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Elegant and fascinating, jewelry depicting royal accoutrements are always popular.  This was especially the case around the time of  Queen Elizabeth's accession to the English throne in 1952.  In honor of this tradition, the Coward Lion has gathered up these very special vintage pieces to present to you.


Beau Sterling Coronation Crown Brooch

This lovely sterling silver brooch depicts the traditional English coronation crown in a light and airy styling, ca. 1950.  Be a queen for the day!  Marked: Beau Sterling (circled around B)
1½ by 1"



Beau Sterling Key Brooch

A lovely key brooch with an elaborate top of swirls or plumes, this could open the castle door or someone's heart.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Beau Sterling
2 by 1"



Bogoff Amethyst Regal Crown Brooch

Purple is traditionally a royal color and is lovely incorporated into this dimensional, rhinestone adorned crown brooch.  The use of tear drop stones is an unusual touch.  Exceptional condition; rhodium plated.  Marked: Bogoff
1½ by 1⅜"



Boucher Fleur-de-Lis Red Baguette Crown Brooch

This regal crown brooch is an earlier version of this design with baguettes on the inner rim and dark red baguettes adorning the outer band.  Faux pearls and rhinestones add elegance.  Ca. 1952; exceptional condition.  Marked: MB (w/ Phrygian cap) 5398
Reference: Simonds, Collectible Costume Jewelry, p. 157
1⅝ by 1"



Boucher Coronation Crown Pins

Each of these two regal brooches has a faux pearl and pavé rhinestones in a silvertone setting.  These crowns are similar to the English Coronation Crown and date from about 1952.  Although unsigned, they are marked with the style number and match similar enameled Boucher pieces.  Marked:  4087
1 by 1"



Hattie Carnegie Regal Red Cabochon Brooch

Suitable for royalty, this lovely brooch features a huge red cabochon, faux pearls, pavé rhinestones and large dangling faux pearl, all in rich goldtone.  This shield-shaped brooch has a hook to be also worn as a pendant.  Note:  there is a small scratch or defect on the cabochon, reflected in the pricing.  Marked:  Hattie Carnegie
3 by 1⅝"



Cini Crowned Eagle Brooch

Stunning and dramatic with spread wings, this crowned eagle actually looks more regal than fierce.  A powerful and commanding figural brooch!  Marked: Sterling by Cini
2½ by 2"



Cini Mythical & Regal Bracelet

Each panel of this rare bracelet has detailed figures with mythical and regal themes: griffin, Medici crest, fleur-de-lis, etc.    Marked: G. Cini Sterling
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 85, 90
6¼ by 1”



Cini Ornate Key Brooch

This rare and beautiful sterling silver piece is an ornate skeleton key made in 1941.  The design incorporates a central shell and stylized dolphins with other elegant, regal details.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 91
3 by 1½"



Cini Regal Shield & Dragons Brooch

The central focus of the brooch is the Medici crest, a decorative crown topped shield, but it's protected by flanking dragons.  A fabulously ornate and fanciful piece, in nicely cast sterling.  Marked: Sterling by Cini
Reference: Schiffer, Silver Jewelery Treasures, p. 89 [similar pieces]
3 by 1¼"



Cini Small Ornate Key Brooch

A lovely example of Cini traditional European styling, this smaller key brooch is still ornate and detailed with scrolls and a central shell.  See item SX201 for the larger key brooch.  Marked: Cini Sterling
1 by ¾"



Coro Pavé Coronation Crown Pin/Clip

Studded with regal cabochons in emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby, this pavé dress clip is an older piece than those so popular around 1950.   While unsigned, I have a smaller version of this piece in a brooch marked Coro.  This one may have been part of a duette and is fit for a queen!
1¾ by 1½"



Coro Ceremonial
Axe Brooch

More beautiful than threatening, this ceremonial axe piece is goldtone with rich deep red and green stones.  This pin is a great example of the nicely detailed figural pieces from the Coro designers.  Marked:  Coro, Des. Pat. Pend.
2¾ by ¾"



Coro Regal Shield Pin
SC031.JPG (6790 bytes)

Ornate and intricate, this lovely pin features a simulated moonstone cabochon surrounded by royal elements:  crown, wings, greyhounds and curlicues.  Marked:  Coro
1½ by 1¼"



Coro Dazzling Rhinestone Sword Brooch

Powerful in both motif and sparkle, this huge rhinestone encrusted sword brooch really makes a statement and is sure to be noticed!  Marked: Coro Des Pat Pend
4¼ by 1½"



Coro Craft Sapphire 'Golden Jubilee' Crown Brooch

Inspired by the British coronation crown, this dimensional and elegant brooch features square sapphire rhinestones and crystal baguettes.  The design commemorated the 50th anniversary of Coro.  Marked: Coro Craft
Reference: click here for the 1951 patent and here for the ad.
1 by 1½"



Coro Ornate Key Brooch

This royal castle skeleton key features ruby and emerald colored rhinestones in goldtone settings.  This is another of the elegant and charming Coro figural pieces from the late 1940s.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro [w/ Pegasus]
Reference: click here for the 1948 patent.
3¼ by 1¼"



Coro Golden Knight Earrings

Flanked by flags and standards, this heroic knight in armor looks very brave.  These clip earrings are solidly constructed with an antiqued look to the goldtone finish, and they're in exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro
1 by 1⅛"



Coro Princess Crown Brooch

Glittering like real diamonds, the stones in this silvertone crown setting are fit for a princess.  One of the prettiest crown pieces produced, it has a gently domed structure   Exceptional condition.  Marked: Coro
Reference: Click here for the 1948 patent.  Dolan, Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry [4th Ed.], p. 225
2 by 1½"



Coro King Brooch
sc056.jpg (8760 bytes)

Familiar from a deck of cards, this stately king has a full crown and wields his sword.  Heavy stamped metal has an "antiqued" finish and is in excellent condition.  Marked: Coro
1½ by 1¼"



Coro Queen's Crown Brooch

Intricate and regal, this large crown brooch has emerald and ruby cabochons plus a lavish array of other sparkling jewels.   Marked:  Coro (w/ Pegasus), Des. Pat. Pend. 
Reference:  Click here for the 1944 patent.
2 by 2"



CoroCraft Castle Pin
sc057.jpg (9764 bytes)

Dating from the 1940s this delightful castle brooch has lovely details in gold plated sterling.  Rhinestones adorn the two towers in this rarely seen piece.  See ST043 for the Trifari castle.  Marked:  Sterling Craft, Coro
1 by ¾"



Coro "Golden Jubilee" Necklace
SC059B.JPG (20138 bytes)

Richly sculptured, this rare crown pendant has deeply curving "poufs", baguette trim and is backed with glowing red square rhinestones. What a glorious crown! This design commemorated Coro's 50th anniversary.  Marked:  Coro
Reference:  See the 1951 ad in Auntie Em's Corner.   Click here to see the patent.
Chain: 15½", pendant: 1⅝ by 1½"



Danecraft Sterling Knight & Shield Set

Intricately detailed, this set has a knight in armor standing before a shield topped with a crown and draped with the royal pennant.  Earrings are screw-back; excellent condition.  Marked: Danecraft ® Sterling
Brooch: 1¾ by 1½"; Earrings: 1 by ¾"



Danecraft Lacy Crown Brooch & Earrings

These rare crown brooch and screw-back earrings have a delicate but ornate design that's very elegant.  The use of both marks dates the set at the mid-1940s.  Marked: FCo Sterling [Felch mark, brooch], Danecraft ® Sterling [earrings]
Brooch: 1⅞ by 1½"; Earrings: ⅞ by "



Danecraft Small Skeleton Key Pin

This classic skeleton key pin is sterling with pretty scrolls.  It looks nice on a smaller lapel or combine it with similar key brooches for a themed look.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Danecraft Sterling
1⅞ by "



Lang Sterling Royal Figures Chatelaine Set

This merry chatelaine set includes the king and queen on one brooch and the grinning jester on the other.  They look like the fool has just made a very witty joke.  It's a fun set that can be worn a number of ways and is sure to bring a smile.  Marked: Lang Sterling
King/Queen: 2 by 1¾", Jester: 1⅝ by 1⅝", chains: 6, 6½"



Lang Enchanted Carriage Brooch

Fit for a Queen or Cinderella, this sterling silver carriage will carry you regally through your day.  The patina from age enhances the ornate details of this lovely piece.   Marked:   Lang Sterling 
2¾ by 2"



Lang Jolly Jester Brooch

This jolly court jester will put a smile in your day and be a fun companion to wear.  Who could resist that sterling smile?   Marked:  Lang Sterling
1⅝ by 1⅝"



Lang Lute Brooch

One can almost hear the music from this darling lute brooch.  Envisioning a wandering minstrel, this detailed sterling brooch, complete with its wire "strings", is being included in our Royal Jewels collection.  A nice piece to wear with the jester, item SL006.  Marked:  Lang Sterling
2⅝ by ¾"



Mazer Bros. Royal Orb Brooch

With exquisite design and construction like fine jewelry, this rare coronation orb brooch is a collector's dream.  The etched floral pattern on the orb lends a light note to a piece that is a symbol of authority and power.  The piece has substantial weight and dimension.  Excellent condition with a few aged tiny rhinestones; ca. 1949.  Marked: Mazer Bros.
Reference: Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry, A-M, p. 244; Simonds, Collectible Costume Jewelry, p. 158
3 by 2"



HM Ornate Crown Earrings
sx060.jpg (22481 bytes)

Not for the timid, these magnificent, large clip earrings will draw eyes and comments!  Large red cabs are nestled in the goldtone settings and accented with rhinestones and aurora borealis stones.  Although contemporary, these are done in the vintage style by well-known costume jewelry author Harrice Simons Miller.  (Note: clip backs have comfort sponges attached.)  Marked:  HM 1992 
1¾ by 1½"



Miracle Celtic Cross Brooch & Earrings

Regal in bearing, these lovely pieces have a Celtic theme in silvertone metal.  The stones are a stunning color combination of deep amethyst and green.  Earrings are clip style.  Miracle has produced quality costume jewelry since 1946.  Marked:  Miracle
Brooch: 1" diam.; Earrings: ¾" diam.



ORA Crown Pins

You'll feel doubly regal wearing these delicate and lovely crown brooches.  The rhodium plated settings are encrusted with rhinestones.  Marked:  ORA
1¼ by 1¼"



ORA Keys Brooch
sx081.jpg (13871 bytes)

Keys to the castle tower?  These pretty crossed keys are goldtone with pavé rhinestones to set you lapel aglitter.  Marked:  ORA
1½ by 1¼"



Pell Rose Navette Crown Brooch

This pretty coronation style crown is meant for a princess with the rose pink navettes and lots of sparkling rhinestones, including baguettes along the rim.  Exceptional condition; on card.  Although unmarked, it’s identical to the marked Pell crown, item SX117.
Reference: Brown, Rhinestone Jewelry - Figurals, p. 241
1¾ by 1¾"



Pell "Diamond" Crown Brooch

Dazzling with simulated diamonds in silvertone setting, this graceful crown brooch is very majestic.  An unusual piece for Pell, it has great dimension and is well made.  Marked:  Pell
Reference: Brown, Rhinestone Jewelry - Figurals, p. 241
1¾ by 1¾"



Peruzzi Ornate Regal Shield Bracelet

This silver link bracelet has a large central focus with ornate scrolls, shield and crown, resembling the Medici coat of arms.  Surrounding links are a variety of shields with nicely detailed designs.  Unsigned, but attributed as Peruzzi from matching signed pieces.  Marked: 800
Reference: Rezazadeh, Collectible Silver Jewelry, p. 150
7 by 1"



Peruzzi Ornate Regal/Gothic Sterling Brooch

Incredibly detailed and nicely constructed, this brooch may be an unsigned Peruzzi piece.  It incorporates the Medici coat of arms with cherubs, a crown and an almost ghostly female torso at the bottom.  Unsigned, but attributed as Peruzzi from matching signed pieces.  Marked:  Sterling 
Reference: Rezazadeh, Collectible Silver Jewelry, p. 150
2¼ by 2"



Mexican Sterling Leafy Key Brooch

This lovely sterling silver skeleton key brooch has a leaf motif to the key head, but with a modernist flair.  See SX148 for the companion piece.   Marked: MAR, 925, Mexico, Taxco, with the Eagle 3 mark.
2 by 1"



Mexican Sterling Skeleton Key Brooch

Nicely crafted, this vintage Taxco sterling piece is a regal skeleton key with flourishes.  No information could be found on the artist or maker.  Marked:  MAR, 925, Mexico, Taxco, with the Eagle 3 mark.
2½ by 1"



Reja Sterling Winged Knight's Helmet Brooch

Unusual and inventive figural jewelry was the forte of Reja and this piece is one of the rarer ones.  The knight's helmet is very dimensional with large rhinestone edged wings and enamel trim.  Excellent condition with very minor wear.   Marked: Reja Sterling
Reference: Ettinger, Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry, p. 57
2¾ by 1⅛"



Reja Regal British Lion & Crown Set

Looking both regal and slightly fierce, this wonderful sterling figural set from the 1940s has a crown base with the lion.  Both the brooch and screw-back earrings are gold plated sterling, adorned with sparkling rhinestones and enameled accents.  Note: although not shown well in the image, the red enameling on the tongue is only slightly worn.  It's rare to find this beauty with the earrings and in such fabulous condition!  Marked: Reja Sterling
Brooch: 2⅛ by 2"; Earrings: 1⅛ by "



Reja Dazzling Rhinestone Crown Brooch

An unusual treatment of the royal crown theme, this brooch has lots of curvy dimension and large open-backed rhinestones to capture the light.  Rhodium plated; exceptional condition.  Marked: Reja
2¼ by 1¼”



Nettie Rosenstein Regal Knight Pendant

From the 1940s, this rare Nettie Rosenstein pendant necklace has a handsome knight in silvertone on a gold plated plaque.  Pavé rhinestones adorn his helmet and leaves.  Excellent condition.  Marked:  Nettie Rosenstein, Sterling
Pendant: 2¼ by 1¼", chain: 22"



Trifari Green Cabochon Sterling Crown Earrings

These charming clip earrings match the elegant crown brooch with the same large cabochons, here in emerald green, and rhinestone accents.  The simple swirling style also pairs well with some of the other cab pieces from that time.  Note: moderate but even wear to the plating.  Marked: Trifari [w/ crown] Sterling, Des Pat No. 143989
Reference: click here for the 1946 patent and here for the 1945 ad.  Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry, N-Z, p. 136
1 by ½"



Trifari King of Diamonds Brooch

Larger than the original King of Diamonds from the 1940s, this contemporary reissue has wonderful enamel trim as well as sparkling simulated jewels.  (See item ST046 for the original piece.)  A heavy and fun piece with a majestic bearing, and it comes with the original box.   Marked:  Trifari ™ 1996 
2⅜ by 1¼"



Trifari Green Cabochon Sterling Crown Brooch

One of the most beautiful and regal crown brooches ever made!  This variant has large green cabochons with a faux opal cab and deep red accents, plus plenty of sparkling rhinestones.   Note: mild but even wear to the plating.  Marked: Trifari [w/ crown] Sterling, Des Pat No. 137542
Reference: click here for the 1944 patent and here for the 1945 ad.  Brunialtis', American Costume Jewelry, N-Z, p. 136
2 by 2"



Trifari Fleur-de-Lis Brooch
st048.jpg (25061 bytes)

Gracefully curving and studded with simulated rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, this piece is truly regal.   A modified iris, the fleur-de-lis has long been used in heraldry.  This brooch is part of the "Coronation Gems" series, circa 1953, and is in exceptional condition.  Marked:  Trifari (w/ crown)
2¾ by 2"



Trifari Petite Princess Crown Brooch

This lovely little crown brooch is full of sparkle with the oval and baguette rhinestones.  In exceptional condition and probably never worn, it comes with the original hangtag.   Marked: Trifari [w/ crown] Pat Pend
Reference: Click here for the 1945 patent of the larger version; Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 180
1⅛ by ⅞"



Trifari Coronation Crown Brooch

Rare and very special, this piece was part of a series of coronation jewels released in 1953.  Layered construction and detail make this brooch glorious. There is one teeny chip to the red enamel, but the condition is otherwise excellent.  The stones along the crown's band are alternating sapphire and emerald.  Marked:  Trifari (w/ crown)
Reference:  Click here to see the ad.  Click here for the design patent.  Schiffer, The Great Pretenders, p. 115.
1¾ by 1¾"



Trifari Queen's Scepter Brooch
st047.jpg (16419 bytes)

The ultimate symbol of royal authority, this scepter has both power and grace, not to mention sumptuous jewels.  The huge pear shaped stone is accompanied by ruby and emerald colored cabs and an amethyst rhinestone forms the orb the top.  A spectacular design from the "Coronation Gems" series, and this piece is in exceptional condition.  Marked:  Trifari (w/ crown)
Reference:  See the 1953 ad in Auntie Em's Corner.
4¼ by 1"



Trifari Royal Orb Brooch
st045.jpg (20509 bytes)

Symbolizing royalty, this rare orb brooch is very dimensional (¾" deep) and beautifully constructed.  Simulated rubies, sapphires and pearls band the orb while the Maltese cross is made of a square simulated emerald and pavé rhinestones.  Exceptional condition. One of the "Coronation Gems" pieces.   Marked:  Trifari (w/ crown).
Reference:  Click here to see the 1953 ad.
2¼ by 1⅝"



Princess Crowns Set

This regal set of crowns has rich jewel tone stones in goldtone settings and consists of two small brooches and matching clip earrings.  Note: the earrings show moderate wear to the finish on the back, having been lovingly worn by a prior owner.  Marked: Trifari [w/ crown]
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 180
1⅛ by ⅞" [each piece]



Trifari Dream Castle Brooch
st043.jpg (11491 bytes)

Like the similar Coro piece (SC057), this castle has exquisite detail in showing a towered and bejeweled castle of rosy gold plated sterling.  A wonderful symbol of safety and home.  Marked:  Trifari (w/ crown), Sterling
Reference:  Cera, Amazing Gems, p. 34
1¼ by "




Amethyst Coronet Brooch
up101.jpg (7968 bytes)

Graceful and made for a princess, this 1940s coronet brooch is rose gold over sterling and features rhinestones and amethyst colored oval stones.  No maker's mark, but this is a quality piece similar to the Trifari coronet pin.  Wear to plating is reflected in the price.  Marked: Sterling
2 by 1¼"



Blue Enamel Sterling Crown Key Brooch

Very regal and ornate, this lovely key brooch is topped with a coronation crown.  Royal blue enameling peeks out from beneath the silver overlay.  Construction and motif hint at the piece being ca. 1950.  Excellent condition; very nicely made.  Note: Walter Lampl produced a crown brooch identical to the top of this piece.  Marked: Sterling
1⅞ by 1"



Edwardian Style Ruby & Aqua Crown Brooch

With elegant Edwardian styling, this crown brooch has luscious ruby elongated teardrop stones, aqua baguettes and sparkling rhinestones in a goldtone setting.  The piece is nicely constructed; ca. 1950.
1¾ by 1¼"



Palace Guard Brooch

This charming figural brooch is a knight in armor or palace guard — complete with his halberd or battle axe.  Very dimensional, his armor is dark with a verdigris finish and goldtone highlights.  This guy really makes a statement!
3 by 1¼"



Jewel Tone Crown Pin/Pendant

Resplendent with jewel tone rhinestones, this lovely silvertone crown brooch doubles as a pendant.  Truly a regal look from a more recent vintage, 1970s-80s.
1⅝ by 1½"



Toledoware Princess Carriage Brooch

up122.jpg (23247 bytes)


Incredibly detailed, this horse and carriage is whisking the princess off to an important ball.  Made in Spain, these damascene-like pieces are known for their intricate details and enamel accents.  The carriage wheels even turn!  Marked:  Spain
2 by 1¼"



Rhinestone Skeleton Key Brooch

A key to the castle or country manor perhaps?  This lovely piece has rhinestone baguettes on the shaft with pavé stones on the rest of the key.  Setting is rhodium plated.
3 by 1"



Faux Turquoise Joker Brooch

From the 1960s, this whimsical figural brooch shows a joker from a deck of cards, complete with symbols of the suits incorporated into the fringe of his collar.  His sparkling green eyes and grin will capture a smile if the huge tear drop faux turquoise cabochon doesn't.  Exceptional condition.  Be sure to see the full image for his handsome profile.
3 by 1¼"; ¾" deep



Purple & Green Crown Brooch
up121.jpg (36827 bytes)

Feeling like a queen and wanting to advertise it?  This generously sized brooch will do just that.  The goldtone setting contains bright purple and emerald green rhinestones along with simulated pearls.
2½ by 2"



Cinderella's Carriage Brooch
up113.jpg (17790 bytes)

Fairy tale magic in a darling brooch depicting Cinderella's pumpkin carriage.  Enameling and aurora borealis stones make this pin fun, and it has been lovingly restored to its original splendor.
2 by 1½"



Princely Mask Pin

An adorable mask brooch with a regal demeanor.  This mask seems to have a bejeweled crown.  This figural has a lot of impact for it's size and is in fabulous condition.  [The image doesn't do this piece justice because of the dimensional nature.]
1¼ by 1"



Cinderella's Coach Pin

up095.jpg (5322 bytes)

Ready to whisk you away, this darling little pin depicts Cinderella's pumpkin coach.  The setting is goldtone with accents of enamel and a rhinestone window.  This fun figural would be great paired with a crown on a lapel.
1½ by 1"



Lords & Ladies Set

This darling brooch and clip earring set in antiqued silvertone depicts lords and ladies of the court.  Very detailed for it's size.  One can't help wondering if the lord is wooing the lady or if they're plotting some palace intrigue.  Very good condition.
Brooch: 1½ by 1½"; Earrings: 1¼ by ¾"



Petite Crown Pin

A darling scatter pin done in goldtone and traditional simulated jewels.  This petite brooch would be darling grouped with other crowns or royal jewelry.  Excellent condition.
1 by 1"



Classic Roman Chess Pins
us017.jpg (18491 bytes)

These fun pins depict two chess pieces in the Roman style.  Rhodium plated settings are accented with gold and black enamel.  Lovely detail; excellent condition. C style clasps.
1¼ by ¾"



Sterling Crown Earrings

Lovely crown earrings set in sterling silver with a rose gold plating and simulated ruby and emerald stones.  From the 1940s, these screw back earrings are nicely constructed and lend a regal touch.  Marked:  Sterling
by ¾"



Royal Knights Copper Bracelet
ub017.jpg (32519 bytes)

Composed of round copper disks, this fun link bracelet features a regal theme.  There are knights, shields and even a royal lion and crown.  The enamel accents and layered construction give this one flair.
8" long, 1" wide




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