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Unsigned Jewelry

These pieces, while unsigned or not attributed to a particular designer or maker, are just as enchanting and elegant!  Some of the loveliest vintage costume jewelry is made by that ever present maker:  Anonymous.  Jewelry in this section of Emerald City is organized by type.

Unsigned Jewelry, Page 2:
Brooches and Fur Clips

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Sets ~ Parures

Sapphire Starburst Brooch & Earrings

Of superior construction and design quality, this sterling brooch and clip earring set is truly an "unsigned beauty".   The layered starburst design is composed of sapphire and crystal rhinestones with the brooch having a central, large unfoiled cushion cut stone.  This set, ca. 1940, whispers Mazer, but is just marked: Sterling
Brooch: 2" diam.; Earrings: 1 1/4" diam.



Mixed Metals Grapes Necklace & Bracelet

The mixture of metals in this stunning 1930s set gives it life and texture.  Bunches of grapes and leaves are created in brass, goldtone, silvertone and copper finishes.  The varied lengths of the grape bunches is especially graceful when worn.  Note:  mild to moderate wear to the finish, especially on the bracelet.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 147 [simpler variation of the necklace]
Necklace: 16", 3" drop; Bracelet: 7 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Art Deco Red Cabochon Rhinestone Brooch, Dress Clips & Belt Buckle

This Art Deco ensemble features luscious red cabochons in silvertone settings encrusted with sparkling rhinestones.  How rare to find all these matching pieces in great condition.  The style is lacy with an unusual shaping to the brooch.  Note: the brooch was converted from a dress clip at some time in the past.
Brooch: 2 3/4 by 1 1/2"; Clips: 1 1/4 by 1 1/4"; Buckle set: 2 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Austrian Golden Berry Brooch & Earrings

A rare color for these delightful Austrian fruit pieces, the brooch of this set has lemony yellow fruits with an orangey blush to them.  The clip earrings feature matching green molded leaves.  Slight foil damage to leaves on one earring and to one berry is reflected in the price.
Brooch: 2 by 1 1/2"; Earrings: 1 1/4 by "



Red Baguette Quatrefoil Brooch & Earrings

A stunning set and eye catcher!  The  fruit-like domes are set in a quatrefoil design with open spaces between the rows of deep red baguettes.  Large crystal rhinestones add sparkle in the goldtone settings.  Matching earrings are screw-back style.  The set bears a striking resemblance to Trifari's "Forbidden Fruit" designs of 1950.
Brooch: 1 1/2 by 1 1/2"; Earrings: 3/4 by 3/4"



Graceful Leaves Necklace, Brooch & Earring Set

This lovely set is very much like Reja pieces in both styling and findings, but is unmarked.  The graceful open-work leaves are adorned with rhinestones and curl gracefully in each piece.  Goldtone settings; clip earrings.
Necklace: 15 1/2, 2" drop; Brooch 2 by 1"; Earrings 1 1/4 by 3/4"



1940s Ribbon Set

Feminine and elegant, this brooch and earring set are a lovely example of 1940s styling.  Goldtone setting with rhodium plated and pavé "knot" to the ribbon.  Superior construction comparable to Reja, Trifari or Boucher.  Aging to the navettes are reflected in the price.
Brooch: 2 by 1 1/2";  Earrings: 1 1/4 by 1"



Enameled Sterling Rose Bracelet & Earrings

Roses have always been popular in enameled jewelry and this set is especially sweet and lovely.  The white guilloché background is perfect with the delicate pink roses and green leaves.  Earrings are screw-back style.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Sterling
Bracelet: 7 by 1/2", Earrings: " square



Yellow & Red Orchid Reversed Carved Lucite Set

A bit of tropical splendor, this lovely brooch and screw-back earring set features velvety red and yellow orchids.  As with better reversed carved lucite pieces, there is nice detail and deep dimension to the design.   Excellent condition, free of surface scratches.
Reference: Ettinger, 20th Century Plastic Jewelry, p. 61-64; Ettinger, Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry, p. 154-155 [similar orchid pieces]
Brooch: 2" by 2"; Earrings: 1 by 1"



Dazzling Faux Star Sapphire Parure

Nearly impossible to capture in an image, these stellar pieces (choker, bracelet and screw back earrings) feature large simulated star sapphire cabochons.  Silvertone settings, rhinestones and baguettes make this set radiant.  Lovely construction and excellent condition.  The design is much like that seen in this 1958 Mazer ad.
Necklace: 15", 1 1/4" drop; Bracelet: 7", 1 1/4" wide; Earrings: 1 1/4 by 3/4"



Lords & Ladies Set

This darling brooch and clip earring set in antiqued silvertone depicts lords and ladies of the court.  Very detailed for it's size.  One can't help wondering if the lord is wooing the lady or if they're plotting some palace intrigue.  Very good condition.
Brooch: 1 1/2 by 1 1/2"; Earrings: 1 1/4 by 3/4"



Sterling Machine Age Ruby Bracelet & Earrings

Dating from about 1940, this lovely sterling bracelet and screw-back earring set has the machine age look so popular then, and now.  Alternating links of the bracelet have bezel set deep ruby red rhinestones, as do the earrings.  The set is in wonderful condition and has the architectural look of McClelland Barclay jewelry.  Marked: Sterling
Bracelet: 7 1/2 by ⅞"; Earrings: 3/4 by "



Siam Sterling Turquoise Fan Brooch & Earrings

The extra large fan brooch and matching clip earrings are unusual for the more intricate striped design and for the color scheme: turquoise and white enameling.  A wonderful set especially for Siam sterling nielloware collectors. Marked: Sterling, Made in Siam
Reference: Rezazadeh, Collectible Silver Jewelry, p. 177, Nicholls, Antique Enameled Jewelry, p. 153 [similar pc.]
Brooch: 2⅞ by 2⅛"; Earrings: 1 by 1"



Green Moonglow Grape Parure

Richly textured and full of life, this parure will wrap you in golden leaves with dangling olive green moonglow (lucite) beads.   There is some wear to the goldtone finish and a couple berries appear to have been eaten by birds.
Necklace: adjusts to 17", 1 1/4" wide; Bracelet: 7" long; Earrings: 1 3/4"



Red Velvet Roses Lucite Parure

These charming pieces are reversed carved and hand painted lucite. The roses look like deep red velvet and the lucite is in great condition.  The set includes two oval brooches and pendant earrings that were previously converted to pierced for modern comfort.
Reference: Ettinger, 20th Century Plastic Jewelry, p. 61; Ettinger, Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry, p. 154-155
Brooches: 2 by 1 1/2"; 1 1/2 by 1 1/4"; Earrings: 1 1/2 by 3/4" [pendant portion only]



Edwardian Revival Pearl Drops Brooch & Earrings

This ornate French brooch/clip and clip earring set is probably from the 1970s, but is very Edwardian in styling.  The silvertone settings mimic marcasites and the faux pearl drops lend a regal air.  The bottom portion of the brooch is articulated and it has a very unusual combination pin and clip mechanism - good for securing a scarf.  Note: minor scratches on the pearl cabochon.  Marked: Breveté SDGD [French registration mark]
Brooch: 2⅞ by 1 3/4"; Earrings: 1 by 1⅛"



Orange Sherbet Moonglow Set

Such a scrumptious color -- like that of juicy orange sherbet.  These lucite moonglow beads are graduated in the two choker length strands and are perfect to peek out from under a blouse.  Earrings are clip style.
Reference: click here for the 1946 Richelieu ad of similar pieces
Necklace: adjusts to 15 1/4" (shorter strand); Earrings ⅞" diam.



Blue Topaz Retro Set
US008.JPG (41045 bytes)

Stunning retro style set features large pear shaped stones in blue topaz color.  Rhodium plated, excellent condition.  Note:  this necklace can be found in Collectible Costume Jewelry by Cherri Simonds, p. 102, and was purchased from the author.  The matching brooch was later added.  Letter of authenticity included.
Necklace: 16" long, Brooch: 2 by 1 1/2"



W. German Neapolitan Brooch & Earrings

What a whimsical set!   These unusual beads have a coralene finish and the pink, chocolate brown and ivory striations remind one of Neapolitan ice cream.  Very dimensional piece with aurora borealis rhinestone accents and brass findings.  Clip earrings.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: W. Germany
Brooch: 2 1/4 by 2 1/4"; Earrings: 1 1/4" diam.



Baroque Amethyst Bracelet & Earrings

US006.JPG (48369 bytes)

Intricate and domed setting has central oval amethyst rhinestones and faux pearls.  Substantial construction such that one would expect to see a signature on the pieces!  Clip earrings.
Bracelet: 7 3/4 by over 3/4", 1/2" high, Earrings: 1 3/4 by 3/4"



Light Blue & Green Oval Brooch & Earrings

Light, subtle shades of blue and green give this set a refreshing feel -- like springtime or ocean colors.  Brooch and clip earrings are in fabulous condition, ca. 1960s.
Brooch: 2 by 1", Earrings: 3/4" diam.





Sterling Quatrefoil Link Bracelet

This ornate and beautiful sterling link bracelet has a quatrefoil design composed of leaves in an open styling.  construction places this as a 1940s piece and it has good weight to it (34 grams).  The safety chain is permanently affixed, but a clasp could be added.  Marked: Sterling
7 1/2 by 1⅛"



Rippled Wide Rhinestone Bracelet

Unusual construction in a dimensional and glamorous piece, this stunning bracelet has alternating rows of rhinestones that create small arches around the wrist.  Well made, rare and in exceptional condition.
7 by 1 1/2"



Swirling Amethyst Link Bracelet

ub019.jpg (39294 bytes)

The bold size and impact of this bracelet is offset by the graceful curves even the huge open-backed amethyst colored stones are molded in a swirling shape. Goldtone leaves, simulated pearls and green rhinestones add accents.
7 1/2" long, 2" wide



Floral Molded Celluloid Bangle

This molded celluloid bracelet is a mellow, creamy color simulating carved ivory.  The delicate tinting in pink and green add a blush of color to the flowers and leaves.
Reference: Leshner, Art Plastic Jewelry, p. 202, 207, 209
2 1/2' diam., 7 1/2" circumference, 3/4" wide



Faux Jade Cabochon Link Bracelet

The best of both worlds this elegant bracelet uses both silvertone and goldtone metal.  Alternating links of simulated jade oval cabochons and rhinestone encrusted circles create a real-look piece, ca. 1950.
6 3/4 by 1/2"



Ornate Sterling Peony Bracelet

Although unsigned, this Art Nouveau inspired bracelet has the quality, style and weight of an early Danecraft (Felch Co.) piece.  The oval links have scalloped borders, are slightly domed and the floral design is beautifully detailed and intricate.  Marked: Sterling
7 1/2 by 1"



Czech Blue Art Glass Cabochon Bracelet

Large sapphire blue art glass cabochons are nestled in the silver plated settings in this stunning bracelet.  The link components feature orchid-like flowers and scrolls.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1925.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 99-100 [similar pieces]
7 1/2 by 1"



Art Deco Faux Pearl Triple Strand Bracelet

This quality bracelet has three strands of simulated pearls, all gathered up in a curvy, sparkling push clasp that's pavéd in rhinestones.  The resulting look is very glamorous!  Excellent condition.
7 1/2 by 1"



Sterling Oval Link Grapes Bracelet

Each link of this pretty silver bracelet is an oval frame with a bunch of grapes with clever domed connectors between the links.  The style and construction is consistent with 1940s pieces made in Mexico, though it's only marked as to content on the clasp.  Marked: 925
7 1/2 by 3/4"



1940s Cranberry Stone Bracelet

Typical of pieces made during the early 1940s, this bracelet features one large cranberry stone, a few rhinestones and a machine age styling.  Minimal wear to the gold finish and the construction is high quality.  This style has been seen with the marks Marino and Kafin.
7 1/2" long, just under 1/2" wide



Sterling Morning Glory Link Bracelet

From the 1940s, this bracelet is very similar to Danecraft pieces of the era.  Each oval link has swirling Art Nouveau inspired morning glories and leaves.  See item UP209 for a complementing brooch.  Marked: Sterling
7 1/4 by ⅞"



Art Deco Style Emerald Green Bracelet

This fun link bracelet has interlocking open squares that alternate emerald green rhinestones with texturing in the goldtone settings.  Harkening back to Art Deco times, it's likely from the 1950s.  Note: mild wear to the finish on the back.
7 by "



Sterling Swan Bracelet

Ornately detailed, each link of this sterling silver bracelet has swimming swan amid flowers.  Connecting links also have floral designs.  A lovely vintage piece similar to older Danecraft pieces.  Marked: Sterling
7" long, " wide



Emerald Green Bracelet

This divine bracelet has the look of platinum, emeralds and diamonds.  Emerald cut green rhinestones march down the center of the piece, flanked by sparkling crystal stones.  High quality piece with push clasp and safety chain.
7" long, 1/2" wide



Aurora Borealis Bead Bracelet with Dangles

Flirtatious and fun, this sparkling bracelet is composed of 12 mm aurora borealis crystal beads with two dangles from the clasp.  Sturdy construction means this piece has lasted and will continue to enchant for years to come.
7 3/4" wearable length, 1 1/2" dangles



Royal Knights Copper Bracelet
ub017.jpg (32519 bytes)

Composed of round copper disks, this fun link bracelet features a regal theme.  There are knights, shields and even a royal lion and crown.  The enamel accents and layered construction give this one flair.
8" long, 1" wide



Sterling Embossed Bangle

Decorated with flowing Art Nouveau styled flowers, this bangle is delicate and feminine.   Similar to some Danecraft sterling pieces from the same estate, it is only marked: Sterling.  Note: slightly out of round, which isn't noticeable when worn.
8 1/2" circumference, 2 1/2" diam, ⅜" wide



1930s Amethyst Comma Bracelet

The alternating links on this fun bracelet incorporate pairs of swirling comma shapes that are studded with huge amethyst rhinestones.  Note: moderate wear to the goldtone finish is reflected in the price.  See items UP206 and UP157 for matching brooches.
7 1/2 by ⅞"





Mexican Sterling Leafy Amethyst Earrings

Skillfully made and substantial in weight, these screw-back earrings are graceful leaves with real amethyst cabochons as their base.  These pre-eagle mark beauties date from the 1940s.  Marked: Silver Mexico
1 by ⅞"



Navette Rhinestone Spray Earrings

These large clip earrings are a dazzling and dramatic spray of navette (marquise) rhinestones in silvertone settings.  This style, popularized by Eisenberg, dates from about 1960.  Exceptional condition.
1 3/4 by 1"



Sterling Crown Earrings

Lovely crown earrings set in sterling silver with a rose gold plating and simulated ruby and emerald stones.  From the 1940s, these screw back earrings are nicely constructed and lend a regal touch.  Marked:  Sterling
by 3/4"



Blue Rivoli Cascade Earrings

A cascade of graduated light blue rivoli stones creates lots of glitz in clip earrings with a simple design.  The settings are goldtone and the rivoli stones, popular in Juliana jewelry, have a pizzazz all their own; ca. 1960s
21/2" long



Art Deco Rhinestone Wing Earrings

True Art Deco pieces, these lovely clip earrings have a wing motif that was popular at the time.  Baguette and round rhinestones add sparkle.  Ca. 1931; excellent condition.  Marked: Pat #1836142 [for the clip mechanism].
1 by 1/2"



Austrian Golden Apple Earrings

Like all these luscious Austrian fruit jewels, these clip earrings feature glowing, satin fruit stones with subtle color shadings.  In this case, they're gold and green apples.  Yummy!   Marked: Made Austria
⅞ by 3/4"



Austrian Sapphire Navette Spray Earrings

Rich colors and lots of sparkle make these fanciful earrings very eye-catching.  Sprays of light and dark blue navettes emerge from large aurora borealis rhinestones, all in gun-metal gray settings.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Austria
1 1/2 by ⅞"



Rhinestone Headlight Earrings

Glitz from the 1950s!  These 'headlight' earrings have stunningly sparkling rhinestones arranged in a domed button.  In exceptional condition, these clip earrings may be unmarked Kramer or Weiss pieces.
1" diam.



Art Deco Crystal Drop Earrings

These lovely dangle earrings, ca. 1920, have a timeless quality.  From their rhinestone studded top to the faceted conical black center bead to the final multi-faceted bead, they're beguiling!  [Note: image shows reflections on the left black bead.]
1 3/4" long



Green Navette Rhinestone Leafy Earrings

These charming clip earrings feather a spray of green navette rhinestones and feather frond in the goldtone settings.  Ca. 1965; exceptional condition. The style and construction are similar to Florenza pieces.
1 1/4 by 1"



Art Deco Circle Pendant Earrings

The geometric theme of these screw-back earrings is created by the rays of rhinestones radiating over the circular components.  What a charming combination with a delicate look.
1 by "



Deep Red Pinwheel Earrings

The octagon (emerald cut) rhinestones in these clip earrings are such a deep and juicy shade of red.  The pinwheel or starburst effect is enhanced by the placement of the stones and the rhinestone arches.  The result is dynamic.  Identical pieces have been seen with the Kramer mark, but these are unmarked.
1⅛" diam.



Austrian Flower Rhinestone Earrings

These cheerful floral clip earrings are goldtone with sparkling crystal rhinestones forming the flowers and leaves.  Excellent condition, ca. 1960.  Marked: Made in Austria
1⅛ by ⅞"



Glamorous Navette Dangle Earrings

Beautiful to set eyes on and beautifully made, these drippy, glitzy clip earrings are fabulous.  Layering and large rhinestones give them pizzazz.  With similar construction, they may be unmarked Kramer or Weiss pieces.
2 1/2 by 1"



Sapphire Blue Baguette Earrings

These elegant clip earrings are almond shaped and gently domed.  Montana sapphire blue baguettes line the edges with pavé rhinestones in the center.  Their style and élan whisper Boucher, but these lovely earrings are unmarked.
1 1/4 by 1"



Drippy Pearl & Rhinestone Earrings

Ooh la la!  Glamorous and filled with motion, these delightful clip earrings have simulated pearls and plenty of sparkling rhinestones.  The curls of stones give them a very festive air.  The quality is excellent as is the condition and these could be unsigned Weiss or Kramer earrings.
2 1/2 by 3/4"



Baroque Green Triangle Stone Earrings

Ornate, dimensional and beautifully constructed, these large clip earrings have unusual peaked triangular shaped stones.  Accented with amethyst rhinestones and pearls, they're very rich looking in the antiqued goldtone settings.  Quality is what one would expect from Hollycraft.  Note:  there is a slight nick on the top of one green stone.
1 by 1"



Long Dangle Earrings

Expressive dangle clip earrings sway with your every move.  Slender marquise shaped stones and smaller rhinestones are set in silvertone metal.  Very slight cloudiness to the stones is seen under magnification.  See UB001 for a matching bracelet.
3 by ⅜"



Green Art Glass Triangle Earrings

With a styling similar to Hollycraft pieces of the 1950s, these large clip earrings have darkened goldtone settings and splendid triangular green and black art glass stones.  Very unusual and bewitching!
1 by 1⅛"



Saucy Faux Diamond Earrings
ue010.jpg (6300 bytes)

Deceptively simple, the emerald cut rhinestones in these delightful clip earrings sashay up the curve of the ear.  Very beguiling with oodles of sparkle!  Excellent condition.
1 1/2" long



Faux Opal & Rhinestone Earrings

Dainty and delicious, these screwback earrings feature a central simulated opal surrounded by rhinestones.  Settings are goldtone and the condition is very good to excellent.
⅝ by ⅜"



Pearl Rhinestone Rondelle Earrings

Flirtatious and yet classic, these lovely dangle clip earrings are comprised of simulated pearls alternating with rhinestone rondelles in goldtone findings.
2" long



Glitzy Navette Earrings
ue008.jpg (6810 bytes)

Dazzlingly beautiful, even seductive, these clip earrings are well constructed and in excellent condition.  Unmarked, but from a quality maker, they may be from Weiss or Eisenberg.  They work very well with the Eisenberg necklace, SE006
1 by 3/4"





1920s Luminous Red Bead Necklace

Various shaped Bohemian beads make up this stunning necklace.  The red is a juicy color that's accentuated by the elongated faceted beads.  Fabulous condition; has been restrung at some time so the findings are newer.
25 1/2", 14 mm center bead



Art Deco Blue Square Rhinestone Pendant Necklace

This enchanting necklace is a wonderful example of Art Deco styling – angular and dramatic. The pendant portion contains a huge blue unfoiled stone and all the segments sparkle with rhinestones. Chromium plated; exceptional condition.
16 1/4"; 21/4" drop



Black Floral Molded Stone Necklace

Delicate black and white enameled segments link the large oval molded glass stones in this charming necklace.  Styling and construction suggest Czech origin, ca. 1930.  Silver plated with mild wear; 2 tiny chips on one enameled flower; paper-clip chain.  Clasp is marked Sterling.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 143
16", 3/4" wide



Czech Faux Carved Jade & Leaves Necklace

From the 1930's, this lovely necklace has textured leaves alternating with molded glass ovals that simulate carved jade.  Excellent condition and an interesting construction make this a lovely find.
15 1/2 by 3/4"



Art Deco Blue Zircon Bead Tasseled Sautoir

Such a radiant color - the deep water color of blue zircons.  The angular beads in this necklace exhibit the architectural style of the Art Deco era and contrast with the faceted round beads.
Reference: Baker, 100 Years of Collectible Jewelry, p. 14, Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 135
28", 4" drop



Dark Ruby Red Rhinestone Garland Choker

This enchanting necklace features luscious deep red rhinestones in a draping garland design finished with a delicate paper-clip chain.  Marked: Sterling [clasp], but the findings appear to be rhodium plated.
15", 1 1/4" drop



Peridot & Amber Rhinestone Japanned Necklace

The peridot and amber colored rhinestones really stand out with exuberance against the japanned settings in this lovely necklace.  Nicely made, with a book-chain extension, this is likely an Austrian piece from the 1950s.
Adjusts to 17", 7/8" wide



Art Deco Ornate Sterling & Marcasite Necklace

The intricate design of this 1920’s piece features marcasite adorned flowers and swirls in each triangular segment.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: 925 [necklace and clasp]

Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 37 [matching earrings], p.39 [similar pieces]
16 3/4”, 1” drop



Art Deco Pink Rhinestone & Filigree Necklace

Delicate filigree findings and rosy pink angular square and baguette rhinestones make this an alluring necklace.  Excellent condition; ca. 1920.  An additional ring has been added allowing the piece to be shortened if desired.
16", 2 1/4" drop



1920's Red & Black Tasseled Bead Necklace

The essence of Art Deco style, this long tasseled sautoir or necklace incorporates black and red beads – a popular color combination of the 1920s.  Excellent condition and very eye catching with the extra long, luxuriant tassel.
Reference:  Baker, 100 Years of Collectible Jewelry, p. 14, Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 135
32”, 5” drop



Camphor Glass Pendant Necklace

Delicate and feminine, this lovely pendant necklace has the lacy look so popular in the Edwardian era.  The satin or camphor glass has a star pattern with a rhinestone center.  The silvertone setting has a detailed open-work edging.  See item UP265 for a similar brooch.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 80-83
Pendant: 1 1/2 by ⅞"; 15 1/2" chain



1920s Glowing Green Bead Necklace

This lovely 1920s faceted bead necklace features the characteristic long tapered beads with a large oval bead center.  The color is a rich green, warmer than an emerald green and the beads are individually knotted.
28”, ” at center front



Art Deco Sterling & Marcasite Lavaliere

Probably of European origins, this delicate Art Deco pendant necklace or lavaliere with a quatrefoil motif is sterling silver adorned with marcasites.  Ca. 1925; exceptional condition.  Marked: Sterling
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p.107 [similar pieces]
16 1/2", 2” drop



Delicate Crystal Fringe Necklace

Sparkling fringes of open-backed square and chaton rhinestones create a waterfall effect in this alluring necklace.  Silvertone settings; ca. 1925; exceptional condition.
Reference: Leshner, Vintage Jewelry 1920-1940s, p. 202 [matching earrings]
15", 1 1/2" drop



Czech Blue Art Glass Cabochon Necklace

The silver plated components of this lovely necklace are especially elegant.  The links contain classic designs and roses to complement the large sapphire blue art glass cabochons.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1925.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 99-100 [similar pieces]
16", 1 1/4" drop



Art Deco Red Disc & Teardrop Bead Necklace

Luscious red beads create the popular longer style Art Deco necklace with elongated teardrop beads and fun flat disc shaped beads.  The color really shines in the light and the piece is a versatile medium length.  Excellent condition.



Art Deco Green Egyptian Bead Necklace

The 1922 opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb had a huge impact on jewelry of the era, many of which depicted pyramids, hieroglyphics and Egyptian figures.  This beaded necklace features angular beads with an Egyptian motif.  Excellent condition; barrel clasp.
Reference: Baker, Art Nouveau & Art Deco Jewelry, p. 25 [similar pieces]
17”; 2” drop



Golden Amber Bead Tasseled Sautoir

This Art Deco beaded necklace glows in a sunshine golden amber and includes the characteristic large lozenge and oval faceted beads.  This piece is longer than most with an extra long and 9 strand tassel.
Reference: Baker, 100 Years of Collectible Jewelry, p. 14, Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 135
36", 5" drop



Baguette Rhinestone Tassel Necklace

This alluring necklace demonstrates an artful use of tapered baguettes (trapezoid shaped) rhinestones with regular baguettes.  The pendant portion resembles a tassel.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1950s.
Adjusts to 171/2", 2" drop



Green & Clear Tasseled Bead Necklace

The smaller beads of this Art Deco era necklace give it a lighter, more delicate feel. The emerald green and colorless beads are a fresh combination and include elongated pyramid beads in the design.
28”; 2 1/2” drop



1920s Black Faceted Bead Necklace

This stunning necklace combines faceted black glass (French jet) beads with clear spacers for a lovely effect.  The beads are a pear or teardrop shape with a large (15 mm) round bead at the center front.  The filigree hook/push clasp is silvertone.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 136-137 [similar pieces]
16" long



Amethyst Bead Tasseled Sautoir

This Art Deco era necklace includes oval and long lozenge shaped faceted beads with a saucy tassel.  The amethyst color is beguiling, it's in lovely condition, and is a wearable length for today's fashions.
Reference: Baker, 100 Years of Collectible Jewelry, p. 14, Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 135
32", 3 1/2" drop



1920s Molded Glass Grapes Pendant Necklace

This rare necklace from the 1920s has elements of both Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts styling -- curvaceous but streamlined.  In exceptional condition, the brass settings glow, setting off the huge (11/2 by 1") frosted molded grapes stone.  (Chardonnay, perhaps?)
Pendant: 2 1/2" (w/out bale), chain: 17"



Blue Crystal Raindrops Choker

This lovely crystal bead necklace is light sapphire in color with faceted briolettes hanging from the delicate bi-cone bead base.  They resemble raindrops sparkling in the light.  Note: this is a short choker which could be easily lengthened with extensions from the spring clasp and ring.
13 3/4" long, " drop



Art Deco Delicate Rhinestone Necklace

Providing a subtle sparkle, this nicely made delicate choker has rectangular links with connections cleverly hidden under a raised rhinestone.  A lovely piece that's suitable for day wear as well as evening events.
14 1/4 by "



Light Amethyst Aurora Borealis Bead Sautoir

This extra long necklace, like those of the 1920s, is still in vogue today and looks beautiful doubled as shown here.  The faceted crystal beads are light amethyst in color with an aurora borealis finish giving warm glints to the beads. 
54" long, largest bead: 13 mm



1920s Peking Glass Floral Necklace

Probably of Czech origins, this pretty necklace has oval medallions of green art glass resembling chrysoprase or jade.  The cheery floral overlays and ornate links add a feminine flair.  The push clasp is hidden under a flower.  Very good condition with only mild wear to the metal finish.
16" long; 1" drop; pendant 1 1/2 by 1"



1920's Light Blue Tasseled Bead Necklace

Light sapphire and clear, colorless beads of various sizes lend this delicate tasseled necklace the look of the sky on a breezy spring day.  Excellent condition.
29”; 4” drop



Black Diamond Aurora Borealis Bead Sautoir

Popular in the 1920s, long beaded necklaces or sautoirs are still in style today whether worn singly or doubled.  The faceted crystal beads are smoky gray (black diamond) with a magical aurora borealis finish.
54" long, largest bead: 13 mm



Art Deco Red & Black Enamel Necklace

The epitome of Art Deco styling, this lovely link necklace is silvertone metal with red and black enamel accenting the architectural design. Circa 1929; barrel clasp.  Excellent condition with minor plating wear on a couple links.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 105, 112 [similar pieces]
15 1/2 by "



1920s Bi-cone Bead Necklace

This lovely necklace from the 1920s is composed of glass bi-cone beads with disc spacers, all strung on a very fine chain.  Charming and timeless with a durability to last for many more years.
Reference: Ettinger, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, p. 136-138
16" long, 12 mm center bead



Bohemian Purple Glass Bead Necklace

There's a lovely depth of color to the purple beads in this Art Deco era necklace.  Slightly graduating in size, the beads are strung on chain for added strength and the clasp is an unusual cylindrical push-clasp.  Excellent condition and more radiant in person.
19" long; 10 mm center beads



1920s Faux Onyx Lavaliere

From the 1920s, this lovely old necklace has an Art Deco geometric influence with the laciness of Edwardian pieces.  The pot metal settings hold rhinestones of various shapes and a simulated onyx central stone.  A wonderful piece of history!
18" long with 1 1/2" drop



Czech Jade Green Bead Necklace

The beads in this unusual draped necklace are a lustrous green with some being round and the others disc shaped.  Findings have a pretty design.  Ca. 1930.  Note: there is mild expected wear to the metal findings.  Marked: Czechoslovakia (on clasp)
15 1/2" (shorter strand); 2 1/2" drop



Amethyst & Light Blue Crystal Bead Necklace

The graduated crystal beads in this lovely necklace are a rare bicolor:  amethyst and light sapphire.  Spacers are amethyst colored.  The overall look is delicate and enchanting.  Exceptional condition; largest bead is 15 mm.
19 1/2"



Light Smoked Topaz Bead Sautoir

Long beaded necklaces or sautoirs were all the rage in the 1920s.  The crystal faceted beads in this necklace are a warm smoky topaz color and are arranged so it looks perfect doubled into a two stranded necklace.
54" long, largest bead: 13 mm



Art Deco Curved Segments Rhinestone Choker

An early Art Deco piece, this choker length necklace is silvertone with sparkling rhinestones.  Each of the three segments is gently arched and incorporates the circles and angles that were so popular in the late 1920's.  Exceptional condition; metal appears to be chromium.
15 by 3/4"



Purple Art Glass Necklace

This sumptuous necklace incorporates quality construction with nice weight and a classic design.  The banded purple art glass stones resemble Scottish agate.  Circa 1960s; exceptional condition.  
Adjusts to 18", 3/4" wide



Light Blue Bead Double Pendant Sautoir

From the 1920s, this flapper necklace of light sapphire blue glass beads is just stunning!  The unusual design has two large pendant drops (1 5/8" long) and some interesting bead shapes.  Note: minor chipping to a few of the beads.
Reference: Baker, 100 Years of Collectible Jewelry, p. 14
32", plus 4" drop



Red Aurora Borealis Bead Necklace

From the 1950s, this rich red necklace features graduated crystal beads that are faceted and have the iridescent aurora borealis finish.  The hooked closure allows them to be adjusted to just the right length for your outfit.
Adjusts to 191/2", 12 mm center beads



Aqua Blossoms & Branch Choker

Glittering aqua flowers and leaves are enhanced with baguettes and rhinestones in this layered choker.  In lovely condition, this piece closely resembles a line produced by Trifari in 1951.
16 1/2" long, 2" drop



Light Sapphire Aurora Borealis Bead Sautoir

This extra long necklace, made popular in the 1920s, is still in vogue today and looks beautiful doubled as shown here.  The faceted crystal beads are light sapphire in color with an aurora borealis finish. 
54" long, largest bead: 13 mm



Graduated Amethyst Bead Necklace

Glorious faceted bohemian glass or crystal beads in amethyst color make up this generously sized necklace from the 1920s.  The oval beads are graduated in size, individually knotted, and are in very good condition for their age.
32" long



Rhinestone & Black Glass Choker

A classic from the 1950s, this darling choker is just made for that little black dress or for a prom.  The black glass stones (or French jet) are of varying shapes and are flanked by sparkling rhinestones in silvertone metal.  Slight aging of the stones is reflected in the price.
Adjusts to 14 1/2"



Purple Dangle Necklace

Known as the "Gone With the Wind" style, this lovely necklace features three dangling components and royal purple stones.  Silvertone setting is well constructed. Similar in style and feel to Bogoff pieces, but not marked.
15" with 2" drop




Dress Clips, Rings, Charms & Misc.

Wondering how to wear dress clips?  Try one on a neckline, pocket, notched lapel, belt or hat band.  Be creative and wear several! 

Cobalt Blue Baguette & Rhinestone Dress Clip

Bands of brilliant blue baguettes adorn the leafy motif of this rhinestone covered dress clip from the late 1920's.  Pot metal settings; exceptional condition.
2 1/2 by 11/2"



Art Deco Edged Violet Sterling Charm

This unusual and large charm has an intricate Art Deco style edging with a sweet violet flower in the center.  Both sides are the same.  Violets symbolize modesty and faithfulness.
1 by ⅞"



1920s Sterling Ring

Delicate designs and detailing can be seen on the sides of this lovely ring from the 1920s. The geometric top is offset by lovely swirls on the band and sparkling rhinestones -- both deep red and crystal.  Marked: Sterling
Size 5; top is ⅝ by 1/4"



Art Deco Triangular
Dress Clip

This large, rhinestone studded dress clip has an unusual and especially lovely Art Deco design.  While the basic shape is triangular and architectural, the central swirl adds lyrical movement.  Nicely made, with an ornate pattern on the clip mechanism; exceptional condition.
2 1/2 by 1⅞"



Acanthus Leaf Sterling Puffy Heart Charm

The ornate acanthus leaf border of this sterling heart charm draws the eye to the center which is plain to allow engraving if desired.  Ca. 1940; exceptional condition.  The back is the same, but marked: Sterling
⅞ by 3/4"



Sapphire and Pavé Rhinestone Dress Clip

The domed construction of this early 1930s dress clip is unusual and reminiscent of a hoop skirt.  The piece is topped with a large sapphire blue navette, edged in blue square stones and has triangle rhinestones for added sparkle.  Unmarked, but the clip mechanism was common to Coro pieces, and it may have been part of a duette.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Pat 1852188 [clip mechanism]
1 3/4 by 1 1/4"



Lily Bouquet Dress Clip

This delightful dress clip appears to be silver plated and depicts a large, exuberant bunch of lilies with great detail and realism.  It's reminiscent of silver plated Napier pieces of the 1940s.  Excellent condition; well made.
2 1/2 by 1 1/4"



Ruby Red Banded Art Deco Dress Clip

Slender and stunning, this Art Deco dress clip has a restrained design but eye-popping color with the band of siam ruby square rhinestones running down the center.
2⅛ by ⅞"



Double Heart Sterling Charm

This sweet 1940's charm features two hearts surrounded by ornate scrolls within the heart shaped charm.  The back is slightly dented but condition is otherwise excellent.  Marked: Sterling
by 1/2"



Rhinestone Grape Bunch Dress Clip

A classic symbol of abundance, this bunch of grapes and leaves is all aglitter with crystal rhinestones in silvertone settings.  Construction and clip finding indicate it's ca. 1930s.
2 by 2"



Floral Scrolls Sterling Heart Charm

The swirling scrolls and flowers of this lovely heart charm have an Art Nouveau styling.  The blossoms are delicate violets or pansies - both of which are sweet and romantic.  Note: the face of this charm picked up lots of reflections in the photos.  Marked: Sterling
⅞ by 3/4"



Art Deco Shield Dress Clip

Stunning and simple in design, this 1930s dress clip is a shield shape (nearly triangular).  The unusual stones make the piece!  In sapphire blue, crystal and amber, they're mirror backed stones that really shine.  Silvertone settings.  Note: the blue stones are lighter than shown in the image.
2 by 1"



1920s Wreath Hair Clip

Similar to a dress clip, this hair ornament has the easy to use clip mechanism plus tines to grip in hair.  The pretty wreath design is sparkling with rhinestones.  Exceptional condition and a rare find.
Ornament: 1" diam.; clip: 1 3/4" long



Art Deco Red Cabochon Dress Clips

Large, high oval cabochons in stunning red are the focus of these fan-shaped pavéd dress clips.  This pair may have been part of a duette clip/brooch combination, ca. 1930.  Exceptional condition.
1 by 1"



Floral Carved Celluloid Dress Clip

Carved or molded celluloid pieces were popular in the 1930s-1950s and often showed wonderful craftsmanship in the depth and intricacy of the design as well as the colored enhancements.  This floral piece is rare since it's a dress clip rather than a brooch.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Japan
Reference: Romero, Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed., p. 154; Leshner, Art Plastic Jewelry, p. 202, 209 [similar bracelets]
2 by 1 1/2"



Large Deco Dress Clip

Not for the timid!   This large 1930s dress clip is perfect for that holiday V-necked dress, especially if it's black.  Pot metal setting curves gently outward, and is filled with sparkling rhinestones.
2 3/4 by 1 3/4"



Ornate Amethyst
Dress Clips

Probably of Czech origin, these two large dress clips are ornate with the layered filigree settings being accented with amethyst colored rhinestones.  Great on jacket lapels, hat, belt or purse.
2 1/4 by 2"



Wide Triangular Rhinestone Dress Clip

From the Art Deco era, this wide triangular dress clip shows an Egyptian influence with the wing-like sides decorated with baguettes.  It would work well on a pocket, belt or v-neck.
2 1/4 by 1 1/2"



1930s Wreath Dress Clip
uc014.jpg (19580 bytes)

Dimensional and fun, this dress clip looks like a holiday wreath.  The surrounding red and green stones are actually dimensional bell shaped cups on rhinestone studded pins.  A very unusual and colorful piece in excellent condition except for a manufacturing flaw where one of the tiny rhinestone cups is missing from the center of a red bell.
2 1/2" diam., ⅜" deep



Art Deco Pave Dress Clip

From the 1930s, this fun dress clip combines a rounded top resembling the end of a skeleton key with a cascade of ribbons - all pavéd with rhinestones.  A charming bit of sparkle that can adorn lapel, pocket, belt or purse.
2 by 1⅛"



Petite Wave Edged Puffy Heart Charm

Both sides of this pretty charm are the same.  The border is a series of scrolls or waves with tiny hearts at the top and bottom.  Ca. 1940; excellent condition.
Marked: 925
[on ring]
3/4 by 1/2"



Stylized Floral Dress Clips

This pair of rhinestone adorned dress clips closely resemble a series of clips patented by Coro in 1937, but are unmarked.  They may have been part of a duette.  They're nicely constructed and in excellent condition.
1 1/2 by 1"



Large Bow Dress Clip

Wonderful dress clip with both deco and retro influence to the scrolled styling probably from the late 30s. Goldtone with assorted sizes of round clear stones, some pave in silvertone accenting the golden swirls. This piece is stunning on a jacket pocket or the center of a dress.
2 3/4" long, 2" wide



Red Celluloid Floral Dress Clip

Charming and cheerful, this 1930s dress clip is triangular in overall shape and is composed of a cluster of luscious red celluloid flowers with rhinestone centers.  Exceptional condition given its age.
2 1/4 by 1 3/4"



Floral Dress Clip

Unusual three dimensional flowers comprise this dress clip from the 1930s. Wonderfully detailed design with twinkling round chaton stones and six baguettes. The baguettes show their age, all other stones are in great condition. Nicely constructed of silvertone metal with an engraved design on the clip mechanism.
2" long, 1" wide




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