by 1⅛"



Ornate Amethyst Pear Cabochon Bracelet

This stunning link bracelet is impressive in its dimension and design.  Each curved link has Art Nouveau inspired scrolls with a huge tear drop cabochon in amethyst color.  The rope style border ties the links together visually.  Silver plated, beautifully made and rare.  Marked: Napier Pat Pend
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 301; Pitman, Inside the Jewelry Box, Vol. 3, p. 113 [matching necklace]
7 by 1"



Napier Double Pleated Swirl Brooch

Interlocking and complementary, the two swirls of this brooch look like pleated ribbons with curled under ends.  A timelessly classic piece, solidly made and in superb condition.   Marked: Napier, Sterling
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 761
1¾ by 1½"



Napier Sterling Berry & Leaves Brooch

These berries have wonderful dimension in this lovely old sterling vermeil brooch.  Blueberries, perhaps?  There is a small ding on the top leaf; condition is otherwise excellent.  Note: some photos were taken in lighting to reduce reflections; both are shown for comparison.  Marked: Napier Sterling
3 by 2"



Napier Grape Panel Bracelet

Bold and beautiful!  This link bracelet is made of large panels with dimensional bunches of grapes.  At first glance it appears to be silver, but the back panel is lighter, more like aluminum.  A stunning piece with push clasp and safety chain.  Marked: Napier
Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 298, 851
7½ by 2"



Napier Sterling Ribbons Fur Clip

The depth of this piece is incredible and hard to capture.  The sterling base is gold plated.  The ribbon like strands curl and swirl like bouncing tresses or ocean waves.  Marked: Napier Sterling
2 by 2¾", 1" deep



Napier Sterling Fan Earrings

Delicate bows and flowers create the intricate design on these realistic sterling fan clip earrings.  See item SN007 for the matching brooch.  The fan pieces were a 1955 special issue collection with some of the proceeds to benefit a charity.  Marked: Napier Sterling ©
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 829-830; Click here to see the patent from 1955.
1¾ by 1⅜"



Napier Scroll Link Choker

Each link of this lovely necklace is a flared, folded scroll with nice dimension.  It lays nicely on the neck in a sinuous curve.  An extender can be easily added to adjust the length.  Ca. 1952; designed by Eugene Bertolli.  Marked: Napier Sterling
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 256
14½ by ⅝"



Napier Pleated Ribbon Sterling Fur Clip

A circle of ribbon ends in three vivacious streamers in this 1950s sterling two-prong fur clip.  As with all Napier pieces of this time frame, it's well built and of nice weight.  A lovely tailored look for daytime.  Marked:  Napier Sterling
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 761
3¼ by 1"



Napier Blueberry Vine Brooch

Sterling with a rose-gold finish, this brooch gracefully wends it's way, just like a real vine.  These 1940s pieces are charming and hard to find.  Marked: Napier Sterling
3½ by 2½"



Napier Crescent Moon Bracelet

Reminiscent of crescent moons, this fun piece is a rose gold vermeil bracelet with a rarely seen clasp type.  This is one of those special, well-made Napier pieces from the mid-1940's.  Marked:  Napier, Sterling
7½ by 1⅛"



Napier Sterling Fan Brooch

Feminine and lacy, this pretty fan piece has an intricate bow and ribbon design on it.   Matching pieces to this brooch included earrings (see item SN021) and a charm style bracelet.  The fan pieces were a 1955 special issue collection with some of the proceeds to benefit a charity.  Marked: Napier Sterling
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 829-830; Click here to see the patent from 1955.
2 by 1½"



Napier Golden Grapes Brooch & Earrings

A popular motif, these vintage pieces depict bunches of ripe grapes with their leaves.  This line is less commonly found in the rich goldtone and these are in exceptional condition.  The shiny and satin portions of the goldtone finish give it depth.  Earrings are clip style.  Marked: Napier
Reference: Lewis, The Napier Co., p. 298, 850-852; Judith Miller, Costume Jewelry, p. 185
Brooch: 2½ by 2¼"; Earrings: 1¼ by 1"



Napier Retro Moderne Sterling Fur Clip
SN001.JPG (22171 bytes)

Sleek and oh-so-1940s, this pieces has both linear and curvaceous elements.  The image fails to show it's true beauty as the overlaid rods nestle into the folds of the "draped" backdrop.  Sterling with a rose-gold plating, and in exceptional condition.  Marked: Napier Sterling
3½ by 2"



Napier Sterling Doves Brooch
SN002.JPG (16125 bytes)

These sweet birds are all lovey-dovey as they sit together on their branch. Their bodies are simulated jade cabochons and the detail in this older Napier piece is remarkable.  Marked: Napier Sterling
1¾ by 1"



Napier Sterling Gift Bow Fur Clip

Delightful Retro Moderne piece with cinched up ribbons, as if it's ready to adorn a special gift package.  Deep dimension with a rose gold plating over silver.  Marked: Napier Sterling
3 by 2¾"




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