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Unsigned Jewelry  ~  Brooches & Fur Clips

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These pieces, while unsigned or not attributed to a particular designer or maker, are just as enchanting and elegant!  Some of the loveliest vintage costume jewelry is made by that ever present maker:  Anonymous.  Jewelry in this section of Emerald City is organized by type.

Unsigned Jewelry, Page 1:
Sets, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Dress Clips, Charms, Rings & Misc.

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Royal Jewels

Amethyst Coronet Brooch
up101.jpg (7968 bytes)

Graceful and made for a princess, this 1940s coronet brooch is rose gold over sterling and features rhinestones and amethyst colored oval stones.  No maker's mark, but this is a quality piece similar to the Trifari coronet pin.  Wear to plating is reflected in the price.  Marked: Sterling
2 by 1 1/4"



Blue Enamel Sterling Crown Key Brooch

Very regal and ornate, this lovely key brooch is topped with a coronation crown.  Royal blue enameling peeks out from beneath the silver overlay.  Construction and motif hint at the piece being ca. 1950.  Excellent condition; very nicely made.  Note: Walter Lampl produced a crown brooch identical to the top of this piece.  Marked: Sterling
1⅞ by 1"



Palace Guard Brooch

This charming figural brooch is a knight in armor or palace guard — complete with his halberd or battle axe.  Very dimensional, his armor is dark with a verdigris finish and goldtone highlights.  This guy really makes a statement!
3 by 1 1/4"



Jewel Tone Crown Pin/Pendant

Resplendent with jewel tone rhinestones, this lovely silvertone crown brooch doubles as a pendant.  Truly a regal look from a more recent vintage, 1970s-80s.
1⅝ by 1 1/2"



Toledoware Princess Carriage Brooch

up122.jpg (23247 bytes)


Incredibly detailed, this horse and carriage is whisking the princess off to an important ball.  Made in Spain, these damascene-like pieces are known for their intricate details and enamel accents.  The carriage wheels even turn!  Marked:  Spain
2 by 1 1/4"



Rhinestone Skeleton Key Brooch

A key to the castle or country manor perhaps?  This lovely piece has rhinestone baguettes on the shaft with pavé stones on the rest of the key.  Setting is rhodium plated.
3 by 1"



Edwardian Style Ruby & Aqua Crown Brooch

With elegant Edwardian styling, this crown brooch has luscious ruby elongated teardrop stones, aqua baguettes and sparkling rhinestones in a goldtone setting.  The piece is nicely constructed; ca. 1950.
1 3/4 by 1 1/4"



Faux Turquoise Joker Brooch

From the 1960s, this whimsical figural brooch shows a joker from a deck of cards, complete with symbols of the suits incorporated into the fringe of his collar.  His sparkling green eyes and grin will capture a smile if the huge tear drop faux turquoise cabochon doesn't.  Exceptional condition.  Be sure to see the full image for his handsome profile.
3 by 1 1/4"; 3/4" deep



Purple & Green Crown Brooch
up121.jpg (36827 bytes)

Feeling like a queen and wanting to advertise it?  This generously sized brooch will do just that.  The goldtone setting contains bright purple and emerald green rhinestones along with simulated pearls.
2 1/2 by 2"



Cinderella's Carriage Brooch
up113.jpg (17790 bytes)

Fairy tale magic in a darling brooch depicting Cinderella's pumpkin carriage.  Enameling and aurora borealis stones make this pin fun, and it has been lovingly restored to its original splendor.
2 by 1 1/2"



Princely Mask Pin

An adorable mask brooch with a regal demeanor.  This mask seems to have a bejeweled crown.  This figural has a lot of impact for it's size and is in fabulous condition.  [The image doesn't do this piece justice because of the dimensional nature.]
1 1/4 by 1"



Cinderella's Coach Pin

up095.jpg (5322 bytes)

Ready to whisk you away, this darling little pin depicts Cinderella's pumpkin coach.  The setting is goldtone with accents of enamel and a rhinestone window.  This fun figural would be great paired with a crown on a lapel.
1 1/2 by 1"



Petite Crown Pin

A darling scatter pin done in goldtone and traditional simulated jewels.  This petite brooch would be darling grouped with other crowns or royal jewelry.  Excellent condition.
1 by 1"



Classic Roman Chess Pins
us017.jpg (18491 bytes)

These fun pins depict two chess pieces in the Roman style.  Rhodium plated settings are accented with gold and black enamel.  Lovely detail; excellent condition. C style clasps.
1 1/4 by 3/4"




Florals, Figurals, and more...

Bouquet of Tremblers Brooch

Seven delightful trembling flowers adorn this rare bouquet.  Pearl centers, pavé petals and green enamel on the leaves make this goldtone brooch a classic.  Very slight wear to last leaf, some wear to pin stem, and a few aging stones otherwise excellent condition.
3 1/2 by 2"



Art Nouveau Sterling Oranges Sash Pin

Rare and in exceptional condition, this large sash brooch has exquisitely detailed and cheerful oranges and orange blossoms.  Style, generous size and construction are similar to Watson pieces.  Ca. 1900.  Marked: Sterling
3 by 1¾”



Art Nouveau Sterling Sun Goddess Brooch

What a powerful piece!  Substantial in size and weight, this stunning figural is cast sterling.  She radiates warmth, and the laurel leaf wreath denotes victory or immortality.  Note: the safety clasp appears to have been professionally added at some point.  Marked: Sterling
2 3/4" diam.



Art Deco Tiered Fan Brooch

This distinctive design has Art Deco styling with tiered fan shapes brimming with baguettes and pavé rhinestones.  The oval emerald stones complete the look.  Excellent condition; quality construction.
2¼ by 1⅛"



Austrian Rosy Raspberry Brooch

The satiny molded berries in this brooch glow in the light with their shaded coloring.  It's even more magical with the molded green leaves and black enamel (japanned) finish.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Austria
2 by 2"



Art Deco Gold & Green Guilloché Bar Pins

Art Deco styling is evident in the linear enamel design of these two bar pins, yet the delicacy in the execution renders them feminine.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1915-1920.  Marked: Sterling
Reference: Bell, Old Jewelry, 1840-1950, 5th Ed., p. 176 [similar pins]
2 by 1/4"; 1 3/16 by 3/16"



Cobalt Rhinestone Grapes Sterling Brooch

From the 1940's, this large and luscious brooch has open-backed cobalt blue rhinestone grapes with accompanying sterling leaves.  It's realistic, gracefully presented and intentionally oxidized for an antiqued look.  Marked: Sterling
3 1/2 by 3"



Crescent Moon & Venus Brooch

From the 1940s, this whimsical brooch depicts a crescent moon, complete with a face, and either Venus or a star.  The fuchsia moonglow cabochon gives the star pizzazz.  Note:  there is moderate wear to the rose gold plating, but it seems to add to the mystique.
2 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Darling Rhinestone Fur Clip

Dainty, yet dazzling, this darling fur clip is of rather moderate size.  The quality is excellent and may be an unmarked Eisenberg.  Rhodium plated settings, two-prong fur clip mechanism and lots of fun.
1 1/4" diam.



Multicolor Carved Celluloid Flower Basket Brooch

This lavish floral display is special for the depth of color of the tinted or painted carved celluloid.  Wondrous detail in the mums, daisies and leaves; exceptional condition, ca. 1940's, probably from occupied Japan.
Reference: Leshner, Art Plastic Jewelry, p. 161, Ettinger, 20th Century Plastic Jewelry, p. 161
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Sterling Spring Floral Brooch

The cast construction and design of this lovely brooch is very similar to Viking Craft pieces of the 1940s.  This casual spray has a large dimensional daffodil and hyacinth - spring delights!  Note: the hinge mechanism may have been replaced at some time in its history.  Marked: Sterling
3⅛ by 1 3/4"



Deep Blue Moonglow Grapes Fur Clip

This juicy bunch of grapes is created from deep blue moonglow (lucite) balls with rhinestones accenting the leaves.  Excellent condition; rhodium plated; well constructed.  See UP292 for the fuchsia version.
3 by 2"



Enameled Paddle-wheel Boat Brooch

This amusing 1930's articulated brooch is from a series that included a covered wagon, baby buggy, and stage coach, each with an wheel that turns.  Excellent condition.

Reference: Brown, Rhinestone Jewelry - Figurals, p. 271
2 1/4 by 1 1/2”



Purple Enameled Tulip Brooch

This large exuberant tulip brooch has many characteristics in common with Coro pieces from 1940 (open areas between petals, articulated stamens, enamel style), but is an unsigned beauty.  The rhinestone accents really emphasize the lovely purple enamel.  Exceptional condition.
Reference: Pitman, Inside the Jewelry Box, Vol. 3, p.162
3 1/4 by 2 3/4"



Art Deco Rhinestone Dress Clips Duette

The two dress clips, resplendent with rhinestones, slide into the frame to be worn as a brooch.  It's truly an Art Deco unsigned beauty!  Rhodium plated; exceptional condition.  Research shows the clip mechanism was patented by John Fielding in 1933.  
2 3/4 by 1 1/4"



Enameled Lilac Brooch

This substantial brooch, dating from about 1939, has multicolor enameling and rhinestone accents.  The flower and leaves resemble a lovely lilac with a metallic sheen to some of the colors, and it's in wonderful shape for its age.
3 by 2 3/4"



Dancing Fairy Brooch

This fanciful figural is a dancing fairy, pixie or sprite from the 1940s.  A rose rhinestone marks the face and rhinestones glitter on wings and costume.  Very unusual and whimsical, with a resemblance to Boucher and Reja pieces.  Marked: Sterling
3 1/2 by 2 1/2"




Art Deco Turquoise Enamel Brooch

This early Deco brooch with lovely deep turquoise blue enameling shares some style elements from the earlier Art Nouveau period.  Light gold plating; ca. 1920.
Marked: Sterling
2⅛ by 1¼”



Enameled Flying Swallow Trembler Brooch

This adorable figural depicts a soaring swallow with enamel trim and rhinestone covered body.  The wings are attached by tiny springs so they tremble as one moves.  Ca. 1940; exceptional condition.  This design is similar the Coro sterling piece of 1943.
3 by 2 3/4"



Lapis Blue Cabochon Sterling Brooch

The glass faux lapis oval cabochon in this pin adds regal color and a central focus for this intricate sterling brooch with wing-like swirls.  Marked: 925
2⅛ by 1"



Supernova Large Starburst Brooch

Stellar in both quality and look, this fiery rhinestone brooch commands attention.  A central flower radiates stones to the edge and is topped by an arc of navettes (marquise shaped stones), all within a domed profile.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950.

2⅝" diam.



Austrian Green Apples Brooch

An especially colorful example of these glowing, magical Austrian fruit pieces, this brooch features green apples with rosy blushes and molded green leaves.  The satin or frosted fruit stones are just luscious in this pin.  Marked: Austria
2 by 2"



Art Nouveau Revival Sterling Swan Brooch

Swans typically represent gracefulness and this one is no exception.  The flowing design with swirling waters and lilies shows an Art Nouveau influence.  Ca. 1940s.  Marked: Sterling
2⅛ by 2"



Vibrant Enamel & Rhinestone Pansy Brooch

The deep colors of the enameling make this pansy brooch a stunner, especially with the petals edged in rhinestones.  While the enamel style and design whisper Coro, the construction doesn't, so it's another unsigned beauty from the early 1940's.  Excellent condition.
2 by 1 3/4”



Lavish Blue Floral Spray Brooch

Truly an unsigned beauty!  This dimensional floral brooch, similar to Trifari pieces of the early 1940s, uses collet set blue unfoiled stones for the petals.  Realism and depth is enhanced with the flowers being in various stages of opening.  Note: moderate but even wear of the metal finish on the front, reflected in the price.
3 3/4 by 2 3/4"



Squirrel With Pearl Figural Brooch

What an adorable creature!  This well made goldtone squirrel brooch has rhinestone accents on her tail and sparkly green eyes.  Even better, she looks victorious and pleased to have nabbed this huge faux pearl treat.  Excellent condition except for a small nick on the outer edge of the pearl, seen only from the side.
2 1/4 by 1"



Reverse Carved Lucite Flower Basket Brooch

From the late 1940's, this pretty brooch is especially intricate with the various floral shapes and colors.  The carving and painting process is painstaking and beautifully represented here.  Exceptional condition.
Reference: Ettinger, 20th Century Plastic Jewelry, p. 61-64
2" diameter



Fuchsia Moonglow Grapes Fur Clip

A cascade of fuchsia moonglow (lucite) balls creates the grapes in this juicy bunch and the leaves adorned with rhinestones.  Well constructed; rhodium plated; excellent condition except for a small knick in one grape.  See UP300 for the blue version.
3 by 2"



Sterling Tropical Fish Brooch

Within the overall shell shape, this cast sterling brooch depicts a detailed underwater scene.  So unusual!  The quality construction is like early Danecraft (Felch) pieces.
Marked: Sterling
2 1/4 by 2"



Pink Rose & Black Guilloché Enamel Sterling Brooch

Delicate and sweet, this lovely sterling brooch has an open-work design with a pretty pink rose and white guilloché background in the center.  The outer black enameling really draws the eye.  Exceptional condition. Marked: Sterling
Ref: Nicholls, Antique Enameled Jewelry, p. 83 [similar pins]
1 by "



Amber Retro Modern Floral Brooch

This substantial and well made brooch has the quality of De Rosa or Mazer and is a stunning example of 1940s Retro style.  The huge unfoiled amber colored stones create the petals of this floral fantasy.  Note: what looks like wear to the front finish is reflection in the image, and a past repair to the hinge attachment is reflected in the price.
2 3/4 by 2 3/4"



Amethyst Centered Flower Trembler Brooch

Mounted on a spring, the gently curved flower of this brooch trembles or nods with movement.  Leaves and petals are adorned with sparkling rhinestones with an amethyst navette for the center.  Excellent condition; ca. mid to late 1930's.
3 by 1 1/4"



Marching Band Drummer Fur Clip

Do you march to the beat of a different drummer?  Maybe this is your guy!  This fun figural drummer is silvertone metal with a large faux pearl 'face' and a huge ruby colored oval rhinestone for the drum top.  Styling is very similar to the enameled Silson marching band pieces.
3 by 2 1/4"



Edwardian Camphor Glass Brooch

This sweet brooch, ca. 1910, incorporates a lacy intricate setting with the star-patterned satin or camphor glass and rhinestone star accent.  So pretty!  See item UN056 for a similar necklace.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 80-83
1 1/4 by 1"



Glass Flowers & Pavé Vase Fur Clip

Such a fun and unusual piece!  The little flowers in this fur clip are glass and are individually wired on to the finding.  The silvertone vase is encrusted with rhinestones and tiny sapphire blue peaked (or "bullet") cabochons.  Style and construction date this to the 1940s.  Note: slight aging to a few of the tiny rhinestones in the vase.
2 by 1 1/4"



 Sterling Black Cabochon & Marcasite Brooch

This lovely piece is a winning combination of Art Deco styling, sterling silver swirls pavéd with marcasites and a large oval black cabochon.  Well made; exceptional condition.  Marked: 925
2 1/4 by 1"



Fuchsia Moonglow Berry Spray Brooch

Both eye-catching and elegant, this large layered brooch has juicy fuchsia moonglow (lucite) berries or buds on stems adorned with rhinestones.  Nicely made with rhodium plating; very good condition with faint aging to a few of the rhinestones.
3 1/4 by 3"



Edwardian Sash Pin

A beautiful example of the large sash pins worn at the waist by Edwardian ladies.  Set in brass, this pin has amethyst colored stones and a lovely blend of feminine flowers with straight lines.  C style clasp; ca. 1900-1910.
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Sterling Morning Glories Brooch

This graceful brooch depicts garden fresh morning glory flowers with lovely detail to the blossoms and leaves.  The construction and style is so like that of the early Danecraft (Felch) pieces.  See item UB037 for the coordinating bracelet.  Marked: Sterling
2 by 1 3/4"



Jewel Tone Crescent Moon Brooch

Like the Trifari 'Jewels of India'  pieces, this crescent moon brooch is large and filled with juicy faux jewels to simulate cabochons of sapphire, ruby, emerald and amethyst.  It's nicely made with goldtone settings and faux pearl accents.
2 3/4 by 2 1/4"



Ivory Carved Celluloid Flower Basket Brooch

The creamy color and intricate details of this carved celluloid piece give it the look of carved ivory.  The basket is brimming with mums, daisies and other blossoms.  Exceptional condition, ca. 1940's, probably from occupied Japan.
Reference: Leshner, Art Plastic Jewelry, p. 161, Ettinger, 20th Century Plastic Jewelry, p. 161
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Double Pansy Silver Plated Brooch

Simple and charming, this brooch depicts a pair of pansies which symbolize love or admiration.  Construction and clasp place it as circa 1940, possibly of European origin.  Excellent condition.  Unmarked, but appears to be silver plated.
2 1/4 by 1"



Emerald Green Baguette Leaf Brooch

This elegant, graceful leaf brooch is composed of emerald green baguette rhinestones with crystal rhinestone accents.  It's nicely made with rhodium plating and is in excellent condition.
2 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Edwardian Lady Brooch with Red Cabs

This figural brooch is an alluring lady in Edwardian style  rhinestone covered clothing, complete with parasol and hat.  She looks like she's posing for a photo or trying to beguile an gent.  Her face is an oval red cabochon and the puff sleeves are cabs with a molded pattern.  Silvertone settings, excellent condition.  See item UP271 for this piece in green.
2 by 1"



Edwardian Lady Brooch with Green Cabs

This charming figural brooch is a lady with parasol wearing dress and hat as worn in the early 1900s.  She's striking a saucy pose in her rhinestone encrusted costume.  Her face is an oval emerald green cabochon and the puff sleeves are cabs with a molded pattern.  Silvertone settings, excellent condition.  See item UP272 for this piece in red.
2 by 1"



Edwardian Guilloché Blue Floral Brooch

The delicacy and detail of the enameling on this piece is amazing!  Guilloché patterns in white form the background for lacy leaves and blue forget-me-not flowers  Even the sterling frame has a gentle design with X's.  Exceptional condition with the original C clasp; ca. 1910.  Marked: Sterling, 5
1 1/2" diam.



Sterling Leaping Reindeer Brooch

Leaping across your lapel, this sleek reindeer looks so graceful and festive.  Dating from the 1940s, this piece is nicely crafted and of good weight (17 g).  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Sterling Silver
3 1/4 by 2 3/4"



Amber Rhinestone Enameled Fur Clip

This dramatic and large pin-clip (fur clip) is well made and beautifully styled.  The cascading blossoms resemble wisteria and are created by butterscotch colored stones.  Ca. 1940; exceptional condition.
3 by 2"



Aqua Guilloché Sterling Fan Brooch

The detail of the pink roses and intricate guilloché patterning make this enameled sterling brooch very special. Beautiful execution of this feminine motif; exceptional condition.  Marked: Sterling
1⅛ by 1 3/4"



Sterling Theatrical Masks Brooch

Of a more recent vintage, possibly 1970s, these expressive masks of tragedy and comedy are attractive and eye-catching.  Nicely made with good weight (17 gm.); near mint condition.  Marked: 925
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



French Fleur-de-Lis Emerald Green Scarf Clip

This lovely piece combines an intricate style, large stunning rhinestone and clever function.  The pin and clip mechanism can be used to secure a scarf wherever desired.  Silver plated; trombone catch; excellent condition.  Marked: Brevete SGDG [French patent mark for the mechanism]
1 1/2 by 1⅜"



Pink Enamel Sailfish Brooch
UP130.JPG (32111 bytes)

A beautiful piece of artwork, this dynamic fish leaps off your lapel.  Dating from the late 1930s, this dimensional brooch has soft pink enameling, a rhinestone studded body and green rhinestone eye.  It's possibly an unmarked Boucher piece, similar to the all rhinestone version seen in the Brunialtis' American Costume Jewelry.  A repair has been made to the hinge at some time.
3 3/4 by 3"



Blue Moonstone Floral Brooch

From about 1940, this elegant floral brooch has the construction and design of Reinad pieces, but is unmarked.  The simulated light blue moonstones are perfectly accented with dark blue enameling.  A fabulous piece!
3 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Art Nouveau Buckle Sash Brooch

This authentic Art Nouveau sash brooch has the look of a buckle with a simulated hasp.  The piece is a true antique, ca. 1910, with lovely swirls to the design.   Although not marked, it appears to be silver plated.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 74 [pieces of similar style]
3 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Carved Wood & Lucite Horse Brooch

This adorable horse brooch dates from the 1940s and shows a pride of craftsmanship.  Carved of wood, the face is accented with painted details and the mane is made of carved lucite.  Exceptional condition.
Reference: Leshner, Art Plastic Jewelry, p. 167, 169 [similar pieces]
3 by 2 3/4"



Peridot Starburst Comma Brooch

Set in a starburst pattern, the comma shapes of this fun brooch each end with a huge peridot rhinestone.  From the 1930s, the pieces with this comma design motif are very lively and unusual.  Note: slight finish wear on some of the orbs between the comma segments.
2 1/4" diam.



Flower Lady Mask Sterling Brooch

A delightful combination of whimsy and elegance, this sterling silver brooch has a stylized woman's face sprouting flowers like fanciful dreams and ideas.  It's very dimensional with the open-work face overlaying a base of ruffled filigree.  Marked: Sterling
1 3/4" diam.



Emerald Green Dimensional Pear Brooch

From the 1960s, this darling fruit pin has a large emerald green molded stone with grooves to simulate invisibly set stones.  The stem and leaves are sparkly rhinestones.  Fresh from the orchard, in excellent condition.
1 1/2 by ⅞"



Large Crystal Octagon Stone Brooch

A crystal delight!   This extravagant brooch has two huge octagon rhinestones set with layers of navettes.  The stones are open backed, all in goldtone settings.  This eye-catching piece is reminiscent of DeLizza & Elster (Juliana) jewelry and is nicely made.
3 1/2 by 1 3/4"



Ornate Art Glass Cabochon Fur Clip

Substantial in size and weight, this fur clip (or pin clip) has an open ornate design of swirls.  The huge art glass cabochon adds to the feel of swirling water with its streaks of pale blue.  Ca. 1940.
2 by 2⅛"



Floral Fantasy Mexican Brooch

Identical to the sterling Parisina pieces commissioned by Boucher, this lovely floral brooch has a goldtone finish and is in wonderful condition.  It's easy to imagine that it was produced by the same maker as the Parisina pieces if not part of the Boucher line.  See item US038 for matching pieces and SB067 for the similar Parisina brooch.  It may be gilt sterling but is not marked as such.  Marked: Mexico
4 by 2 3/4"



Patriotic Rhinestone
Fur Clip

Small in size but big on impact, this sparkling fur clip has deep blue and red stones with crystal rhinestones for a patriotic look.  It's a great accent for a lapel, top or hat. 
1 1/4 by 1⅛"



Faux Moonstone Floral Brooch

This floral brooch incorporates clear rhinestones to create lilac-like blossoms and has magical round simulated moonstones with the palest hint of blue to them.  The slightly domed design gives the piece dimension.  Ca. 1940, lovely condition.
2 1/4 by 2"



Reversed Carved Painted Lucite Orchid Brooch

There's wonderful detail in the hand carving and painting of this lucite piece - it even captures the texture of the orchid petals.  The beveled edge reflects the colors creating a border.  Excellent condition.
Reference: Ettinger, 20th Century Plastic Jewelry, p. 61-64; Ettinger, Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry, p. 154-155 [similar orchid pieces]
1 by 1⅛"



Marcasite Sterling Floral Bar Pin

Delicate little flowers with marcasite centers march down the center of this bar pin.  The angular lines are softened with the swirl overlay.  The trombone clasp hints at a European origin.  Ca. 1910; exceptional condition.  Marked: 925
2 1/2 by ⅜"



Ornate Edwardian Buckle Sash Pin

Originally worn at the waist on a sash, this repoussé brooch is silver plated brass with a simulated buckle hasp.  The design is intricate, typical of Edwardian pieces, ca. 1910.  Note: very mild wear to the plating.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 74 [pieces of similar style]
3 1/4 by 2 1/4"



Sterling Faux Pearl Bow Brooch

A popular style during WWII, this pretty ribbon type bow brooch looks like it’s fluttering in the breeze.  Faux pearl center; exceptional condition; ca. 1942.
Marked: Sterling, plus partial maker's mark of H or R in a diamond [possibly Charles Robbins Co.]
2 1/4 by 1 3/4”



Red Cabochon Enameled Basket Brooch

One of the prettiest basket brooches of its time, this brooch has such a graceful basket design, lovely red enameling and luscious red cabochons.  Lovely dimension and very good condition with mild wear to the gold wash and mild chipping to the enamel on the bow.
Reference: Mariotti, All My Baskets, p. 14
2 3/4 by 2 1/2"



Neoclassical Domed Oval Sterling Brooch

This beautiful sterling silver brooch is reminiscent of the sash pins of the early 1900s, both in design and weight (25.5 g).  The central oval is domed with a delicate edge, then surrounded by a riot of flowers and leaves.   Marked: 925
2 3/4 by 2⅛"



Jeweled Pixie Brooch

Smiling joyfully, this sprite or pixie is hard to resist.  With sparkling green eyes filled with mischief, this imp has dangling earrings and hair adornments of pearls, deep red and emerald rhinestones.  Condition is superb and the construction is quality.  [One would expect a mark on such a darling piece.]
1 3/4 by 1⅛"



Blue Baguette Feather Brooch

This well made brooch is a vision of sparkling glamour with a feminine feather motif.  The feather and ribbon are pavéd in rhinestones while the feather veins are accented with light sapphire blue baguettes, all in rhodium plated settings.
2 by 1 3/4"



Topaz Rhinestone Grapes Brooch

This is a wonderful depiction of a large bunch of amber colored grapes created by rhinestones in a silvertone setting.  Realistically juicy - chardonnay perhaps?
3 by 2"



Amethyst Sterling Retro Moderne Brooch

The grace of the 1940s is evident in this Retro Modern bow brooch with large amethyst colored rhinestone and wonderful dimension.  It has all the attributes, both style and construction, of a Napier piece (see item SN001).  Marked: Sterling
2 1/2 by 2"



Siam Sterling Green & Red Enameled Fan Brooch

Like other sterling and enameled Siam pieces, this lovely fan has intricate details to the design.  But, this piece is of higher quality construction and elegance to the design.  The enameling is especially lovely as is the dimensional curve to the fan.  Marked: Siam Sterling
Reference: Rezazadeh, Collectible Silver Jewelry, p. 177, Nicholls, Antique Enameled Jewelry, p. 153 [similar pc.]
2 1/2 by 1 1/2"



Light Blue Molded Stone Floral Spray Brooch

Similar to the Austrian frosted fruit pieces, this lovely brooch has molded flowers and leaves in a satin finished glass.  The japanned settings and sprinkling of matching rhinestones complete the elegance of this brooch.
2 1/2 by 2"



Sterling Circular Lily Brooch

This charming brooch is of very good quality and weight, similar to early Cini, Felch (Danecraft) or Viking Craft jewelry.  It has a graceful Art Nouveau styling that never goes out of fashion.  Marked: Sterling
2" diam.



Pink Fruit Salad Fish Brooch

This darling fish brooch looks like she is about to tell you something important.  Rhinestone adornments and a red cabochon eye accent the body encrusted with glass pink fruit salad stones.  Ca. 1940; very good condition with minor finish wear.
1 3/4 by 1 3/4"



Woven Baguette Brooch

This charming round brooch features a domed center of baguettes in a basket weave pattern.  It's a fun blend of lines and curves, especially with the rhinestones arrayed on the edge.
1 3/4" diam.



Red Cabochon Leaf Brooch

Juicy red peaked (bullet shaped) cabochons march down the middle of this delightful leaf or feather brooch.  Pavé rhinestones and red enameling complete the look.  A beauty from the late 1930s.
3 1/2 by 1 1/2"



Pierrot Clown Brooch

This unusual figural from the 1930s is the Pierrot character from the 17th century Italian troupe performing in Paris.  Unlike later versions, this sad faced clown wears the traditional hat along with his baguette adorned ruffled collar.
2 by 2"



Enamel Water Lily Pin

Delicate and enchanting best describes this oval enameled pin.  The water lily or lotus evokes visions of Monet paintings.  A very sweet piece, circa 1920.
1 1/4 by ⅝"



Amethyst & Aqua Swirl Brooch

Similar to D&E (Juliana) pieces, this brooch has an enchanting mix of rhinestones shapes and glitzy design.  The subtle rhinestone colors are a lovely combination:  amethyst open backed navettes and aqua chatons.  Silvertone settings; excellent condition.
2 by 1⅞"



Graceful Sterling Calla Lily Brooch

With Art Nouveau influences, this elegant sterling brooch illustrates a calla lily blossom and leaf.  Construction and styling is very similar to Danecraft pieces from 1940. Marked: Sterling
2 by 1 1/2"



Blue Baguette Edged Bow Brooch

An exceptionally graceful and realistic bow, this early brooch has a lacy feel like a mesh ribbon edged with light sapphire blue baguettes.  The handset stones are original so there is some aging to some of them.
2 3/4 by 1 1/2"



Carved Celluloid Scotty Dog Brooch

So cute!  This carved celluloid dog from 1945-1952 is whimsical and nicely detailed.  She's sticking out her tongue, either as a friendly greeting or editorial comment - your choice.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Occupied Japan
Reference: Leshner, Art Plastic Jewelry, p. 46
2 1/4 by 2⅛"



Blue & Green Rhinestone Tulips Brooch

Signs of spring:  a pair of tulips embellished with emerald and sapphire colored rhinestones, all in silvertone settings.  The open design in this large brooch is so pretty!
2 3/4 by 2 1/2"



Sterling Art Nouveau Moonstone Lace Pin

Dating from 1910, this lovely lace pin has a simulated moonstone cabochon flanked by delicate Art Nouveau floral designs.  The clasp has a safety pin catch; exceptional condition.  Marked: Sterling
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 76
1 1/2 by "



Fanciful Sterling Red Retro Brooch

The epitome of 1940s styling, this WWII era piece is sterling with a rose gold plating and has a wild and fanciful feel to it.  The huge open backed red stone is accompanied by sprays of deep red rhinestones.  Note:  condition is very good with only minor scratching and a small scratch on the surface of the huge red stone.  Marked: Sterling
3 3/4 by 3"



Art Deco White Celluloid Bow Brooch

This charming brooch reflects Art Deco styling with an architectural bow and circular knot overlaid on a circle.  It's a fun combination of curves and lines, all created in creamy white celluloid.  Excellent condition.
2 1/4 by 1"



Austrian Plum Brooch

Like all these delicious Austrian fruit pieces, this brooch has satiny molded stones to depict the fruit and leaves.  These realistic plums are blue and purple with emerald green leaves and a purple rhinestone accent.  Goldtone settings; very slight foil damage on the back of the stones.
2 1/4 by 1⅞"



Pink Rose Reversed Carved Lucite Brooch

This pretty floral brooch has a detailed pink rose and bud on a black background.  The use of the opaque background is similar to pieces marked Gem-Tone (see item SX175) and both protects and showcases the carving.
2 by 1 1/2"



Pavé Curled Leaf Brooch

Encrusted with rhinestones, this dimensional leaf brooch is substantial in weight and realistic in design.  The rhodium plating is especially heavy giving it shine and durability.  This is truly an unsigned beauty!
2 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Huge Repoussé Silver Sash Pin

Not for the timid, this gigantic sash pin is stunning!  The intricate design depicts a central rose-like flower surrounded by tendrils, leaves and buds.  The clasp is a simple, hand wrought curved C.  Marked: 800 (for silver content)
4 by 2 3/4"



Moonglow & Enamel Basket Brooch

From about 1940, this unusual basket brooch has enameling details, multicolor 'moonglow' lucite cabochons and rhinestone accents.  Very nicely made, in great condition, and one of the prettiest basket brooches of that era.
2 1/2 by 2"




Sparkling Rose-gold Pinwheel Brooch

Nicely made, this 1940s brooch features swirling arms like a pinwheel or twirling star.  The setting has a rose-gold plating and there are plenty of crystal rhinestones for dazzle.  Note: the hinge side of the clasp has been reattached at some time and this is reflected in the price.
2" diam.



Siam Sterling Elephant Fan Brooch

This intricate nielloware sterling fan brooch is unusual in the depiction of elephants rather than goddesses.  A very pretty piece in excellent condition.  Marked: Siam Sterling
Reference: Rezazadeh, Collectible Silver Jewelry, p. 177
2 1/2 by 1 1/2"



Pink Daisy Reversed Carved Lucite Brooch

Larger than most reversed carved lucite pieces, this fun brooch has deeply beveled edges to reflect the pretty pink flower and deep green leaves.  In great condition, it shows well on white or other light colors. 
2 by 1"



Emerald Floral Fantasy Brooch

Truly an unsigned beauty, this graceful Art Moderne brooch has both construction and style that are enduring.  Silvertone pavé elements play off the goldtone settings and large oval rhinestones in emerald green.  Circa late 1930's and in exceptional condition. 
3 1/2 by 2 1/4"



Austrian Frosted Cherries Brooch

Luscious coloring and molded stones make this Austrian brooch special.  The molded cherries are creamy color with a band of cerise and the accented rhinestone is fuchsia.  Note:  one cherry has a small foil defect not visible in the image, which also shows them to be more diffusely colored than they are.
2 1/2 by 2"



Purple and Aurora Borealis Starburst Pin

Lots of glitz with this colorful starburst brooch!  The navette rhinestones are a dark amethyst color with aurora borealis rhinestones sprinkled throughout, including the central AB rivoli shaped stone.  Setting is goldtone and the condition is superb.
2 1/4" diam.



1940s Question Mark Brooch
up124.jpg (15463 bytes)

Typical of Retro Moderne pieces of the 1940s, this brooch features just a few large stones.  Posing a question in a less than subtle manner, it is sterling with gold plating (slightly worn).  The larger stone is a full 1" in diameter.  Marked: Sterling
3 3/4 by 2 3/4"



Green Forbidden Fruit Grapes Brooch

Prized by collectors, these whimsical "forbidden fruit" (and vegetable) pieces were usually made in Austria and feature lucite fruits studded with rhinestones.  Here, the bunch of grapes is pale green with peridot rhinestones.  Chardonnay, perhaps?  Exceptional condition.
Reference: Pitman, Inside the Jewelry Box, Vol. 3, p. 9-10
2 by 1 1/2"



Rose & Rhinestones Fan Shaped Brooch

From the 1940s, this charming fan shaped brooch alternates rose colored oval rhinestones with crystal rhinestones, all tied up with a pavé bow.  Superior construction of this goldtone piece is reminiscent of Mazer and Reja pieces.
2 1/4 by 2"



Sterling Pink & Green Rhinestone Floral Pin

Such a sweet brooch from the 1940s! Twisted sterling silver wire forms the stem holding three pretty posies with rhinestone centers.  Nicely made and excellent condition.  Marked: Sterling
2 1/4 by "



Green Navette Wreath Brooch

Beautifully constructed, this wreath brooch is very dimensional with the emerald, peridot and light sapphire navette rhinestones set at an angle in goldtone settings.  Design and construction whisper Weiss, Kramer or a better Austrian piece.
2" diam.



Floral Cluster Rhinestone Brooch

Sparkling and sweet, this silvertone brooch is studded with rhinestones.  With the swirling stem and tiny leaflets, it looks like a compact cluster of flowers or perhaps a large flower head like a hydrangea.  Delightful on any color and in excellent condition.
2 by 1 1/2"



Swirling Amethyst Comma Brooch

With a roughly oval shape, this 1930s brooch is alive with comma shapes punctuated by large amethyst rhinestones.  Very lively and in lovely condition.  See item UP157 for a similar brooch and UB031 for the matching bracelet.
2 1/2 by 1 3/4"



Charming Sterling Bow Brooch

Nicely made, this darling bow brooch is just the right size to either wear alone or in a grouping of bow pins.  Marked: Sterling
1 3/4 by 1 1/2"



Pink Moonglow Basket Brooch

Sweet and feminine, this lovely basket brooch from the  late 1930s features glowing pink lucite 'moonglow' cabochons and rhinestones.  The basket design is graceful with open work and a pretty bow and the brooch is a nice large size.
2 3/4 by 2 1/2"



Red Baguette Wreath Brooch

This dimensional brooch is as beautifully made as it is sparkling.  The rhodium plating and construction are very similar to Bogoff pieces, but this beauty is unmarked.  The channel set dark red baguettes give it pizzazz and are raised above the "leafy" rhinestone wreath.
1 3/4 by 1 1/2"



Amethyst Rhinestone Snowflake Brooch

Lacy and colorful, this pretty brooch features amethyst colored teardrop and light amethyst navette rhinestones.  The design is like a delicate snowflake or stylized flower.  Rhodium plating and nice construction.
1" diam.



Austrian Deep Red & Gold Pears Brooch

Darker in hue than the rosy pears (item UP083), these frosted pears are a combination of deep red and amber or gold color.  Yummy and glowing in sunlight!  The rhinestone accent is dark red.  Marked: Austria
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Dazzling Four-Leaf Clover Brooch

Huge oval rhinestones give this four-leaf clover brooch a stellar quality!  Additional sparkle is provided by the central and smaller rhinestones, all in a silvertone setting.  Excellent condition and a fun lucky charm.
2 1/2 by 1 1/2"



Amethyst Comma Brooch

The swirling comma shaped forms of this brooch give it wonderful movement and depth.  Each comma has a large unfoiled amethyst color rhinestone in the center.  Circa 1930s with only light wear to the goldtone finish. 
2 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Sterling Gladiolus Brooch

Delicate and beautifully detailed, this vintage sterling brooch depicts a spray of gladiolus flowers.  So realistic for it's small size.  Marked: Sterling
2 by "



Red Rose Heart Carved Lucite Brooch

So romantic!   This pretty reversed carved lucite brooch. ca early 1950s, is a deeply beveled heart shape and contains two ruffly red roses.  Note:  minor scratches to the surface and darkening glue on the back is reflected in the price.
Reference: Ettinger, 20th Century Plastic Jewelry, p. 61-64; Ettinger, Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry, p. 154-155 [similar pieces]
1 3/4 by 1 1/2"



Enameled Toledoware Orchid Brooch

An especially lovely example of Toledoware from Spain, this dimensional brooch looks like a stylized orchid (or lily) with intricate black and white enameling on the goldtone metal.  The center of the flower has a large teardrop shaped faux pearl.  Exceptional condition.
2 1/4 by 1 1/4"



Emerald & Aurora Borealis Aster Brooch

Resembling a fall aster, this lively brooch has "petals" of emerald green and aurora borealis navette rhinestones with an emerald center.  Accents of faux pearls look like dew drops.  Goldtone settings; exceptional condition.  Ca. 1960
2" diam.



Sterling Griffin Brooch

Beautifully constructed, this mythical figural is sure to delight.  It appears to be a griffin with a Mexican influence.  Construction, design and mark all indicate this piece was made in Mexico in the 1940s.  It's not large, but is weighty and lovely on.   Marked: Sterling
1 1/4 by 1 1/4"



Pink Moonglow Floral Brooch
up114.jpg (28419 bytes)

Pretty pink "moonglow" stones create the petals of these lovely flowers.  Goldtone setting and rhinestone accents make for a very feminine brooch.
2 1/2 by 2 1/4"



Adorable Fish Pin
up087.jpg (4497 bytes)

Modeled after it's "jelly belly" cousins of the 1940s, this darling little fish brooch has a clear belly that's a large glass cabochon.  Ruby rhinestone eye and crystal stone accents add sparkle.  While petite in size, this cutie is big on charm!
1 1/4 by 1"



Pearl Centered Floral & Ribbon Fur Clip

Flamboyant and fun best describes this sizable floral fur clip with it's red open backed stone petals and huge simulated pearl center.  Ca. 1940.   Note: condition is great for it's age, but there is a tiny nick on the high point of the pearl.
3 by 2 1/2"



Purple & Amber Layered Brooch

Plenty of glitz and depth in this intricately layered brooch.  The color combination of purple navettes, amber crinkle molded cabochons and aurora borealis rhinestones is stunning!  Nicely constructed in a manner often seen in Austrian pieces; goldtone settings.
2 1/2" diam.



Multicolor Basket Brooch

Such a pretty basket brooch, all filled with sparkling "flowers".  The goldtone open worked design is very much like the Coro basket seen in this patent from 1950:  Click here for patent 159629.
1 3/4 by 1 1/2"



Mexican Theater Masks Brooch

Feeling dramatic?  This is just the brooch to wear on those emotional or emoting days.  A newer piece (post 1979) it is classic in design with the tragedy/comedy masks of the theater in sterling silver.  Marked: 925 TE 48 Mexico
2 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Green Starburst Brooch/Pendant

Resembling a starburst or snowflake, this dramatic piece is goldtone with emerald green cabochons and a huge central stone.  Substantial and nicely constructed, this brooch has a bonus -- a hook on the back allows it to be worn as a pendant or bead enhancer.  Unsigned, but very similar to Florenza and Art pieces.
2" diam.



Toledoware Sailboat Brooch

Out for a romantic sail, the couple sitting in the boat seem to be having a wonderful time!   This piece shows the incredible attention to detail and dimensions of the Toledoware jewelry from Spain.  The lady's parasol is complete and the sails, adorned with a royal crest, are billowing in the wind.
2 1/4 by 2"



Lavish Pink Flower Brooch
up081.jpg (19796 bytes)

Bold, yet pretty, this remarkable brooch is a single flower with huge open-backed pink stones, a pavé adorned center and enameled leaves.  The pink petal stones are prystal, (plastic, simulated crystal) and measure 25 by 18 mm.  There are a few minor chips in the enamel.
4 1/4 by 2 3/4"



Petite Sea Horse Pin

This darling little sea horse brooch has nice detail for it's size and would be wonderful combined with other sterling sea creatures.  See item SX156 for a large Beau sea horse brooch. 
1 by ⅝"



Victorian Revival Faux Garnet Brooch

This pretty piece mimics the Victorian garnet brooches in style.  Settings are goldtone with garnet colored rhinestones in the old fashioned rose cut.  Note:  one stone has a chip, not noticeable when worn.  Condition is otherwise excellent with no wear to the setting.
1 1/2" diam.



Aqua Dangle Brooch

Swirling retro style brooch has a large emerald cut stone in aqua with an articulated dangle.  Additional stones provide extra sparkle.  Note:  from the construction and style, this piece appears to be from the same maker as the necklace/brooch set US008.
2 by 2"



Austrian Rosy Pear Brooch

Scrumptious!  These are very special and rare Austrian pears.  Those special stones are streaked with sun kissed rose (lighter than pictured), and are perfectly complimented with the emerald green molded leaves and fuchsia rhinestone. Marked: Austria
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Rose Gold Bow Brooch

From the early to mid-1940's, this feminine brooch looks like a soft fabric bow in rose gold with rhinestone trim.  It's in wonderful condition for its age and solidly constructed.
2 1/2 by 2 1/2"



Rosy Root Vegetable Brooch

Whether it's an onion, turnip or radish, this brooch is delicious to behold!   The rose pink square stones really sparkle in the goldtone setting.  Unmarked, but nicely made.
2 1/2 by 1 1/2"



Red/Gold Bird Brooch

Wings spread wide, this charming red and gold enameled bird has a sense of grace and freedom.  Very old piece in potmetal with pavé wings and a red cab body.
3 1/2 by 1 1/2"



Japanned Dome Brooch
UP078.JPG (23527 bytes)

Bewitching dome brooch has a japanned finish (black enamel) with oodles of glittering rhinestones.  The subtle floral pattern is lovely and this piece is well suited to casual or dressy wear.
2 1/4" diam.



Jelly Belly Fish Pin

This adorable fish is similar to the Coro pieces in style and execution.  The lucite "belly" is embedded with rhinestones and this cutie has some enamel trim as well.
1 1/2 by 1"



Fanciful 1940s Retro Brooch
up108.jpg (30343 bytes)

Retro Moderne at it's most graceful:  this goldtone brooch curls and swirls like a whimsical breeze.  The fantasy flowers have glowing red teardrop bead centers.  Note: some damage to finish on the back, which is reflected in the price.
3 1/2 by 2"



Aqua Pavé Bar Pin

up112.jpg (13692 bytes)

This delicate pin is just the right size for lapel or at the throat and sparkles with pavé rhinestones and aqua navettes.  Silvertone setting; excellent condition. The construction on this piece speaks of Bogoff or Ora.
2 by ⅝"



Pearled Hand Pin
UP060.JPG (11332 bytes)

This graceful hand beckons to you as it holds a faux pearl in it's palm. Ornate cuffs are adorned with more faux pearls, stones and black enamel.  Excellent condition.
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Beautiful Deco Bow Brooch

This adorable bow brooch is covered with pavé stones and tied up in ruby colored baguettes.  The loops of the bow round out in this quality piece, giving it a depth of  1/2".  Excellent condition.
2 1/2 by 1"



1940s Retro Sterling Floral Brooch
UP131.JPG (13504 bytes)

Graceful in design, this brooch has a fresh simplicity.  The flower is represented by a huge blue diamond shaped stone and is accompanied by a glowing simulated pearl.  The rose gold plating is in wonderful condition.  There is a teeny nick to the large stone.  Marked: Sterling
3 1/4 by 1 1/2"



Ruby Red Retro
Flower Brooch
up090.jpg (25147 bytes)

Magnificent with its curling leaves and sparkling rhinestones, this large red floral brooch really makes a statement.  Beautifully constructed in layers, the gunmetal colored setting is weighty.  Condition is exceptional for a piece from the late 1930s to 40s.
4 by 2 1/4"



Blue Moonglow
Basket Brooch

Luscious bright blue moonglow cabochons fill this graceful basket to the brim.  Enamel trim and sparkling rhinestones complete a very pretty picture in this late 1930s design. 
Reference: Gabriella Mariotti, All My Baskets, p. 38-39
2 1/2 by 2 1/2"



Black Pearl Floral
Spray Brooch
UP133.JPG (36895 bytes)

Exuberant and colorful, this 1940s brooch has it all enamel, rhinestones, simulated pearls and attitude!  The teardrop faux pearls really make this one special and the heavy construction hints of Staret pieces.  Note:  there is some damage to 2 of the pearls, the topmost at the upper bulb and on the back of the one on the left.  This is reflected in the price.
4 by 2 1/2"



Purple Floral
Trembler Brooch
UP129.JPG (32040 bytes)

Aglitter with large amethyst colored stones, this exuberant flower sure catches the eye.  The stones are open backed, unfoiled in a goldtone setting.  As a true trembler, the "stamens" of the flower are set on a tiny spring to give them life.  Note:  there is some wear to the gold wash on the stem.
3 by 2 3/4"



Ornate Ruby Brooch

up089.jpg (15360 bytes)

Intricate design with geometric, Art Deco influence is gracefully combined with curves.  The result: an astoundingly lovely piece reminiscent of a Christmas tree ornament.  Silvertone setting, oodles of crystal stones and the drama of ruby red rhinestones.
3 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Large Feather Brooch

Long and slender, this silvertone and rhinestone brooch appears to be a feather, or possibly a thin leaf.  Either way, it's a natural for a tailored dress, jacket or even a purse.  Exceptional condition, circa 1960s, and even lovelier in person.
4⅞ by "



Huge Rosy Rhinestone Retro Bow
up080.jpg (19864 bytes)

Flamboyant 1940s Retro Moderne bow is gold washed sterling with a huge (25x18 mm) warm rose colored stone.  Generously sized but feminine piece has wear expected for its age.  Marked: Sterling
3 1/2 by 3 1/4"



Amethyst/Emerald Flower Pin  

Incredible multi-layered construction!  (See full pic for side view)  Pear stones in clear, amethyst and emerald make up the petals of this flower with the center of smaller amethysts supported by a ring of clear baguettes.  Reminds me of an artichoke.  Construction is wonderfully complex and similar to better quality Austrian pieces.
2" diam., 1" deep



Sterling Floral Spray Brooch

A delicate floral design with lovely patina, this brooch shows well on black or jewel tone colors.  Being hand made, each of these pieces differ slightly.  [See the reference for others like this.]   Marked: Hand Made Sterling
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, 3rd Ed., p. 76
2 1/4 by 1 1/4"



Pastel Multicolor Brooch

This delightful brooch is bursting with color.  Scan shows these various pastel shades darker than they are in person.  The heavy construction and styling of this well-made piece are reminiscent of Hollycraft, but it is unsigned.
2 by 1 1/4"



1930s Amethyst Floral Spray Brooch

Lupine, stock or fantasy flowers?  Whatever they are, they're gorgeous.  Heavy piece with nice construction.  Gilt stems, deep amethyst colored navettes and plenty of pavé stones.  Slight wear to gold finish as would be expected from a piece of this age.
3 3/4 by 1 1/2"



Radiant Sunburst Pin

Sunburst or stylized flower?  Either way, this brooch is a glittering delight.  Constructed in layers with "hook and eye" attachment and very dimensional, the image really doesn't do justice to this piece.  Slight aging to a few stones.
2" diam.



Pink Moonstone
Frond Brooch
UP057.JPG (18557 bytes)

Luminous pink imitation moonstones set a magical mood with this brooch.  The leafy frond is accented with black and pink enamel as well as pavé stones.
3 1/2 by 1 1/2"



Retro Roses Brooch

Radiant rose gold plated spray of roses are accented with oval cobalt blue stones.  This 1940s retro styled brooch is very sculptural and in splendid condition.  Marked: Sterling [on applied plaque]
3 3/4 by 2 1/4"



Faux Moonstone Floral Spray Brooch

Wonderful old 1930s pot metal pin with several colors of faux moonstones (lucite moonglow stones) with pavé leaves and ribbon.   Autumn colors are positively glowing with life.
3 by 1 1/2"



Curls & Faux
Emeralds Brooch

Golden curls and a spray of emerald rhinestones bring this brooch a sense of movement and fluidity.  Wonderful retro pin with only slight wear/scratches to the heavy gold plating.  Marked: Sterling
2 3/4 by 2"




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