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Gugliemo Cini founded his company in 1922 and production continued until 1970.  Cini jewelry was primarily sterling pieces reflecting classical and renaissance influences, and it is considered some of the finest among American made sterling jewelry.  Visit the Cini article in the Reference section for more information.

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Cini Birds & Urn Brooch

Ornate flowing design of this scrumptious brooch depicts an urn flanked by 2 birds and oodles of draping flora.  Marked: G. Cini Sterling
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 85, 90
3 by 1



Cini Curvy Swan Brooch

This rare swan brooch is full of curves and swirls to demonstrate the bird's gracefulness.  Fun, fanciful and of generous size.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
2 by 2"



Baroque Aqua Rhinestone Bracelet

Each curved link of this spectacular bracelet has a large aqua rhinestone flanked by ornate scrolls.  This is one of the few Cini designs featuring stones.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Cini Sterling
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 86 [matching brooch]
6 by ⅝"



Cini Sterling Tall Basket Brooch

An elegant design, this brooch depicts a tall basket brimming with flowers and adorned with a bow on the handle.  Wonderful detail; excellent condition.  Marked: Cini Sterling
2 by 1⅞



Cini Sterling Dramatic Faces Brooch

Intricate detail and dramatic expression give this small brooch a big impact.  Both seem more tragic than the usual comedy/tra\gedy masks so they may have historical or mythical significance.  Ca. 1963.
Sterling by Cini
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 84
1 by 1"



Dogwood Blossom Brooch

This immense floral brooch really attracts the eye.  The dogwood flowers are gracefully arranged and nicely detailed.  See item SI016 for the matching set.
Guglielmo Cini Sterling
3 by 2""



Cini Hibiscus Bracelet

An earlier piece, this vivacious hibiscus design is as desired by collectors as it is beautiful.  Solid, weighty construction with a wide hook clasp commonly found on 1940s sterling pieces.  Marked:  Cini
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 84
7 by 1"



Cini Sterling Picture Frame Brooch

This unusual and realistically ornate brooch will actually hold a photo or picture.  The kick-stand on the back folds out so it can sit on a flat surface to display your photo.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
1 by 1"



Cini Sterling Della Robbia Swag Brooch

Scrumptious detail is seen in this brooch with a swag of juicy looking fruits: pineapple, pomegranate, grapes, pear, plum, etc.  Such an expression of abundance.
Marked: Cini Sterling
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 88 [matching earrings]
2 by 1"



Cini Crowned Eagle Brooch

Stunning and dramatic with spread wings, this crowned eagle actually looks more regal than fierce.  A powerful and commanding figural brooch!  Marked: Sterling by Cini
2 by 2"



Cini Sterling Apples Brooch

This weighty and beautifully made sterling brooch depicts two plump apples, ripe for the picking.  The curve of the stem and leaves is graceful yet realistic.  A rare find!  Marked: Sterling by Cini
2 by 1"



Loose Floral Spray Brooch

The design of this lovely floral spray from the 1940's exhibits a French influence with the curling leaves and pretty bow.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
3 by 1⅝"



Cini Aqua Leaflet Wreath Brooch

This circular brooch has large oval aqua rhinestones nestled in layers of leaves.  Perhaps this is a laurel wreath denoting victory or praise.  Jewelry with stones was produced from 1941-1963 by this quality sterling jewelry maker.  Marked: Cini Sterling
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 86
2" diam.



Dogwood Blossom Bracelet, Brooch & Earrings

It's often difficult to find matching vintage pieces, so what a delight to have this bracelet, huge brooch and clip earring set.  All feature lovely and realistic dogwood flowers.  Excellent condition.   Marked: Sterling by Cini
Bracelet: 7 by 1"; Brooch: 3 by 2"; Earrings: 1 by ⅞"



Cini Baroque Domed Brooch

Modest in size yet substantial in weight, this intricate brooch has a baroque feel and a deeply domed center.  This rare, older piece is cast silver with a safety clasp that opens straight up (rather than to the side), ca. 1930s. Marked: Cini Sterling
2 by 1"



Cini Sterling Columbine Brooch

This early Cini brooch portrays a columbine blossom, adeptly showing the dimensional nature of this lovely woodland flower.  Ca. 1940, exceptional condition.
Guglielmo Cini Sterling
2 by 1



Cini Mythical & Regal Bracelet

Each panel of this rare bracelet has detailed figures with mythical and regal themes: griffin, Medici crest, fleur-de-lis, etc.    Marked: G. Cini Sterling
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 85, 90
6 by 1



Swirling Floral Round Brooch

Swirling leaves, delicate berries and a central blossom combine into a flowing circular sterling brooch.  An earlier piece in excellent condition.   Marked:  Guglielmo Cini Sterling
1" diam.



Ribbon Bow Brooch

This sterling silver brooch depicts a graceful and casual bow with all the dimension and classic elegance of a real ribbon bow.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
2⅝ by 1



Cini Ivy Leaf Brooch

Simple and charming this single ivy leaf brooch has wonderful detail with texture provided by the veins in the leaf.  Ivy is the symbol of growth, renewal and friendship.
Sterling by Cini
1⅝ by 1"



Cini Dove Brooch & Earrings

With a Scandinavian influence, this charming dove brooch has flowing lines and swirls within the oval frame.  Each clip earring is a graceful wing.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1960's.  Marked: Cini Sterling

Brooch: 2⅜ by 1; Earrings: 1 by ⅝



Cini Ornate Key Brooch

This rare and beautiful sterling silver piece is an ornate skeleton key made in 1941.  The design incorporates a central shell and stylized dolphins with other elegant, regal details.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 91
3 by 1"



Lavish Floral Basket Brooch

This detailed sterling brooch depicts a basket brimming over with blossoms.  It's a classic design, beautifully rendered.  Marked:  Guglielmo Cini Sterling
2⅝ by 2"



Cini Mythical Harpy Earrings

The rather fierce looking figures depicted in these ornate earrings are harpies.  The name harpy means 'snatcher' and these bird/woman creatures are from both Greek and Roman mythology.
Cini Sterling
1 by ⅞"



Sterling Feather Brooch

Simple and elegant, this slender feather brooch has lovely detail.  Excellent condition; ca. 1963.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
3 by 1"



Cini Cherubs & Urn Brooch

This divine brooch is a shining example of the earlier intricate designs and solidly made sterling that makes Cini so collectible.  Two cupids sit among acanthus leaves and swirls on either side of an urn.  Marked: Guglielmo Cini Sterling [w/ shield]
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 85, 90
2 by 2"



Cini Trillium Brooch & Earrings

Bold in size, this set depicts lovely woodland trillium flowers using texture to great advantage.  The brooch has a pendant hook to wear on a chain or to dramatically sweep a string of beads or pearls to one side.  Earrings are clip style.  Marked: Cini Sterling
Brooch: 2⅞ by 2⅝", Earrings: 1 by 1"



Cini Regal Shield & Dragons Brooch

The central focus of the brooch is the Medici crest, a decorative crown topped shield, but it's protected by flanking dragons.  A fabulously ornate and fanciful piece, in nicely cast sterling.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 89 [similar pieces]
3 by 1"



Cini Mythical Beasts Brooch

Fanciful but friendly beasts face each other on this ornate sterling brooch.  With pheasant-like heads, wings and dragon tails, they've been identified as basilisks or cockatrices.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
2 by 1"



Cini Grapes Brooch

Chardonnay or Cabernet?  Either way, these grapes look delicious in sterling silver.  Beautiful construction and a lovely realism to the underlying grape leaf.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
2⅜ by 2"



Cini Small Ornate Key Brooch

A lovely example of Cini traditional European styling, this smaller key brooch is still ornate and detailed with scrolls and a central shell.  See item SX201 for the larger key brooch.  Marked: Cini Sterling
1 by "



Cini Circular Floral Brooch

Substantial in weight and impact, this circular brooch has an intricate design of leaves, flowers and berries peaking with a central button.  Marked: Guglielmo Cini [w/ shield] Sterling
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 84 [similar pieces]
2⅜" diam.



Aries Zodiac Brooch

Aries, the ram, is known for independence and confidence.  This is well depicted with this bold design with the ram facing life head-on.  [more than one available]
Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Mar 21 - Apr 19
2 by 2"



Taurus Zodiac Brooch

Taurus, the bull, is said to show perseverance and dependability.  This fellow sure looks like he's traveling with determination and has a friendly expression.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Apr 20 - May 20
2 by 2"



Gemini Zodiac Brooch & Earrings

This ornate design of Gemini, the twins, incorporates cornucopias filled with fruit as the cherub twins play flutes for your amusement.  The details are lovely in this brooch and clip earring set.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  May 21 - Jun 20
Brooch: 2 by 2"; Earrings: 1 by ⅞"



Cancer Zodiac Brooch

Cancer, the crab, may look a bit hard on the outside, but has a kind, soft heart within.  This is a very realistic representation of this sign.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Jun 21 - Jul 22
2 by 2"



Leo Zodiac Brooch & Earrings

Leo, the lion, looks very regal in this brooch and clip earring set.  One can sense the leadership and vitality in these figurals.  The rarely seen earrings have great detail.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Jul 23 - Aug 22
Brooch: 2 by 2"; Earrings: ⅝ by ⅝"



Virgo Zodiac Brooch

Virgo, the maiden, is shown as a cherub gathering flowers and feathers, symbolic of gathering information for analysis and for service.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Aug 23 - Sep 22
2 by 1"



Libra Zodiac Brooch

Harmonious and balanced, the design for Libra is an elegant set of scales with scrolls and ribbon flourishes.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Sep 23 - Oct 22
2 by 2"



Scorpio Zodiac Brooch

This Scorpio figural looks realistic and a bit fearsome, but it represents a sign that is passionate, energetic and loyal. Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Oct 23 - Nov 21
2 by 2"



Sagittarius Zodiac Brooch

Sagittarius, the archer, is shown here as a charming cherub taking aim in the woods, displaying the optimism and independence of this sign.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Nov 22 - Dec 21
2 by 2"



Capricorn Zodiac Brooch

Capricorn, the goat, is known for being steady and motivated.  This brooch is gold plated, a rarity for the pieces in the zodiac series.   Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Dec 22 - Jan 19
2 by 2"



Aquarius Zodiac Brooch

This sweet and ornate Aquarius brooch has a classic design with the cherub pouring water from an urn.  Friendliness and a desire to do something meaningful goes with the sign and design.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Jan 20 - Feb 18
2 by 2"



Pisces Zodiac Brooch

Compassionate Pisces is depicted as a swirling pair of fish that seem to be creating a water ballet with each other and the streamers displaying the sign.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Sign dates:  Feb 19 - Mar 20
2 by 2"




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